“And strain not thine eyes toward that with which We have provided different classes of them, (of) the splendor of this world’s life, that We may thereby try them. And the sustenance of thy Lord is better and more abiding. And enjoin prayer on thy people, and steadily adhere to it. We ask not of thee a sustenance. We provide for thee. And the (good) end is for guarding against evil.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 131-132

In continuation from last week’s article on the significance of events that come to pass in the measurement of fourth dimensional time beginning with the frequency of 1320 (132), we discovered that this is also equal to one-fourth of a mile (1320). When this figure is multiplied by four, the result is 5,280. Within this number 5,280 is the key number of feet equal to one mile that we read in Problem No. 31 which deals with the lion walking back and forth in a cage. We also discovered that 132 is the birth date in this year 2009 of Master W[alla]ce Fard Muhammad who was born on February 26, 1877.

This photo was taken on a Mxodus Tour in 2007 in Yanga, Veracruz. Father Glenn is seated between Mother Tynnetta and Dr. Toni Mokjaeti Humber and the Mxodus Team wearing Yanga T-shirts. Father Glenn spent 25 years organizing and helping the people of Afromestizo roots living in Costa Chica in the states of Guerro and Oaxaca on the Pacific side of Mexico.

In our calculation of the mathematical language in this present year, we as a people are walking at a faster rate of speed when applying the letter, number and word code that the Master left us to study in the Supreme Wisdom sacred book of lessons. We also discovered that the number 132 leads us to musical notations and color vibrations and the molecular biology made up in our DNA that leads us to a deeper understanding of self. We also come to the understanding that these numbers when applied properly will also lead us to the fulfillment of prophecy at the end of this present age.


We will continue our study of Problem No. 31 and ask the following question: Who is the lion? What is the cage? And what is the key measurement given to us in this problem that is opening the door of the cage allowing the lion to move more rapidly in the said territory where he was confined, measured at two thousand by three thousand miles leading to our exodus? We will note geographically that the Southern border of the United States lies near our Southern neighbor Mexico whose border measures 2,000 miles from Texas, to Arizona, to New Mexico, to California. This area in particular is on fire in a warfare of violence and drug trafficking. Both sides of the border are being targeted by narcotic kingpins with the use of high powered weaponry. On April 16, we witnessed the meeting of two presidents in Mexico, the host president Felipe Calderon receiving the president of the United States, Barack Obama. I reflected upon the many prophetic words spoken by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad concerning the future of these two countries which connect to what I had previously reported in last week’s article on the assignment he gave to Mr. Reies Lopez Tijerina in the 1960s.

Mr. Reies Lopez Tijerina holding a photo of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and himself at the Mxodus Retreat in Sedona, Arizona. Seated next to him is his wife. Photo: Hakeem Muhammad

Within 13 years from that time, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made his own move across the border to the country of Mexico in 1974. I did not realize at the time that I would be a part of his plan to reach out to our neighbors in the South to make significant friendships and relationships for our nation in the near future. He explained to me what Allah (God) intended for the future safety of our nation and people once we could find the exit door out of our cage. In reviewing how our histories are recorded by the scientists to last every 25,000 years before its renewal, let us review the following information. Our scientists write history on the basis of 25,000 miles equal to the circumference of our planet earth. These measurements also take into consideration the movement of our two poles, North and South, and the change that takes place calculated also at 25,000 to 26,000 years, which is the Great Year cycle in astronomy.

He also taught us that these same scientists had the capability of tuning in to the thinking of the population and measure the results of their thoughts accumulated down the line of time to 25,000 years. It is very important as we go further that we review some of these actual facts so that we can be in accord with the calculation of our history and the fulfillment of prophecy in these contemporary times. According to Lesson No. 2, Question and Answer 1, we are given some of the above measurements of the earth’s circumference worth a mile equal to one year in the writing of our 25,000 year histories. It is interesting to note that the above calculations in the prophetic calendar history of the Indigenous populations in Mexico, particularly to the Olmec-Mayan Ancient People. They calculate the new year, or the new cycle, or new world in five cycles of approximately 5,200 years. Their calculations bring us into the present time when a new cycle or new world is prophesied to come in the year 2,012.

We will note that in their calculations of the measurement of time, they are very close to the 5,280 feet in one mile; and if we multiply 5,280 by five (the Mayan periodic cycles), the number result is 26,400. As we look at this number, we see the root numbers 2,640 of one half of a mile. If we look deeper we see (264), which is equal to the measurement of middle C in musical notation. Now, by practicing these mathematical formulas, we are entering into the resonance field of the New Beginning announced by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on October 19, 2008 at Mosque Maryam and heard these same words reiterated by both presidents when they met in Mexico as the beginning of a new era. Both men will end their present time in office exactly in the year 2012, which brings in a new world cycle at the end of the present age.

“And if We had destroyed them with chastisement before it, they would have said: Our Lord, why didst Thou not send to us a messenger, so that we might have followed Thy messages before we met disgrace and shame?” Say: Every one (of us) is waiting, so wait. Soon you will come to know who is the follower of the even path and who goes aright.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 20, verses 134-135

To be continued.