In scripture and in history, those who stand against oppression and evil often find themselves falsely accused of wrongs committed by those who are actually guilty.

This ugly, disturbing and unacceptable pattern played out recently at San Diego State University where Dr. Ava Muhammad, gifted spiritual teacher, author, radio personality, attorney and national spokesperson for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was falsely accused of anti-Semitism and an invite to address students and faculty on the subject of reparations was rescinded.

On one hand, it could be said that the assault on Sister Ava is an indicator that she is truly a disciple of our guide, Min. Farrakhan, as she is now tagged with the lie that has been attached to Min. Farrakhan.


But on the bigger level, the pronouncement is such a heinous falsehood, it must be condemned and a Black woman with such a marvelous work must be defended.    

Peter Herman, an SDSU literature professor, issued the false charge in an op-ed in a local newspaper.

His fake news was factually wrong regarding statements misattributed to Sister Ava and she certainly never insulted the teachings or Moses or those who practice the law and way of Moses. And she doesn’t deal in “conspiracy theories” but the Actual Facts about the Jewish role in the oppression, exploitation and degradation of Black people.

We know and can prove, however, that San Diego State University has its own history of racial conflict and hostility. Sister Ava could help the predominantly White institution resolve such problems, if it would listen. The words from her mouth and meditation of her heart offer deep truths and guidance rooted in freedom, justice and equality and respect for all regardless to race, creed, class or color.

She is a sought after speaker because of her ability to think, analyze, explain concepts and ideas and her commitment to telling the truth.

And, the truth is San Diego State University has a problem with hate and has had the problem for years.  

Perhaps the venerable institution needs to face up to its problems as opposed to shifting blame to an innocent, bold Black woman.

Consider a situation earlier this year in which students were subjected to racial slurs outside the Black Resource Center. By late April 2019 the school was dealing with three significant racial incidents in two months, including a series of Snapchat and other videos that threatened a Black student. In one video, the sender threatened to hang the Black student like a tree ornament. In May, a Black woman in her car outside the Black Resource Center was called a n—-r. The Black Resource Center itself was vandalized in April.

In August, as students were moving in on campus, they were greeted with White Nationalist fliers and stickers. But that’s nothing new: Racist fliers were previously posted on campus in 2017 and 2016.

And, with the 2016 election of Donald Trump a Muslim female student was harassed, had her car keys taken and her car stolen. More racist material was also left on campus.

Should we mention the uproar over the denigrating use of the “Aztec” as the mascot for school athletic teams? The school said it would retire an offensive illustration but a bare chested Aztec “warrior” remains as a tribute to the Aztec “spirit”. The Native American Student Alliance called the mascot dehumanizing mockery and cultural appropriation that fly in the face of the school’s professed commitment to diversity and reflect its institutional racism. Campus parties have included themes such as “Cowboys and Nava-hoes,” a denigration of the Navajo nation, and the use of red face.

The leading student populations by race and ethnicity are White (11,709), Hispanic or Latino (10,339) and Asian (4,437). Blacks are less than four percent of undergraduate students.

So while no Actual Facts can be brought forward to prove the falsehoods hurled at Ava Muhammad, San Diego State University has a clear history of racism and punishing those who point out the problem and the reality of White privilege and White supremacy.  

Their fear of the truth will not stop the onward march of Black and oppressed people nor the success that Almighty God Allah has ordained for Sister Ava. However, we are assured that those who fail to change and do evil will be punished with a severe chastisement and none of their lies or trickery can save them.