[This article was published online on November 14, 2006.]

Closing The Gap contains wisdom from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on how the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad relates to Spanish-speaking people, the world over. When you read his words in this book, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of why it is being translated into Spanish.

Meanwhile, I hope you have (or will) read the words of Brother Mustafa Cajeme, whose words appeared in the last two issues of The Final Call. He is translating Closing The Gap into Spanish. In this article are the words of Brother Victor Espinosa, which indicates Minister Farrakhan’s universal appeal and the value of Closing The Gap.


“My name is Victor Espinoza. I was asked by Brother Jabril to share with the readers of this column my thoughts about the newly released book Closing The Gap that is being translated into Spanish. First, I want to share a few things about myself and what I have been doing.

“I first learned of the Teachings ¡ ¡of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam when the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan came to Las Vegas, Nevada to speak at the Thomas and Mack stadium, on June 4, 1994 at U.N.L.V. campus. The local news media was spreading a lot of negative propaganda about the Minister prior to his address at the stadium. I wanted to find out for myself who this man was, so I went to hear him speak. It was a big surprise for me that he was the opposite of what the media described him to be.

“Never in my life have I heard anyone speak positively about Blacks, Mexicans, Latinos and Native Americans. I have always looked for someone to defend our people against racism and abuse. I have found that Minister Farrakhan is the only leader who understands our pain and suffering that we feel just because of the color of our skin.

“Since 1995, I have being trying to find a way to bring the message of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, as presented by Minister Farrakhan, to our Spanish-speaking people. Finally, I took the advice of Mother Tynnetta Muhammad and Brother Jabril Muhammad. Full of the spirit of Allah, my wife ¡ ¡and I, with the help of Brother Stacy Muhammad, started a study group seven months ago. We named it the Quetzalcoatl Study Group (grupo de estudio Quetzalcoatl) and we have our meetings every Friday ¡ ¡at 7 p.m. and F.O.I. class every Monday at 7 p.m. at the Rafael Rivera ¡ ¡Community Center in Las Vegas.

“It is so beautiful and exciting ¡ ¡to see ¡ ¡how people change their lives and the lives of many others just by listening to ¡ ¡the Word of God. It does not matter whether or not the changes are direct or indirect; it is still very real. Our study group has facilitated a coalition that includes Muhammad ¡ ¯s Mosque No. 75 and other Mexican and Latino organizations. Together, we will have had a very successful women-only meeting on October 21, ¡ ¡and on ¡ ¡November 18 a men-only meeting. This is the first time something like this has ever been done here in Las Vegas.

“My point is that everyone that has been exposed to the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has benefited from it. As a result of this, we all have the obligation and responsibility to start a study group and get involved in the community on the basis of the Minister ¡ ¯s teachings. One of the reasons is because we are under severe attack by the media, politicians, police, federal law enforcement agencies and even the Roman Catholic Church. We also must get involved with any organization that is trying to fight for the rights ¡ ¡of immigrants ¡ ¡and bring them under the umbrella of the Millions More Movement.

“I have been involved ¡ ¡in the struggle for justice for some years now. We would build strength and then it would fade. But now, with the help and support of the Nation of Islam, I see that we are getting stronger every day. The Spanish-speaking people do not have a leader in America that we can look up to. Minister Farrakhan is the only leader that fully represents us. However, it is time that the Hispanic leaders get out of their comfort zone and follow the example of Minister Farrakhan, or get out of the way.

“Minister Farrakhan is not only an example for Blacks, ¡ ¡but for all men. Most of our leaders are afraid of Minister Farrakhan because he represents the highest standard of righteousness. The kind of enemies Minister Farrakhan ¡ ¡has is the same kind of enemies that Jesus, Moses and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had. ¡ ¡ The only difference is that Minister Farrakhan has more enemies and they are more powerful than all of the enemies of all of the prophets combined.

“I have said all of this to help you see that Spanish-speaking people are ready to learn more about the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam through Minister Farrakhan. When Closing The Gap comes out in Spanish, it will be a vital tool to help our Spanish-speaking family get to know our Beloved Brother Minister Farrakhan and the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

“So, my Brothers and Sisters in the Nation, help us get this book out to our Spanish-speaking family. Come on Hispanic leaders, stand up like real men and real women and stop kissing the boots of the gringo.

“Let all of us ¡ ªBlacks, Mexicans, Latinos ¡ ¡and Native Americans ¡ ªstand with the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.”


In Closing The Gap, we can learn in Minister Farrakhan ¡ ¯s own words of the trials he went through during the first 19 years of his experiences in the Nation of Islam. We can further read, in his own words, how what he experienced was part of the process by which his heart was prepared and expanded to the extent that he is, and is seen as, a universal man.

Further, we can learn from his own words that Allah allowed him to see how “to loosen the knot in the language of the revelation He revealed to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This is what allowed him to take that word, that seemed so nationalistic in its first expression, [and make it] universal in this expression, that all of humanity could find refuge under the branches of this tree that started from the mustard seed of faith.”

Section Two of the 20th Surah of the Holy Qur ¡ ¯an, translated by Maulana Muhammad Ali, is entitled “Moses and Aaron go to Pharaoh.”

Verses 25-34 read that Moses prayed to Allah in these words: “My Lord, expand my breast for me: and ease my affair for me: and loose the knot from my tongue, (That) they may understand my word. And give to me an aider from my family: Aaron, my brother; add to my strength by him, And make him share my task ¡ ªSo that we may glorify Thee much, and much remember Thee.”

These words are fulfilled before our eyes today, in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan, his “aider” and “brother.” Study this carefully.

More, next issue Allah willing.