Eating the proper food that has been given to us and taught to us by our God and Saviour, Master Fard Muhammad (to Whom praises are due forever), changes us in many ways. Not only does it give us good health, but it gives us a better way of thinking, as food and our mental power work in the same way. Whatever affects one, affects the other. Eating the proper food also brings about a better surface appearance. Our features are beautified by the health that the body now enjoys from the eating of proper food and also eating at the proper time.

Bad food takes away even the beauty appearance of a person. God taught me that the swine (hog) takes away three one-hundredths percent of the beauty appearance of a person. This we can easily understand and see after we stop eating it. The medical scientists also will agree with us that the poisonous flesh of the hog will take away three one-hundredths percent of your beauty appearance.

There are some people who have eaten so much of this ugly, poisonous animal–and he is the ugliest and silliest- acting animal you have ever looked upon and been around, as well as the filthiest animal that you have ever dealt with–that they actually look like that animal. It is a divinely-prohibited flesh. It is a sin for you to eat it.


The enemy of God (the devil) teaches you to eat it, and he eats it himself to show you how little respect he has for God’s divine law against eating this prohibited flesh.

He drinks all of the intoxicating drinks, offers them to us, and then preaches the same gospel in the church that “Thou shall not eat the pig. Thou shall not drink intoxicating liquor. Thou shall not rob, steal, murder, commit adultery, gamble, hate, and lie to one another.” Yet, he is doing that hourly. Everything that God says “Thou shall not do” in the Ten Commandments given to Moses, they say thou shall do.

It was only a waste of God’s time to have given this race of evil people good guidance, because it is just as Jesus said in a parable, “The wicked husband who was given overlord of the earth and its people, never did offer the true owner any of the heir (a convert of righteousness).”

We have nothing to fear or worry about in the way of right guidance today, because we have God Himself in Person with us to lead and guide us in the way of truth and righteousness.

There is a lot of difference in the beauty of true Muslims and that of Christians. I do not mean to say that there are no beautiful Christians or Black people who eat the hog. But, there is a difference in their appearance of beauty that can easily be discovered by one who obeys this divinely-prohibited law against eating swine flesh. The poisonous hog flesh makes the color of many people’s eyes muddy and reddish in appearance and makes the people who eat it brazen, careless, easy to anger, fight, and oppose each other.

Eat the proper food as given in this book and eat at the proper time; one meal a day from 4 to 6 P.M.

(Reprinted from “How To Eat To Live,” Book One, 1967.)