The fall of America is now visible and understandable, not only in the eyes of scholars and scientists but even in the eyes and understanding of the ignorant. Long has Allah (God) been gradually removing the power of the great and mighty America while few have noticed it. This has been done by degrees, and they do not perceive it.

The Holy Qur’an says, “He brings powerful nations to a naught,” and when it is discovered, it is like a growth of cancer that has been eating at the body for many years while the patient was unaware of it.

Today, it is visibly understood that the fall of America cannot be checked, for the foundation has been removed. The 1914 war, which involved all of the White race, crushed the power of Turkey in Europe and pushed that power back across the Bosporus (or pushed Islam out of Europe as nearly as possible). An old prophetic saying is that when Turkey has been pushed out of Europe (across the Bosporus), setting her capital away from the once Constantinople, this would mark the end of the White world.


I can say truthfully, and the scientists will agree, that the 1914 war marked the fall of the White world as a power over the Black world (the aboriginal people). That was some 50 years ago.

In another prophecy, the war of 1914 is referred to as the War of the Anti-Christs, or what we today call Christian Europe and America. They are referred to as anti-Christs because they are against the government of the true God of the Black people. Christ here means God in Person in the last days or end of the Caucasian world. The name, Christ, spiritually means “One Who is coming at the end to crush the power of the infidel or the race of devils.”

It is easy for you to understand that they are against the real Christ by their persecution, jailing, beating and killing of the prophets and their followers of Allah (God).

Now they openly tell you of their plans to kill me, the Last Messenger of God and resurrector of the mentally dead of my people. At the present hour, they hold hundreds and thousands of my followers in prison, threatening them with the worst treatment because they are Muslims.

You can also see how, at the present time, no Muslim followers of mine can get justice in the lily-White courts of America. Of course, these same conditions prevail for most of the so-called American Negroes. There is no justice for any of us in the courts of White people.

They have been made manifest to the world as being a race of devils, wherein we cannot expect any justice or sincere friendship unless we are everything that they are in wickedness. Righteousness is hated by them. We have given you an example of ones who are trying to be righteous and peaceful in their midst, and yet we are the most hated of all. They even teach my own people to hate me and then charge me with teaching hate.

I warn my people to beware of such an evil race of people. Beware of their deceitful plans to trick Black Americans into going to their doom with them. They are so afraid that Allah will give the so-called American Negro wisdom and a grand kingdom on some of this earth that we can call our own under the beautiful crescent of Islam (entire submission to the will of Allah–God) that they are even teaching the so-called American Negro soldiers (as I have learned) against accepting Islam.

The truth is worrying them. This should teach the so-called American Negro that the White man has never wanted him to be free, never wanted him to leave them and never wanted to exercise the God-given freedom, justice and equality that even nature offer.

(Reprinted from “Message To The Blackman In America,” 1965.)