The subject is titled and is taken from the Chapter 103 of the Holy Qur’an. It calls our attention to consider the time. It goes further to point out that those who do not consider the time will be lost. This stands true in every walk of life, that if we do not consider the time, we are bound to run into difficulty and loss because everything since the beginning of the universe, is on time.

THE ATOM OF LIFE in which the universe was created out of in motion, brought about time. There is no calculation of time without motion. Therefore, the first cracking of atoms of the life of the first man brought about motion, and motion brings about time.

The entire Heaven and Earth, or I should just make it short and say, everything in space is on time and is calculated by time. The astronomers teach us of the stars and of that time they take in making their revolution upon their own axis and of the revolution they make around the sun. These are planets that have life on them and the stars which have no axis, and do not rotate as planets are referred to many times as fixed stars. But, they too, are making a circuit on the axis of the entire universe of stars, as this axis is centered through the whole creation of the universe. Nothing of the creation was made to be immovable, as our sun was made to give light and bring life through its light waves of fire. Everything created is on time. The Creator made her to rotate on her axis, though, she is not attracted by any other sign to force her to rotate. But, the Law of God, (Allah) made her to bow to Him, when she was created, as she was put on time too.


AND, TIME WILL CAUSE everything to decay and disappear. Nothing that we call stars and planets were created to last forever. They are limited to a certain time.

THE TIME, here mentioned, is the time of the breaking up, as our last issue of this paper referred to as THE BURSTING ASUNDER. It not only means the bursting forth of the clouds and descending rain, pouring forth. This is a plaque of rain upon this world at the end of time. In fact about it, it spells the end of this world, as we are the witness-bearers that we have never seen such a plague of rain and storms before in the Western Hemisphere as it is now going on. But, it also has reference to the breaking and bursting up of the Political World of the wicked. Confused and in confusion, it causes them to burst forth with disagreement, and disagreement causes the eruption of the Government of the wicked.

THE TIME is the ending of the world that we have known–ruled by Whites. We must not be so foolish as not to consider THE TIME and the ending of this world. To know THE TIME and ending of this world, one is considered wise. To be ignorant and heedless to the Teachings and warnings of time and ending of this world, the Holy Qur’an considers the man as lost who does not consider THE TIME and ending of the present world.

We have histories of how heedless the people of Noah were to the time set forth by Allah (God) to him as to the time and ending of his disobedient and heedless people. It gives us the history of what happened to the careless, and disrespectful people that Allah (God) set forth to Lot. Those people were lost. They were too proud to even accept Moses as a true Prophet of God and his brother Aaron, his aider. Pharaoh set out to make mock of Moses, and have his people to give him the lie for the Truth which he delivered to Pharaoh and his people.

Everything goes for consideration for us to be saved. If we would consider THE TIME that was set forth for the rule of the White man of the people of the earth; it was 6,000 years. The beginning of this time of 6,000 years brings us into THE TIME of its ending. This is what Chapter 103 of the Holy Qur’an is calling our attention to; to consider THE TIME allotted to the White man to rule. And, in this, you will know when it is up and what you should do at that time.

YOU MAY NO MORE seek hopes in cleaving to the busting up, destroying, and ending of that world, as a future of safety for you and yourselves. Consider this, it is a very serious consideration, THE TIME.

The third verse of this Chapter says,  “except those who believe and do good, and exhort one another to Truth.”  Here the truth is made outstanding, that shows the knowledge of THE TIME, you cannot only consider the time, because both Truth and Time go together. To ignore the Truth is absolutely ignoring THE TIME, because the Truth is the only thing that brings us into the knowledge of time, and we should have patience, and consider THE TIME which is the most important of all for it means life or death for us.

(Reprinted from “Muhammad Speaks,” newspaper, 1969.)