The ultimate aim of this world should be known to everyone; especially the righteous. We classify the righteous as being the people who belong to the right God, the God of righteousness, truth, freedom, justice and equality of the nation of righteousness.

The lost-found members of that nation should be taught to know the ultimate aim of this world. God has visited them, and has prepared a teacher (in myself) to teach them, thereby making it easy for them to understand and recognize this world and its secret, ultimate aim. It is even given in the Bible, in Revelations 12:9. There, it speaks of the members belonging to the righteous nation, and shows that through deceit, Satan causes them to become as himself–against the truth, peace, justice, safety and security one would enjoy if only he were not deceived.

Under deceit, the weak minded–who have no understanding or knowledge of the arch-deceiver (the devil, Satan)–are made preys in the hands of the arch-deceiver. This will bring about war as a showdown between the God of righteousness and the God of unrighteousness (the devil). It already has begun.


God must fulfill His promise to show Himself as God over all the powers of heaven and earth, and men on earth. As it is written (Thessalonians 2:9), He comes after the workings of Satan. Satan has been given the power, knowledge and authority to deceive as many as he could before the appearance of God or the universal manifestation of the presence of God. He was given this power in the beginning, according to Chapters 2 and 7 of the Holy Qur’an, and according to the Bible in Genesis 1:26, Revelations 6:4,8, and Revelations 12:3, 4.

We have known all our lives that the devil was a great deceiver, and enemy of God, and that he wished to be the victor, with his knowledge of superior arts in deceiving the people of God. He desires to cast them down, disgrace them and make them accept his deceit before the very face of God in the general resurrection of the dead.

The so-called American Negroes–as I have repeatedly taught in articles, sermons and lectures to my people–are the spiritual dead. They have been touched and paralyzed to death by the arch-deceiver through his missionary teachings, his literature, his personal conversation and by accepting his advice.

Today, the so-called American Negroes must be resurrected and made to know and understand the fate of anyone who will follow or be deceived by the arch-deceivers. The strongest and most powerful weapon the archdeceivers have at their disposal is to deceive the world of righteousness (the Nation of Islam). They do not stop at the common, ignorant Muslims, but reach also for the scholars and scientists of Islam, who should be aware of their trickery and deceit.

We are in a world that is passing out of existence–and she is putting up a fight (war) to destroy the nation of righteousness. Be aware! To try to oppose the success of Allah’s truth, only hastens the doom of falsehood and its teachers. The world of evil makes its first attack on the world of righteousness, thereby clearly showing herself as being the enemy of righteousness. When she thinks she has built up a strong enough force to attack the righteous, she does so which, as I said before, hastens her own doom. Falsehood cannot be victorious over the truth in the day of truth. The resurrection is a day of truth, as it triumphs over falsehood.

The arch-deceiver’s forces war against themselves. Their ultimate aim is to do as their people always have done–try to destroy the preacher of truth and those who believe and follow him. This was the aim of Cain when he slew his brother, Abel, and the aim of the dragon when he sought to destroy the woman (the Messenger), as it is written in Revelations 12:4.

God has given to me a very strong and invincible truth that will defend, protect and prevent you from falling victim to the arch-deceiver. Read these articles, and treasure them; they are your life. Ignore them, and it is your death.

Your Brother, Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, To You All.

(Reprinted from “Muhammad Speaks,” newspaper, December 21, 1973.)