Great mental suffering is beginning to plague certain classes of Black people.

THE HEADS of governments and nations are the root cause of the great tribulations, dissatisfaction, disagreement, wars, and revolutions through their deceitful dealings between man and man.

Prosecution, deprivation of justice, murder and killing of the American so-called Negroes is wide-spread and there is great hatred of those who turn to righteousness, who are called Muslims (the resurrected ones).


THE REASON for the slave-masters’ great hatred of the coming of Islam to the so-called Negroes of America–to awaken them to the knowledge of truth–is because truth hurts the wicked.

The so-called American Negro is mentally dead. It is a must, according to the Bible and Holy Qur’an, that all the mentally dead Lost-Founds rise.

THE SLAVEMASTER and his children mentally murdered and killed their slaves, but, the Holy Qur’an says, “It is incumbent on Allah to give mental life” to mentally dead Lost-Founds.

The Lost-Found has been so thoroughly deceived by the slavemasters that they now claim an equal share with the slavemaster and equal respect and honor.

HOW CAN WE be so blind, when it is the slavemasters who make the laws for the land and the people over which they rule? Heaven is offered to us, the mentally dead so-called Negroes, from God, Himself, Who is able to take the kingdom (ruling power) from the White race of both Europe and America.

The mentally dead so-called American Negro rejects an offer to do something for himself with the help of God and His people.

THEY WANT to be friends and continue to hang on to the White slavemasters’ children. The slavemasters’ children know they are foolish to want to go along with them, looking for salvation and equality.

The house of the wicked is disintegrating, yet the poor foolish Black man wants to see himself sitting in the seat of authority with his slavemaster. What future would we have with them? This is the time of the fall of the power and rule of the White race over the Black nation.

THE WORLD of the darker people is trying to go for self–all except the American so-called Negroes.

If we can unite and march throughout the North and South, and to the seat of the government (Washington, D.C.), why cannot we unite and ask the Congressmen and President, who have robbed and deceived us for the past 100 years up from slavery, for something concrete?

WE NEED a country to ourselves–away from such people, who yesterday and today have proved themselves to be the enemies of our fathers and our nation.

It is the time of the light and knowledge of the truth of God and self. It is the time of separation. It is time to go to your own.

YOU ARE FREE to go for self. By your desire to continue to live with them, you are responsible for your own suffering. You are made to howl with heartache and you are loaded with disappointment which you can scarcely bear. This shows that we are too lazy to take the responsibility for ourselves.

We suffer ourselves to be set upon by dogs and to have water from fire hoses poured upon us. We stand and look while our women and children are beaten in the streets and on the highways. Then we go back to the brute force–the murderers–and beg them for a continuous place among them.

THEY ARE much wiser than you. They see the “Handwriting on the Wall.” You cannot see the hand nor can you read the writing.

They want you to do something for yourself, but they are not the people of justice and righteousness, so they will not advise you and me to leave them, because that would be justice. They would let you stay with them and let you take a worse beating and more killing.

YOU HAVE fallen in love with the slavemasters’ children, and to prove this love, you wish to shoot and kill your own Black brothers (Muslims) who seek justice and righteousness for you.

You are fulfilling the Bible prophecy, going around trying to kill the Muslims, and think you are doing the Lord’s Will. You think that in so doing you are becoming a favorite servant of the Lord. Woe to you, as it is written, “… How can ye escape the damnation of hell?” (Matt. 23:33).

Allah and the Muslims are your friends. You want White folks for your friends.

THE ENEMY SOWS dissension among you and this causes you to kill those who are your friends. If you are successful in killing off your friends, then the enemies will kill you.

We, in Islam, do not try to bomb and kill you. We have more love for our kind than you do. With the help of Allah, we may change our minds one of these days. It is also written, in the Bible, that God came forth seeking to do you good. When you do not accept good, He will do you evil.

THIS IS THE time of great sorrow, grief and mourning. “At the end of this war, desolation is determined.” According in the papers and other news media and prophecies in the Bible and Holy Qur’an, there are no friends for this people (White race).


(Reprinted from “Muhammad Speaks Newspaper,” January 5, 1973.)