Jesus did not teach in his time what today we call Christianity. He knew nothing about Christianity in those days. He had never heard of such. Jesus taught in his times the same religion that Moses taught–Islam.

WE MUST be separated, whether we like it or not. I say we must be separated. I do not know why they want to hold on to us unless Allah is forcing them to do it so that he can get a better chance to punish them as he has wanted to do–as he did Pharaoh.

I do not know why the White people want to deceive you, trick you, try to court you and make sweethearts of you and marry you in order to get you to stay with them. I would be telling you to go and when they see what is after them, they will say go. They won’t tell you to stay.


I want to tell you who think that you are inferior, who think that you are nothing, who think that the White race is superior and the wisest people there ever were–that you are mistaken.

I want to satisfy your minds, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, that you fear not that the White world will destroy us. They cannot do it. We have a Savior with us.

WE HAVE a Savior that is born. I do not think any White ruler is silly enough to destroy the Muslims. I do not think that the White government of America would force us to our knees by not giving us employment. If they do so, come to me.

We have a Savior today. He is with me. He is able to feed you. He is able to clothe you. He is able to shelter you.

I say to you who think that I am begging for some of these states, as I read in the papers, I am not begging for states. It is immaterial to me. If the White government of America does not want to give us anything, just let us go. We will make a way. Our God will make a way for us.

I am not going to start a war with them to take land, because all of it belongs to us. I say to the government that if they cannot agree on giving us justice and agree on giving us a chance to make a living for ourselves as they are for themselves, with freedom, justice and equality as they have, then let us go. Let us go back to our native land and people. Every Muslim can go. We, the Muslims are the true owners of the heavens and the earth.

I GIVE the White people credit. They do the best they can in some instances, but, at the same time, I cannot say that they are angels. They have jailed us and bound us up among them. They should take care of us, give us a chance. If not, they should let us go.

Do not tell me that we are equal. How can we be equal when they own everything and we own nothing?

We have enough educated Black men and women in this government to start a government big enough to take care of the world.

THIS WHITE government has ruled us and given us plenty of hell, but the time has come that you shall taste a little of your own hell. The only way that America could have an extension of time. I guess you think I am acting like a judge, but I heard what the Judge said.

If America attacks any nation, she will herself be shot to pieces. For centuries she has boasted that she has made other nations bow at her feet. Now God wants to show the others that He will make you bow. It would be wise for you if you want to get an extension of time to treat us right. And if you want to hasten your time–shoot us. Shoot Elijah. Kill us all. Kill all of my followers, and Elijah will go down laughing and knowing that this is the end of you.

NOW THE White people want to marry Negroes. Negroes who have no knowledge of themselves want to marry White folks. It is like a frog wanting to marry a rattlesnake because the rattlesnake is so full of frogs he cannot swallow another one.

The whole world is angry. We must have a showdown. We have to have it. We want to live in peace.

Every day of our lives we are at your mercy. An army of policemen throughout the country with clubs in their hands set out to beat the “nigger” and to shoot the “nigger” if they feel like it.

Nothing is hindering him. He is not going to go to prison for doing it. All he has to do is to tell the judge that he shot that old “nigger” and the judge will wink his eye at him and say “Wish I had a chance to shoot him myself.” This is the kind of people we are living with. With murderers, not friends, but murderers.

There are many of my poor Black ignorant brothers and even preachers preaching the ignorant and lying stuff that you should love your enemy. What fool can love his enemy?

THEY ARE doing everything they possibly can, and I do not care if the entire White race hears me say this. They are doing everything they possibly can do to deceive the poor old Negro.

We are happy, we the Muslims. We know we have a Savior.

In 1877 a Savior was born–to go after that particular people that was lost and swallowed up by Israel seeking something that did not belong to Israel–not seeking any but His own particular people.

A Savior is born, not to save the Jews but to save the poor Negro.

I am here to teach the way back to the truth, back to the author of Truth.

A Savior has come to save you from sin, not because you are by nature a sinner but because you have followed a sinner. You have been taught by a sinner.

I WANT to say to you again that this truth has come to you to separate you from the devil. I am taught by Almighty God, Allah, that he is going to destroy the world. You should try to get out of it, not integrate into it.

(Reprinted from “Muhammad Speaks,” newspaper, 1967.)