[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in Volume 14, No. 22 and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

[The following is the second part of an excerpt from a lecture given at Mosque Maryam on July 23, 1995 that continues a series of articles on the Moslem sons, the significance of the monuments in Washington, D.C., and the role of the woman in the Million Man March.]

In VOLUME 14, NO. 21 we ended this column with the following paragraph:


“When they reach the 32nd degree in Masonry and become a Grand Master, only then do they receive what we have been given freely, Islam. But, they cannot go beyond the 33nd degree or the degree of the Shriner, because when they get to the degree of the Shriner, they’re only given a sign of what Islam, the Brotherhood of Islam, actually is. Because they cannot express it. They cannot share it. They have to only do it in secret, in their Lodges throughout the land. So when they see us, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said Saviour’s Day 1974, they know who you are. He said, we don’t know them, but, we will get acquainted with them at a particular time.”Now let us continue.

Now, the question is, when would that time be? Might we be approaching that time? They have a job, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that they would perform in our liberation and in our freedom. At the very tail end of the Judgment, they are prepared to serve the cause of the liberation of the slaves of America. They are bound by an oath to do so. We don’t know who they are by name. We don’t know or have anything to do with their assignment.

But, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us the Language of Islam, the language by which our enemy has utilized as a trick to keep us dead to the knowledge of ourselves. How did the enemy use language to trick us up and how far back does that tricknollogy go? We have to look again at the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad because there’s no school of thought, no book, no lectures, no university that has this Teaching about how it all began and how it will all end. But, the Muslims, members of the Nation of Islam, followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and followers of his Servant, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, may be prepared to meet our open enemies and be protected by the oath of our faith.

When they ask you who you are, don’t hide that you are a Muslim. The Muslim name will save your life in this day. The Qur’an says that they bite their fingernails in rage and they say, “Oh would I had taken a way with the Messenger.” The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that when we meet our Brothers from the East, referring to Mother Africa in particular, he said that you will not find a place there unless you have a righteous name, a Muslim name. Did we see a sign of that Saviours’ Day in Ghana? How were we received by the Leaders of that country? We were received as Princes and Queens and as Kings. We were received by the President and his Cabinet and his Ministry and all of the Government of Ghana received us, the returning Brother back home.

So as we now have less than three months to October 16, 1995, let us just touch on a few important notes that I wish to share with you that we may prepare ourselves this day forward to know what is getting ready to happen on that day in the forenoon that the Holy Qur’an says, “On an appointed day that God had prepared to call Pharaoh and his magicians and his officers to a meeting of a well-known day in a central place.” A central place can also be understood as a Capital of a country.

The Million Man March is being prepared and engineered for the Federal District of Washington, D.C., in the sight and sound of those who handle the business of Government. We’re not going to be on the other side of town. We’re going to be right in the central part of town where every time they want to look out their window to see fresh air, they’re going to see fresh men. What kind of fresh men? Men who are upright, men who are strong and valiant and courageous. Men who will be clean inside and out. Men who won’t be drinking and smoking and throwing beer bottles all over the lawn. Not Brothers that will be sniffing cocaine and putting drugs in their veins.

This is the message that our Brothers and Sisters must disseminate in our communities. Clean up, Black Man! Clean up, Black Woman! This is the day that has been prophesied for 4,000 years, that we would come before Pharaoh, that two Messengers had been sent. Two Messengers, Moses and his brother Aaron. And when they went before Pharaoh, they thought they had a plan, didn’t they? And so God said, “Throw what you are going to throw.” And the magicians then threw their rods and their cords. What are the rods and cords?

Rods and cords are some things that are used in measuring. Magic is a trick. A magician is someone who tricks up things so that you cannot understand it. So what could possibly be the meaning of the magicians throwing down their tricks? What did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad teach us about what Moses taught Yacub’s man after he had been grafted on the island of Patmos, after he made trouble in the Holy Land for six months.

