IN the mind of most ignorant people, there is no doubt that we are living in the GREAT TIME OF TROUBLE, that was predicted by Jesus and other prophets of the Bible.

THERE WILL, come a TIME OF TROUBLE that has never been witnessed by man, since man has been on the earth. This GREATEST TIME OF TROUBLE has not yet been witnessed and felt by man. THE WORST IS YET TO COME.

ONCE-RICH America and once-rich Britain–both of these giants of wealth–both of these wealthy slave-holders– the great statue of gold and silver (Bible, Daniel Vision), is now crumbling to pieces, never again to be erected for their worship.


JAMES, in the Bible (Ja. Ch. 5) foresaw the great crumbling of their wealth. “Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.” … “Your gold and silver is cankered and the rust of them shall be a witness against you.” … “Behold the hire of the laborers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you keep back by fraud, crieth … .” The gold and silver that the slave could have put to use.

THE combined gold and silver of America and England was more than the nations of the world could compete with. Now the great statue of gold has lost its head. They no longer have their great stock-piles of gold. They are no longer the great head of the nations. But, Allah (God) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever, IS GREAT. He is bringing mankind to a naught. When mankind (White race) goes to war against Allah, Allah (God) Brings mankind (White race) down to nothing.

AMERICA IS CONFUSED and there is no peace among them. They are so confused until they are frantic. I write this because of my Black people who are in the crossfire. My Black People are ignorant of the time and what will come to pass. They are ignorant of what will continue to come to pass in the GREAT TIME OF TROUBLE. They are ignorant of the diverse misunderstanding of the heads of the nations.

IF the heads of the nation is confused and cannot agree together on anything constructive for the people, then the people suffer, as it is written, “The wicked ruler causes the people to suffer’” (Bible).

THE outlook is bad. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it will become worse, and more worse, than what we see and experience at the present time.

ANGER rising among the wicked. Their spirit is nothing but anger and dissatisfaction. There is no agreement. The wicked rise up after you who are at peace and they seek to destroy you. As David said in his Psalms, they give the appearance of friendship, but in their hearts they have daggers for you.

THE wicked rise up right in your families. Members of your families rise up against you–wicked sons and daughters rise up against their parents. You cannot treat them kindly because they have no place for kind treatment in their hearts. They will rob and kill you if possible.

A ROBBER is a murderer, for if you catch him at his game, he thinks that you will kill him, so he sets out to kill you. The world is wicked to the core.

WE let a woman rent one of our homes which we newly purchased, decorated and furnished at great expense to us.

She had lived in the house for almost a year and never paid a penny. She put up a fine plea of being poor. She waited until Midnight, Wednesday, September 1, 1971 and she moved out stealing our new seven (7) rooms of furniture, even wall-to-wall carpeting from the floor. We do not know whether she moved to Lansing, Michigan, or whether she is still in Chicago, Illinois, but we will find her and get our furniture back, if it be the Will of Allah. If Allah (God) Takes Care of it His Retaliation against her will not be an easy one.

THE WICKED WORLD! Lying in bed last night, I was listening to television. There was a woman guest on the television program and she said that tenants had moved out of her house and had even taken the door and everything else that they could get away with. We have never witnessed such TIME!

CHILDREN are going up and down the street shooting children and adults down. The police are afraid to go into such infested areas where there are such evil people who are so disobedient of the law of the land.

IN ALABAMA, we continue to have trouble on our farm. An evil demon, the devil, destroyed a $5,000.00 insect-spray machine. The devil vandals in Georgia set fire to our hay barn.

THE devil is not satisfied with 400 years of our free-slavery. Now, the devil hates you so much so, because you are now free to get something for self. The devil destroys any property belonging to the Black slave to keep the Black slave from enriching himself, after being free. This is to keep the Black slave at the mercy of his White slave-master.

ALLAH (God) Is Coming to Destroy such people as this. No kind of destruction is bad enough for Allah (God) to pour on them. You do not have to do anything to the White man, except just try and live well–try and live in peace with yourself– they cannot stand it, for they were not made for peace-making.

THE White race was made for troublemaking. They were made for making mischief in the land. They are living their life, but how soon, White man, will you be cut down.

The White man of America hates the Black Man in America as though the Black Man was a foreigner come to destroy them. Instead, the White man brought us and our parents here and deprived us of the knowledge of our own Black selves. The history of their bloody–beast—treatment of us is enough for us to hate the White man’s very shadow under the sun!

WE, the Muslims, are the righteous. The White man will not let us get along with them in peace. They trail us everywhere we go to keep people from believing in us. They hate us because of our righteousness and because of the manifestation of their evil wicked self. The White man tries to keep the Muslims from spreading truth and righteousness.

THE devil kills and poisons innocent cattle to keep the Black Man from growing and marketing his own beef and other food. THE GREAT TIME OF TROUBLE.

THE GREAT TIME OF TROUBLE. The White man turns the country into filth and indecency, with evil of the worse kind. The condition of America is like the condition of Sodom and Gomorrah, only America is worse for us to bear.

IF GOD killed the people of Sodom and Gomorrah for their evil and filthy-doing, and their evil and filthy-doing was only child’s play compared to the evil and filth of America.

SODOM and Gomorrah had only little cities in which they were carrying on evil and filthy-doings. But, America is a ‘city’ that is 2,000 x 3,000 square miles.

IT is the Muslims which the devil hates most of all. We are in the South and we do know what will be the end of those who keep on picking on us without a cause.

THE GREAT TIME OF TROUBLE that never was since there was a nation, and there never will be such TIME, after this. The Holy Qur’an Ch. 73:17 says that it will be a Time that will make children grey-headed. No one can be trusted. RULERS AGAINST RULERS!


(Reprinted from “Muhammad Speaks,” newspaper, September 17, 1971.)