[Editor’s Note: This article is an online reprint from December 27, 2005, and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“And We certainly gave the Book to Moses, but differences arose therein. And had not a word gone forth from thy Lord, the matter would have been decided between them. And they are surely in a disquieting doubt about it. And thy Lord will surely pay back to all their deeds in full. He indeed is Aware of what they do. Continue then in the right way as thou art commanded, as also (should) those who turn (to Allah) with thee. And be not inordinate, (O men). Surely He is Seer of what you do.” -Holy Qur’an, Surah 11, verses 110-112  

Returning home from my son’s wedding on December 15, exactly two months following our October 15 celebration of the launching of the Millions More Movement in Washington, D.C., I was filled with reflective memories of the past, particularly those of my early childhood experiences, with a particular focus on my senior year in high school and my graduation from the 12th grade at Central High School’s Centennial in 1958.

The Temple of Inscriptions, Mayan ruins of Palenque, Mexico

This is where I ended my last article in this series of the Ta Ha frequency and the telepathic code contained therein. Remembering The God within is our inner connection to the Consciousness of the Divine Word Uttered at the Beginning of Time. With that reference point of zero (nothing), we are each an evolving Word of God, trying to remember what makes us tick. We are the sounding board of God’s Revelation, awakening to His Remembrance.

Before I continue this subject, I wish to share a recent experience I had traveling from the United States to Mexico. Just before boarding my flight, I picked up a copy of The Miami Herald newspaper. The headline read: “King Tut Unwrapped.” The story featured the opening of the same controversial exhibit that initially opened in Los Angeles, Calif.

In Florida, the date corresponded to exactly two months after the October 15th Event of the Millions More Movement, 10th Commemorative Anniversary of the Million Man March. Was this a coincidence, I wondered (knowing full well that there are no coincidences)? Every part of one’s journey in life corresponds to the Law of Synchronicity or a pattern of a Synchronic Divine Order.

The host museum is the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. The title is, “Tutankhamen and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs,” and will remain there until April 23, 2006.

Mask of King Tut

A reception took place on the previous night, with archeologist Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. We previously met in his office on Egypt’s Gizeh’s plateau at the site of the Great Pyramid, located approximately 10 miles on the outskirts of Cairo. I was accompanied by former Final Call Staff Writer Rosalind Muhammad a few weeks prior to the Millennium Year of 2000. I recently met him again in the presence of my sister Karlotta and a few others at the opening of the exhibit in the Los Angeles Art Museum.

I will further explain in depth the fuller meaning of this experience and how it connects to the frequency of sound and the workings of telepathy. Equally impressive, as a sign of tapping into the remembrance of our ancient past, was encountering the continuation of this story of King Tut appearing on an inside advertisement of the exhibit, interfaced with another lead article on the same page entitled, “Oldest known Maya painting unearthed.”

This discovery was made in a remote Mayan Temple complex at San Bartolo in Guatemala, located at a distance of a two-day hike from the famous Pyramid Site of Tikal. The finding of a 2,100-year-old painting or mural on the wall’s interior pushes time even further back in the unfolding timeline of the chronological history of the Mayan than what was previously believed by most archeologists’ findings and historians. The site is on the border of the Mexican State of Chiapas and the country of Belize, with an outlet to the Caribbean.

The discovery of King Tut’s Tomb was made by British Archeologist and explorer Howard Carter in 1922. What connection might be drawn between this discovery in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and the discovery made 30 years later of the Tomb of the Royal King and Ruler Pacal Votan  by the Mexican Archeologist and explorer Alberto Ruiz at the Palenque archeological site in the State of Chiapas in 1952? This is an intriguing thought that will bring me to another investigative study for a future series to come.

 “And all We relate to thee of the account of the messengers is to strengthen thy heart therewith. And in this has come to thee the truth and an admonition and a reminder for the believers. And say to those who believe not: Act according to your power, surely we too are acting; And wait, surely we are waiting (also). And Allah’s is the unseen in the heavens and the earth, and to Him the whole affair will be returned. So serve Him and put thy trust in Him. And thy Lord is not heedless of what you do.” –Holy Qur’an, Surah 11, verses 120-123

To be continued.