When the king discovered who it was who was causing that trouble in the Holy Land, he had them all gathered up. They were stripped of their garments and they had to wear an apron. And they had to walk across the hot sands and the hot desert and go in which direction West. Not back to the Holy Land where they had caused trouble among the Righteous people where they were telling what? Lies. And causing the Righteous people to do what? Fight and kill one another. Everything was taken away from them except what? The Language. And he walked how many miles? Twenty-two hundred miles into the caves and hillsides of Europe. He was bound up in Europe for 2,000 years until Almighty God Allah sent them Moses. Now, how did Moses go to Europe and to Egypt?

When Moses saw the savage in the caves and hillsides of Europe, he must have been terrified. He had a job–to teach them literally how to stand up because they were walking around on all fours. He had to teach them how to build homes. They didn’t know anything about building a house. They lived in caves, little holes probably in the Earth, eating juniper root the Bible says. Just in a terrible, terrible condition. In your Bible, Adam and Eve disobeyed and what happened? They got thrown out of Paradise. Who threw them out? God threw them out.

He said because you have not obeyed Me, Adam, now you will be the tiller of the soil; out into the wilderness. And to Eve she was given what? Trouble in childbirth. What is the trouble in childbirth? We all have trouble in childbirth, don’t we? Her trouble in childbirth means that she would no longer produce righteous seed, and her seed would be rebellious. And if you track Adam and Eve’s history throughout the Bible, and all the way through the Holy Qur’an, they were a people that degenerated and degenerated and always disobeyed God.

So, God ordained Mercy on Himself, the Holy Qur’an says, so that He would deal Mercifully with them even in their rebellious state. We’re coming up like that too, Brothers and Sisters. What has been done to us after we were taken from our homeland in Africa would make a dog cry. It cannot even be recorded what the slave masters did to us. That was not the act of a human being. That was the act of a savage–a beast. That was not the act of a human being. That was the act of a savage– a beast. And he was determined to make us twice the child of hell as he was himself. He wanted to get us in the same condition that he was in, in the caves and hillsides of Europe before Moses was sent to him.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said, we clipped him of 2,000 years and he clipped us 400 years. So today, look at our society. What are we doing to each other? Shooting each other, fighting each other, killing each other, cutting each other. Raping our women and having no respect for the home. Our women are loose in the streets all hours of the night. Our men are out of control and the women are out of control. So we had a Moses too, right? God heard our cry. And He sent someone to teach us civilization, how to stand upright and be a man and be a woman. He taught us how to be homemakers, is that right? No pop in the oven, fast food, junk food! He said start from scratch. He said go buy fresh vegetables, fresh fruits.

Don’t eat these denatured products because the enemy’s whole plan from the very beginning, and nothing has changed in 1995, is to kill us. To kill that baby as he sticks his head out of the womb of the mother. Kill that baby. And how are they doing it? With drugs, smoking mothers, smoking women, and dope taking mothers. Is that right? Viruses, so when the baby is born, he hardly has a chance to breathe fresh air.

So he’s doing his job, a very wicked enemy that the Scientists allowed to come on our Planet to give us hell. So as we move toward that great date October 16, we all need to stop, think, remember, pray, repent, ask God to forgive us of our wicked ways, to turn back the irresponsible way that we have handled our lives, the way that we have mistreated each other. Minister Farrakhan delivered a most brilliant review of this matter with the Laborers here in Chicago, on July 1. He said let us go to each other now while there is time and let us reconcile our differences, within the community, within our families, within the labor, within our jobs, whatever the situation. Why?

Because if your mind is rusty with unclean thoughts, suspicious about one another, that leads to hatred, and then that we can lead to murder in your heart that you have for your Brother and for your Sister. And God will not be with us if we do not clean up our thinking and clean up our thoughts. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan came out as it is written of Muhammad. And he called for all of us to pull up the ranks. Clean up our houses, clean up our act. He said Judgement of God begins in the House of God.

So, we cannot be guilty of pointing the finger over there or over here. We have too much to clean up within our own self, within our own families, within our own communities. This is a serious call, this One Million Man March on Washington. There is a Scripture, in the book of Jude, that you may be familiar with and it says “that God comes with ten thousand Saints.”

More next issue, Allah willing.