IT IS possible for us to eat many things and we can keep existing for a while, but if we would like to live as long as we CAN live, we need the proper guidance in the way of teaching us the proper foods to eat to expand our life and keep it expanded.

AS YOU KNOW, as I have repeatedly written in this book, that Allah (God) Taught me one meal a day of the right food will allow us to live a great, long while, even to 140 years and more, if we eat it once every other day and every three days instead of one meal every day.

WE ALL ARE very hesitant in refraining from eating food for any length of time. Why? It is because we are born eating all the food that we can get in our stomachs within one day. There is no regularity in this way of eating. We eat whenever we see some food. We are like pigs. The pig eats all of the time, so long as he sees food. And, we are like chickens and other fowl and animals that eat all of the time. Eating like this keeps our stomach churning to try to digest the food that we put in it, and to pass the food through to our intestines. This will soon wear the digestive juices of our stomach out and we only live as long as the stomach is capable of digesting what we put in it.


WE SUFFER with all kinds of ailments of the body, due to our own ignorant way of eating. How many times have you heard people say, when offered food, “do not wait until you are hungry, eat before you get hungry?” This is a dangerous thing to follow, eating before you get hungry. I have heard many people, and you heard them say that they are eating just because they have not eaten in such a length of time or, “I missed my breakfast,” or “I missed my lunch.” They are eating then not because they are hungry, but they are eating because of the time they had set for themselves to eat.

THREE MEALS A DAY, within the short space of eight or ten hours could kill you at a very early age. All foods have a certain percentage of poison in it and if allowed to be increased in a very short while, then that keeps the body housing and storing up poison that it does not need to be housing; because we are making an addition to that already poison that is there. It makes sense. Sometimes this extra, unwanted food by the body, causes pain here and there; and we say that it is something else that it is coming from. It is that big meal that you are eating two and three times within eight or ten hours, or within twelve hours at the longest. So, we kill ourselves, as Allah (God) tells me; that there is no set time that we should die like our old parents were taught that when the time comes for you to die you will die regardless. Allah (God) told me there is no set time for us to die. We kill ourselves and that has been proven true.

WHEN WE get a pain, we run to the doctor for some drugs to stop it, or anything to stop the pain. If we had not found something to stop the pain, then maybe death would have come to us. But, seeing and knowing that death comes in the absence of a preventative against death, we should try and use the best preventative and that is to keep poison out of our bodies by abstaining from keeping our bodies stored with a lot of fresh food for it to digest.

(Text  from “How To Eat To Live, Book II,” 1972.)