This article, published online on March 3, 2009, picks up with Minister Farrakhan’s answer from last issue. What immediately follows his words is from  Closing The Gap  and was written by Brother Cedric Muhammad as part of the foreword of the book. (And please read Aphasia #6, on  www.cuttingedgeknowledge. org, when you have time, on my point on cancer.)

“There are those who think they fully know him and his teachings when they became acquainted with him in the clot stage. However, such people lose sight of him as he evolves and they go out thinking they fully know him and his teachings.

They teach what they know, but a gap develops and widens between them and the leader as he goes through the clot stage; the embryonic stage; the fetus stage; the child stage; and finally becomes the mature man.


“What can prevent this? His help has to evolve with him. All of his help may not necessarily have been formed under the unique circumstances that led to his evolutionary development from before he was actually in physical form even while that which produced him was being formed. So, now he comes into the world constitutionally fit for his mission, but his helpers may or may not have that base; that brilliance; that insight; that foresight which comes from being divinely prepared.

“So, his helpers, at best, come according to their own understanding of this man, his mission, and his teachings, at the moment in time when they first encounter him. But as he continues to grow and evolve, change and mature, perhaps they will not see him in the same way in the next phase of his development as they saw him in the stage when they first came to help him. Why? Because he sufficed a particular need that was very personal and individual for them. When that need is met, they claim him as their leader. As he evolves more and more, if they do not grow with him, a gap develops. Therefore, Allah (God), gives His servant helpers from Himself. That help is the best help because these persons grow along the same lines (the servant) grew.

They are formed in the same way he is formed; their hearts are formed in the same way his heart is formed. Therefore, these helpers see into this man what other helpers may not see, because the latter were not made from Allah (God) to be his helpers, in the same way or degree, as the former.

“However, they (the latter) accept the role of a helper. Nevertheless, if they don’t stay in constant submission; in constant obedience; in constant study; and in constant growth; then gaps will develop between the teacher and the student that will lead the student (sometimes) to be critical of the teacher when the teacher grows beyond the particular need of that helper that motivated that helper to first want to help. That is the way I would answer that question.”

Bro. Cedric’s words begin here:

“This book,  Closing The Gap, represents the very best of interviews. For the first time, in one handy reference, we have Minister Farrakhan’s clearly expressed views about himself; the roots of what he teaches; his relationship with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad; his growth in the Nation of Islam–as both a Believer and Laborer; and his thinking across an exceptionally wide range and variety of disciplines, individuals, institutions and events.

“As these interviews clearly show, Minister Louis Farrakhan is as much a servant as he is a leader–interested first and foremost with the deepest education of all of us into the best of ourselves and our proper connection to one another and the Ultimate Reality.

In other words, he is facilitating proper and right  relationships  between all of the human family, the universe, and its Creator. His answers to the questions placed before him in  Closing The Gap  are informative, sobering, stimulating, and inspiring, and also cast light on the international implications of his function as a reconciler, by humanity.

“It is on this divine function of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan where I will place a concluding focus and emphasis.

“Consider that the chain of events connected to the beginning of a relationship on September 22, 1931, continue today. As there has been an expansion from Master Fard Muhammad to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, there is now an expansion from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to a body of people, and then beyond, in a very special way.

“Two points related to this subject of a chain of events–all loaded with implications, immediately come to mind. I hope that they stimulate serious questions and the deepest kind of thought in answering them and further  introduce Closing The Gap.

“Here is what comes to my mind:

“First, during his historic  Theology of Time  lecture series of 1972, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad indicated that on occasion he had been asked by the leadership of the nations of Africa to leave or spend less time with his own people–the Black Man and Woman of America–in order to teach on that continent. The African leadership expressed to him that he would have greater success abroad than he was having at home. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated, with great humility and confidence, that he declined such offers. He said clearly that one day, in the future, once he got his own people up to a certain level, it would be  they, and not he, who would come and teach abroad. He explained a certain order of things–a chain reaction that over time would represent an expanded relationship between he, his earliest followers, a larger group of followers who would come later, and the rest of humanity.

Question:  Over what period of time do you think the full chain reaction and expanded relationship is to take place? “Secondly, in an article written in 1963, which also appears in the book,  Message To The Blackman, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote that  one day  the Nation of Islam would make an effort to reach, teach and unite all of the original people of the Western Hemisphere. His words make it very clear, that as of the time of that writing, the Nation of Islam had not yet undertaken that specific activity.

Questions:  Did such an activity take place in between 1963, when this article was written, and 1975, when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad departed from among us? And, who are the original people of the Western Hemisphere?

“So, now, finally–what is the relationship between the actual rise of Minister Farrakhan and the rebuilding work of the Nation of Islam since September 1977, and all of the points and questions I have raised in the previous two examples?

“In my humble opinion, this wonderful book,  Closing The Gap, suggests, points to, and provides a powerful, glorious and convincing answer to this question and the others I have posed.

“Let us all read this book with the disposition and attitude best suited for receiving and learning from another–that of the child, student, and seeker of truth.

“And may we all–regardless to race, belief system, social status, language, and nationality– benefit from its contents.

“Remember, we are all potentially witnesses  of, and participants  in, a very special  relationship.”

Please think deeper on the titles and the content of most recent talks of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

More next issue, Allah willing.