[Editor’s Note: This article was published online on July 11, 2017.]

I’m asking the reader to study these words from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan done June 20, 2017. These words are very important!

“Message from A United Community Iftar: A Problem In the West Only Allah Could Solve.


“As-Salaam Alaikum. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, we give him praise and thanks for his Prophets and Messengers and the scriptures which they brought. As Muslims, we make no distinction among Allah’s servants. We thank Allah for each of them, and we thank Allah for what they have done for the human family. We are the last to receive through Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, gave Islam to the world through the book, Quran.

“Yet, the Western Hemisphere was not discovered and it grew up in a rebellious kind of way that’s contrary to the law of God and the law of Islam.

“So we were brought out of Africa, many of us were Muslims; but we were denied the right to know our history, our language, our culture, our religion and our God. And I thank Allah for the early Muslims who came here and tried to teach us Islam; but they did not understand the condition that 310 years of living under Jim Crow segregation and injustice. So we have been made into a people that have a problem that only Allah could solve for us. And just as Allah has been merciful to every nation, as the Quran says, “every nation has received a messenger.” But here we were in America, in the bowels of a beast deprived and that is why we thank Allah, we know Allah, the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth who has no partners. He is one, indivisible but Allah cares for this human family, and we have been the lost members of our people so we wouldn’t be here today if Allah had not intervened in our affairs.

“Somebody came after us. He was an Arab but he brought us a book. He found Elijah Muhammad. He gave him an Arabic Qur’an and he said, “Read” but Elijah Muhammad said, as Prophet Muhammad said 1,400 years ago, “I can’t read.”

“He didn’t know how to. He said “read.” He said it three times. Finally, he gave Elijah Muhammad the Maulana Muhammad Ali translation of the Holy Quran, and he liked that translation more than Yusef Ali translation because this Muhammad Ali translation always uses the name Allah rather than God.

“What Elijah Muhammad was attempting to do was to put Allah in our consciousness and he has done that. And I wanted to say to this wonderful gathering of wonderful Muslims from all over Chicago and different parts of the world. I want to personally thank you for the honor that you gave to us tonight to be here at our invitation. Because of my illness, unfortunately, I grieve because I can’t do Ramadan like I want to do Ramadan. So this is my effort at redemption.

“I want to thank all of you who cooked. I want to thank the Nile restaurant. I want to thank everybody who served. I want to thank Imam Sultan Rahman Muhammad and Brother Minister Ishmael Muhammad and all of the staff for arranging to bring all of our family together to celebrate the life of Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, and thank Allah for him, through whom this mighty book was revealed.

“If there were no Prophet Muhammad, then we might not have had this Quran. So now that we have this Quran, we needed a teacher. We needed a teacher that understood our condition. We have never been racist but we have suffered under White people and we cannot deny that they have not been our friends. They have been our worse enemy. That doesn’t mean all of them but their work on us has been the work of Shaitan (the Devil).

“So I had a few things I wanted to say: Our world is in difficulty, but right on this stage there are Muslims that have had disagreements with the Nation of Islam. But we have never shed the blood of one another even though our differences were real. Our disagreements were real but the love that Allah put in our hearts would not permit us to shed the blood of a fellow Believer, even though we thought we were on a different path; but the root of us would not permit us to shed the blood. That is why the Holy Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said “that the light of Islam would rise in the West and shine back toward the East.” We are your example today.

“What kind of an example is this: Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White all together as a family? Islam will prove that it is the only religion that can bring every member of the human family into oneness. So the light that shined from the East to the West is going out; but the light in the West is growing brighter and brighter and fuller. We will cause a resurrection of true Islam, not people who have an outward show of Islam but what Islam really is, is not demonstrated in their hearts and the way we deal with one another.

“And let me say this about Elijah Muhammad today. He told me, and some of you heard him, that Master Fard Muhammad gave him 104 books to study; and the best of those books he said was this one: The Holy Quran. He agreed with many scholars. They brought many books. He only brought one; The Holy Quran. He argued with many scholars. This is the book with all the best arguments. This is the book that will settle the problems that human beings are suffering from today. But Satan has come into the straight path of God as he said he would do–and he’s caused practically the whole Muslim world to deviate from the prophet, deviate from his Sunnah, deviate from this book. Scholars take the Quran and put it behind their backs. How can you lead the people when this book is the light and you put it behind your back? Satan–well I don’t want to put it just like that but–Mr. Donald Trump visited the Holy Land. He never saw such splendor. I knew he’s a man that loves wealth be he could forget it. When he landed in Riyadh, and some of us have had the pleasure of landing in Riyadh the airport is beyond your wildest imagination. And to be in the palace, which we were blessed to be in that palace in Riyadh with the King of Abdullah, not King Fahd.

“Mecca is now spending, Arabia is spending over $100 billion on war material and building a center in Mecca against extremism. We went there to Mecca and we said to the scholars, “We need to build here a Center for Conflict Resolution. “Why would we allow Mr. Trump to come into our Holy Land and get all of the Sunni Believers together against the Shi’ite? War was dripping from his lips, deception and deceit, and we treated him like God had come to Arabia.”

More next issue, Allah willing.