[Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from Vol. 32, No. 13, and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles from our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“Almighty (God)! By the glorious Qur’an! Nay, they wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves; so the disbelievers say: This is a wonderful thing! When we die and become dust–that is a far return. We know indeed what the earth diminishes of them and with Us is a book that preserves.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 1-4

(top) Mother Tynnetta Muhammad addressing Believers and visitors at Muhammad Mosque No. 15 in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 2, 2012.(lower) Photo of the horses on the ranch with the baby colt, Ramadan, that was gifted to Mother Tynnetta from Brother Sahmir Muhammad. Photos Landra Muhammad

‘Zero point’ is returning to the source or origin of all things beginning with God, Himself. ‘Zero point’ in the heavens above is connected to our home planet earth where the original people first settled on the Best Part located at the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia and along the banks of the Nile in Egypt. As I began this article for the upcoming edition of our newspaper, I realized that my last travels to the United States beginning with Los Angeles and then to Atlanta, Georgia, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Bimini in the Bahamas, before returning back to Mexico, marked a ‘zero point’ or a return to beginnings. It marked for me a Majestic Night journey, which is better than a thousand months when the angels and the spirit descend for every affair by the permission of their Lord.


The Night of Power occurs during the month of Ramadan when the Holy Qur’an was first revealed to Prophet Muhammad (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him), and the Believers are promised spiritual gifts in raising their consciousness to another level of reality. This is likened to a ‘zero point’ experience marking a turning point which I witnessed during my last journey. All that I am sharing occurred in the month of Ramadan, in this month of December, that was given to our Lost and Found members of the Nation of Islam in America to observe by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It is in this month that a great part of our world, particularly in the Western Hemisphere, is observing the false celebration of Christmas as the birth date of Jesus on December 25th. This false worship is compounded with the fantasy myth of Santa Claus or St. Nick traveling on his sled with nine reindeer coming from the North Pole and descending down our chimneys to stuff our stockings with gifts where families are also surrounded by a Christmas tree decorated with lights. Many children and adults are hypnotized with the singing of Christmas carols, combined with other frivolities, while spending money beyond their means just to celebrate pagan ceremonies in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy family.

For this reason, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad chose this last month of the year for our observance of Ramadan in order to take us away from this type of trickery which is against the laws of nature and the Reality of God. We were instructed to fast beginning in the early morning hours before sunrise and to continue this abstinence without food and water until after sunset. We would then be blessed to receive the true Saviour and Messiah that the world has been looking for since the last 2,000 years. This One has arrived in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad under a cover of darkness in the night of this world’s drunkenness and ignorance to lay the Foundation of a New World Order of Truth and Righteousness after evil and falsehood has reigned. As I departed from Los Angeles to Atlanta, Georgia, in anticipation of a full program of activities planned by the Sisterhood and community of Believers in the state of Georgia, I had no idea of the extent to which many surprising events were to take place. I knew that I wanted to visit our Nation’s farm, a three and a half hour drive from Atlanta; and I was joined upon my arrival by a few sisters who also flew in from other states to meet with our host, Sister Chaava and her husband, Brother Sahmir Muhammad.

Mother Tynnetta and Ann Muhammad, wife of Dr. Ridgely Muhammad, at Muhammad Farm with plenty of work for us to do during last trip to Georgia.

Sister Student Captain LaShanda and several other sisters also met us at the airport to welcome me to Atlanta. Our brother and sister team, Brother Sahmir and Sister Chaava, were care keepers over a ranch and an adjacent farmland some 45 minutes outside of Atlanta where we were escorted. This was my first rest place where I spent the night in a beautiful, rustic environment in the country along with my companions, Sister Callie Muhammad from Columbus, Ohio, Sister Judy Muhammad from Washington, D.C., and Sister Landra Muhammad from New Jersey.

Upon awakening in the morning and opening the curtains in my room, I viewed Mother Nature at its best, embellished with beautiful trees and grounds containing small bodies of water. What was further astounding is that our hosts were growing their own food supply of fresh vegetables right outside our windows and our porch area. They had studied their growing techniques from participation in the natural growing program under the training of Mr. Will Allen in Wisconsin. They had also studied hydroponics and natural worm compost gardening. My mind reflected on my grandmother’s farmland in the state of Michigan in the country setting of her cottage home and farm in Belleville, Michigan, outside of Detroit where I spent many happy years growing up as a teenager.

This experience brought another ‘zero point’ event to my life because my grandmother was born in the state of Georgia, in Atlanta, and attended pre-med school at Clark University as a young woman. The state of Georgia is also the home of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who was born in Sandersville, Georgia, in 1897. Not only did I have these profound experiences in their home, but they were also care keepers of a few horses on the property. Brother Sahmir, to my surprise, gifted me with a young colt who was born in the last week of Ramadan as universally observed to the end of August. He was therefore named Ramadan.

The next day we were on our way to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet a dear friend of mine whom I had not seen for many years named Xernona Clayton, who served as an associate worker with the Founder of CNN 24-hour pioneer news telecasting giant, Mr. Ted Turner. Later in that day, I with a few companions, registered to participate in the International Global Peace Conference Chaired by Founder, Hyun Jin Preston Moon, one of the sons of the late, Reverend Sun Myung Moon. I attended this same conference last year in Mongolia in 2011.

Prior to my leaving Mexico on this last trip, I was visited by a Russian citizen who studied for over eight years in China all of the medicinal and herbal teas and had learned the art of the Ancient Tea Ceremony. Her name is Nadezda and she has contributed articles in my Cultural Links magazine published several years ago. She prepped me with other sources of power foods to add to my diet in expectation that upon my return to Mexico her companion, who is a five-star chef of “Live Food” cuisine would be able to teach me how to process these live foods for greater energy and longevity. I will share more of this learning experience in an upcoming article.

As we conclude this issue, it is apparent that time is speeding up in this critical year of 2012 in which pronouncements have been made from many quarters of the world that we are approaching Dooms Day or the end of the world that we have known. December 21st is the critical date designated as the transitional date that ends the fulfillment of prophecy. The twelfth month of December which we formerly observed as Ramadan is merging with the fulfillment of all world prophecies by ending a world of falsehood and deception as we prepare to pass over into the dawning of a new day!

“Nay, they reject the Truth when it comes to them, so they are in a state of confusion. Do they not look at the sky above them–how We have made it and adorned it and it has no gaps. And the earth, We have spread it out, and cast therein mountains, and We have made to grow therein of every beautiful kind–To give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns (to Allah). —Holy Qur’an, Surah 50, verses 5-8

To be continued.