IN the stage of the making of the devil (White race) confusion existed between the Arab world and Yakub (father of the devil).

YAKUB’s (a Black scientist) teachings to his made-man (White race) was that they make mischief in the land, and rule the Aboriginal Black People, by dividing them one against the other.

IN order to destroy the power of the enemy (White race) at that time, they decided to drive Yakub’s made-man (White race) into the hills of mountains of west Asia (which is now known as Europe). Six thousand (6,000) years ago that desolate wilderness was known as west Asia.


DISAGREEMENT was accepted, therefore the devil had to be driven into what is now called Europe.

ACCORDING to the teachings of God, Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to me: EU stands for hillside and ROPE means that these people (White race) were roped in and isolated from the peaceful world of the Muslim Arabs.

AFTER YAKUB’s made-man (White race) was driven out, the Arabs were not completely at peace because the devil had left his stain of dissatisfaction and mischief-making among the people of the Arab world. The stain remained because it was due to the given time of Yakub’s made man to serve the people with that which they never were served under before (confusion and bloodshed).

THE ARABS thought that isolation, and the banishing of the White race into the hills and cave-sides of Europe would be the end of Yakub’s made-man (White race).

THE White man was made by nature to do that which his father made him for. He could not help but carry out the law under which he was made. And he has been doing so ever since he was made. He has not disobeyed his father, Yakub’s Law.

THE reader will agree with me, that this is perfectly true. The White man divides the so-called Negro (Aboriginal Black People) until, today you can hardly unite two so-called Negroes together. He divided the people by telling other than the truth and teaching it to the world.

ALL of this causes confusion. Anything opposite to the truth–the truth will finally have to go to war against other than the truth, in order to keep truth, and the light of the truth, shining in the heart of those who love truth.

CONFUSION, REVOLUTION– this trouble and warring is due to the fact that it is time that the truth should reign, and the Great God of Truth, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are due forever is in Person today, to see that truth triumph over falsehood. And the lovers of falsehood will fight to the bitter end to oppose truth and prevent truth from triumphing over the nations of the earth.

THERE are so many of our Black People who have been reared under falsehood, that they will join the forces of falsehood to try to prevent truth from being the victor. This is an evil world that we are now living in. It has become the bursting point of its world. “As she has done so shall it be done unto her.”

SHE HAS divided the nations and has put brothers fighting against brothers. Now she must be divided and her brother of evil put to fighting with her. This is going on at the present time.

WHEN we learn the cause of the ugly situation of the world, we can see just why it should be like it is. Corruption of evil is poured upon all of the living of the earth. It is no easy thing to restore the nation of righteous back into righteousness, after being ruled under other than right, for six thousand (6,000) years. Just one thousand (1,000) years is a long, long time.

BUT, the White race had six thousand (6,000) years in which to destroy the truth and to destroy the Aboriginal Black People who were created in truth.

NOW to separate them and to put them back again into their own spheres, and remove the trouble-makers. The trouble-makers (White race) cannot have a place anywhere on the earth because the White race has covered the earth of the Aboriginal Black People. There is no where to hide him as there was six thousand (6,000) years ago when he was driven into the hills and cave-sides of Europe.

EVERY square foot of civilization today is under the rule of the trouble-makers. Therefore it will not do us any good to exile him to rid ourselves of this mighty and powerful enemy, so Allah (God) Has Decided this time to burn the worse one of them, and destroy the power of those that are not burned.

THE BOOK OF DANIEL, in the Bible, has the clear answer to the confusion and the trouble-maker. He singles out one beast (as they are called) and prophecies that they would be taken and killed outright. This prophesy corresponds with the prophesy in the Book of Revelation, in the Bible, “that one beast (4th beast) was killed outright and his body given to the burning flame.”

DANIEL and the Revelation of John shows the same end of Yakub’s made-man. This knowledge is not new to the White man. The White man has known this all of his life. But, what is new in this is that my Black People never knew the “theology side” of the Bible. They have only used guessing. Therefore, they have mislead their, and our, own Black People, spiritually.

THE right way out for them now, and the truth that will establish them again on the earth as a nation, is to accept their own. But it is hard for them to believe, therefore God Himself Will Have to Resort to punishment, for them, in order to get them to believe.

THE confused Americans and the confused government cannot be helped, because it is God Himself Who Is Causing their confusion. They confuse all with whom they come into contact.

THE White man’s greatest effort to rule us was to divide one against the other. He divided Korea, as you know, with one brother against the other. He divided China, with one brother against the other. There out in Formosa he has a brother of China, sitting there to fight his brother China, on the mainland. He divided Viet Nam just like he did Korea. Then he made the two brothers fight and kill each other while he (White man) acted as judge.

THIS is what Yakub taught him. “Divide them and let them fight. When they are fighting with each other, you step in and tell them to let you judge their affair and when they allow you (White man) to judge their affair then you can rule them both.”

SO all of this is now coming to an end, for the God of Heaven Has Ordered it. Look at the opposition and prosecution to kill you because you believe in the truth. They do not care how they kill you, just as long as you are dead. They shoot you in the back. They shoot you while you lay asleep. They shoot you anywhere. They hide behind a bush and shoot you. The White man is a murderer by nature. Jesus did not miss it in the Bible, John 8:44 “… He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth … for he is a liar … .” His father made him under this.

SO when you hear me say that I cannot blame the made-man (White man) for this is what he was by nature, to do. That does not mean that you, WE will endure with the White man forever, just because, by nature he is evil. The real blame is on Yakub who made the devil (White race).

CONFUSION, CONFUSION AND REVOLUTION. Everybody is opposed to the other. Twenty-four hours a day America is broadcasting her confusion. Only a few, here and there, among the White race, desire to see truth and justice reign instead of confusion, murder and injustice.


Messenger of Allah, to you All.

(Reprinted from “Muhammad Speaks Newspaper,” July 3, 1970.)