[This is a reprint and was published online March 25, 2003.]

Saviours’ Day February 2003, the centerpiece of which was the pivotal speech of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, has come and gone. To what extent have we made use of the consummate and timely wisdom that came through Minister Farrakhan? What changes, for the better is developing in each of us?

Minister Farrakhan warned that “The United States of America is at the crossroads. And we, too, are at the crossroads. The Muslim world is at the crossroads. What is a crossroad? It is a crucial point, especially where a decision must be made. America is in the valley of decision and you are also in that same valley.”


Look at his use of the word “must.” That which is a must is that which indicates that we are compelled to do something because of a rule or a law. It’s something that is essential, important, obligatory and necessary. It’s made a “must” by Him Whose wisdom and power is infinite.

Minister Farrakhan clearly stated why we all must make a decision, with respect to what he presented. We really have no choice but to make it. He clearly identified the right decision. He urged all to choose it. He based all that he presented on irrefutable proofs from the All-Wise One, which he learned from his teacher.

Suppose you’re standing on a railroad track. A train is coming at you one-hundred miles per hour. Decision time. Get off and live, even if you get bruised. Get partly off (procrastinate) and become hideously mangled and then die in agony. Stand there and become obliterated–wiped out–beyond recognition.

His clear description of the coming terrible chastisement is vividly, but off-times symbolically, described in the scriptures. This reminds me of words I heard from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He said that we will be divinely whipped for everything for which we have not been forgiven. Let’s take advantage of Minister Farrakhan’s study-guides; his teachings on the power of atonement and forgiveness, and all he has taught on these subjects, with what time is left.

I heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad speak on what those who rejected him and his teachings will say when the chastisement strikes them. With intense and extreme regret, they will say: “That man was telling us the truth.”

But the Honorable Elijah Muhammad also knew that these words would also include the rejecters of Minister Farrakhan. These rejecters will say of Minister Farrakhan (when enveloped in the excruciatingly painful fire of God’s anger) the same words others will say with both men in mind: “That man (or those men) was (were) telling us the truth.”

Minister Farrakhan has gone to the extreme in getting the truth over to us and to America. He has gone to the very limit of God’s patience with us and with this world. He has worked like he has–non-stop/night and day/24-7–out of his extraordinary capacity for love; his perceptive grasp of his teacher’s teachings; his keen understanding of these times; his special relation to Allah, to his teacher, to us–his people, and to America as well as to the world–due to the special weight of responsibility placed on him by reason of the seat of his teacher, in which he was placed.

(Briefly, “seat” here, refers to the special position in which he was divinely placed, to take the responsibility and wield the power, that he was born to receive and handle in order to deliver the message of salvation to us, America and to the nations of the earth.)

Add to all of this, his clear understanding of what is coming on us all–Black, Red, Brown, White, etc.–if we make the wrong decision respecting the wisdom of the will of Allah.

This is why he has exercised extraordinary patience; has taken all kinds of abuse; has suffered unjustified misunderstanding; one insult after another after another; experienced continuous threats against his life; has suffered universal slander and libel; endured traitors and betrayals, including several attempts on his life and more.

He suffers and yet does, due to the nature of his work he was born into this world to share with his teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who like Moses, asked Allah to make his Brother, Aaron, to “share his task.” (Holy Qur’an 20:32) Allah made it happen.

Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day speech was a pivotal speech. He is a pivot and a pivot man.

Dictionaries define “pivot” as “a small object such as a bar or pin that supports a larger object and lets it turn or swing; it’s one person or thing that is essential to the success or effectiveness of something; it’s a turning movement carried out by pivoting on something; a person, a group of people, or point that acts as the center around which a military formation carries out a wheeling movement; an offensive position in basketball in which a player faces away from the opposing basket, relays passes, and screens other members of the team, or a player in this position.”

A “pivot man” is “somebody who acts as the pivot for a military formation or who has a pivotal role in any organization or formation.”

“Pivotal” is that which is “vitally important especially in determining the outcome, progress, or success of something; relating to or functioning as a pivot.”

Why was the speech he delivered on February 23rd, 2003 so pivotal? Since he said it’s his last public speech, was that our last chance to “get it together?” More about this later. Meanwhile, one thing is sure, his spirit to continue public speaking has been divinely taken from him. A sign of this was God’s shutting his mouth here in Phoenix, for three weeks, right up to his departure for Chicago to deliver his Saviours’ Day speech.

From time to time and for His own reasons, Allah shut the mouths of his prophets. This also happened at times to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Finally, at some point in his last  Theology of Time  lecture series, on October 29th, 1972 the spirit to continue that series was divinely taken from him. He publicly spoke but twice more before his departure.

What happens when the pivot in anything is removed? (Read, for example, Holy Qur’an 57:12-15)

In This Is The One, I explained why if no one accepted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan they would yet be successful.

Both were divinely raised to deliver Allah’s word. They’ve done that. They were not sent as a watcher over us. However, they continuously gave solutions to individual problems, in person, or collectively through speeches and in writings.

 There were certain times when God told Moses, and later, He told both Moses and Aaron, that He was going to kill the ‘chosen’ people because of their continued rebellious spirit and acts. One day, in the early 1930s Master Fard Muhammad said to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad:

“Come on Karriem. We got about all we are going to get.” He broke down and cried: “Master, if you destroy them, destroy me.”

That’s love!

Before He departed, Master Fard Muhammad gave his servant the name “Muhammad.”

How this relates to Minister Farrakhan, next issue, Allah willing.