White man’s Christianity has absolutely failed to get recognition and respect for us–even from those who taught it to us. It is a religion that teaches you to love your enemies and hate your friend and to seek your reward after death. It has produced more division and hate than all the other religions combined.

White Christianity has robbed and destroyed our peace and love for one another. It was White Christians who brought our fathers into slavery; it is White Christianity that is keeping you a subject people. They don’t want you, nor do they like to see you go from them to your own. They fear your unity with your own.

So let us unite and be one people under the crescent of our religion, Islam. Seek for our nation what others seek for their nation; a country to ourselves where we can live in peace away from our enemies.


Islam, the religion of peace, in believing it, brings about a peace of mind and contentment. It is a unifying religion; its Author is God. It teaches against the doing of evil of every kind, great or small. The aims of Islam in America are:

  1. To teach our people the truth.

  2. Clean them up and make them self-respecting and unite them onto their own kind.

  3. Bring them face to face with our God and teach them to know their enemies.

The problem began 400 years ago from the very first day that our forefathers set the sole of their feet on the soil here in the Western Hemisphere in the days of John Hawkins. It was in the year 1555, Hawkins was an English slave trader. In the year 1555 when John Hawkins began bringing our people away from our own native land and away from our own people to sell us to his White brothers here in the West as merchandise for the slave markets, little did John Hawkins realize at that time that by bringing us here as slaves he was sentencing his White brothers here to their doom. For the evil that they have done and are still doing to our people here cannot be forgiven.

But it was all for a divine purpose; that Almighty God, Allah, might make Himself known, through us, to our enemies; and second, to the world that He alone is God. But our poor Black mothers and fathers, who were deceived by this devil John Hawkins and his lies and empty promises, didn’t have the slightest idea that their coming here to be sold into slavery could create a problem that would take Almighty God Allah Himself and the righteous nation of Islam to solve … and that this problem would be solved at the end of the time of their arch-deceiving enemies (the devils). That time has arrived. 1914 was the year. But as long as you stay asleep from lack of knowledge about yourself you are extending the life of them. They can continue to live only as long as you remain mentally dead to the knowledge of yourself and the devils.

My followers and I have spent and are still spending much time and money and are suffering much persecution and ridicule to awaken our people to the knowledge of their own salvation. But we must remember that this present suffering is nothing compared to the joy that awaits us! Before we ever suffered ourselves, He, Master W. F. Muhammad, our God and Savior, the Great Mahdi, Almighty God Allah, in Person, suffered persecution and rejection Himself; all for you and for me.

We are now living in the days of the judgment and in the days of a great separation of peoples and nations. This problem of separating you and me from our enemies and placing us in our own land back among our own people and raising the so-called Negroes of America up to our proper place in civilization is taking place.

Remember it was Muhammad who found the black stone out of its place and invited the four chiefs from the four divisions to come forward and take hold of each corner of the mantle and lift it into its place. Remember that it was Muhammad with His own hands who guided it into its place. This was a symbol of you and me here today. We need the help of our people who are living in the four major points of our compass to come and help raise us, their dead brothers, and put us back into our own place: in our own nation among our own people in our own native land.

(Reprinted from “Our Saviour Has Arrived,” 1974)