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CHICAGO–The stench of Satan’s world has fouled the whole of humanity and the earth is “entering a new day” where God and His Christ have come to take over rulership, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced to a cheering crowd at Christ Universal Temple church during the 24th anniversary observance of the Million Man March.

Mosques, churches and synagogues have become full of devils because of the effect of Satan and his lifestyle, and congregations have become full of people who read and quote scripture but refuse to live the word of God, he said, from a venue that was live streamed and viewed internationally.  

“The Bible calls the human being the glory of God, but all of us have fallen short of the glory of God. Satan is like a snake and a skunk that has urinated on the human family. Satan has done a job on us. The rule of the earth under the wicked has been a horrible nightmare,” he said.


The stench of Satan’s world can’t be covered up with white garments, a suit, a bow tie, a cross or a collar, he said. The world is totally messed up, so where are the righteous; we’re in the church, the mosque, the synagogue, but Satan laughs, he added.

The Black man and woman in America are like the “dry bones in the valley” who have fallen so low that they are considered “lost souls” by God and His prophets, the Minister said. But it is the Black man and woman of America that God has come to resurrect and make rulers in the world, he added Oct. 13.

Calling the people of the world’s great monotheistic   faiths–Christians, Muslims and Hebrews–back to the right path, the Muslim leader reflected on the day 24 years ago when the call was made for one million Black men to come to Washington, D.C., to atone for their sins and their failure to carry out their responsibilities.

“We called for one million men to come to Washington, not to picket, not to beg the government but to atone to God for our failure as men to shepherd our families, to be the guides for our people, good husbands for our wives, good fathers for our children,” he said.

When you don’t live right you bear the burden of your sins, the Minister said. “All of us are on our own cross. We’re walking upright and living downright funky and the battle is raging inside ourselves. We’re in a constant struggle against the flesh.”

“Allah is calling us. He doesn’t want us to go down with the devil, but the devil wants us to go down with him,” the Minister warned.

America under judgment

America is under the judgment and God is using the weather to curtail her resources, Min. Farrakhan said. The country is $22 trillion in debt that President Trump has no intention to pay, he said.

“That’s why he put $700 billion into the military. America will say to the world it owes, ‘don’t even try to collect. I’ll blow you off the face of the earth.’ He’s trying to frighten the world,” the Minister said. “But in a few minutes the bubble is going to burst.

“So begging the government is folly today. Whatever you think you want from the government ask them can they produce it. They’re broke,” he said.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said God will use the weather against America, the Minister said, explaining that temperatures would drop from 70s and 80s to below freezing in just a few hours.

“Now it’s happening,” he said. This past spring 19 million acres of land failed to be planted because of the weather, and the land that was planted was planted late in the season. Now they expect two feet of snow in the Midwest, he said.  

“What they thought would come out of the earth is buried under the snow. So, the words of the Master are coming true,” he said.

The 24th chapter of Matthew in the Bible speaks of wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, earthquakes and nations rising against nation, the Minister said, but it’s just the beginning of sorrows.

“Have you seen the storm clouds of war gathering? They’re turning their pruning hooks into spears,” he said.

“America, you have to answer. You have cooked a hell of a meal for others, but now you are going to have to sit down and eat what you cooked for others because it’s all coming back to you,” he said.

The Minister explained the purpose of a 2018 trip he took to Iran as President Trump increased sanctions on the Muslim nation. He said the 90 million people of Iran live for the return of Al Mahdi (the Self-Guided One) who would return with the Messiah to turn the people back to God.  

President Trump targets Iran as a so-called sponsor of terrorism; ask Mr. Trump to show in Iran’s history where they attacked another nation trying to take their wealth as America does, the Minister said.  

Since Iranians expect the return of Al Mahdi, Min. Farrakhan went with a message that Al Mahdi had visited Black people in America and raised up the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as His Messenger and Messiah. “And I represent the two of them to you,” he told Iranian leaders. The Minister also told them that America is number one on Al Mahdi’s list to be destroyed.  

“Since you’ve been looking for the Mahdi and I come to you representing him then it would be wise for you to study me, study the message, study the man who taught me, study the two that back me then answer your question, is he the Mahdi,” he told Iranian leaders.

“He comes to set down every tyrant. He comes to set justice in the earth,” he said.

Demonstrating how one allows Jesus to take over his or her life, the Minister explained that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad once asked if he would give up his popularity as a   musician for him (Elijah)?

“Without hesitation I said, ‘yes sir.’ When I gave up all that, then I could put myself in a position to be fed that he could make me into himself. Jesus can’t use you if there’s anything in your life you love more than him and his Father,” the Minister said.

“I say this to Mr. Trump. Don’t even think about harming me. The day you think it and move to do it, that’s the day you sign your own death warrant with God,” he warned.


Home to the Nation

For decades, Christ Universal Temple–under the leadership of its founder the late Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon–has opened its doors to Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, student Minister Ishmael Muhammad said in opening remarks, a statement repeated by senior pastor Derrick B. Wells.

“On behalf of the entire Christ Universal Temple family, I am happy to welcome our Nation of Islam family home, welcome home. The Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon is my spiritual mother and I’m blessed to have as my spiritual father, your spiritual father, the Honorable Minister Farrakhan,” Rev. Wells said. “I am truly your brother, and this is truly your home. Happy anniversary. I pray that Almighty God, Allah, will move in a mighty way on this afternoon.”

Student Minister Tairah Muhammad, 22, who was asked to represent the generation that wasn’t born during the time of the march, said when you see the magnitude of the Million Man March, some would call it a phenomenon.  

“But there’s really nothing questionable about what happened that day because when you have a man backed by the Supreme Being you can expect the extraordinary,” she said.

“What does that day and the principles of atonement mean for me as a 22-year-old Black woman and my generation? The principles laid out were eternal. The principles of atonement and reconciliation are forever. This is how we learn to love ourselves and learn to love God.  

“My generation has grown up under such hate and the violence that permeates our community is of such magnitude that all we see is wrongdoing. We are surrounded by hate and conflict when all we want is love and peace,” she said.

A short video titled “Project Separation” was shown and laid out the case for Black descendants of slaves to be separated in a land of their own and supported for 20-25 years by the U.S. government as reparations as laid out in the Muslim Program of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Project Separation is a national campaign where town hall meetings are held to gauge the opinions of Blacks on the issue.

Describing the Million Man March as “the greatest gathering in history,” Min. Ishmael Muhammad said, “never in the history of the world has a call been made for a million men and a million men answer the call bringing with them nearly another million of their brothers.”

Oct 16, 1995 fell on a Monday and many said if you want it to be successful you should have it on a Saturday or Sunday, Min. Ishmael Muhammad said. “But this was not the call of a man. This was the call of God through a man for all of us,” he said.

Acknowledging the national and local leaders who helped to organize the march, Min. Ishmael Muhammad asked the men to stand and give a round of applause to the many women throughout the country who encouraged their men and sons to attend the march.  

The Day of Atonement is not a 24-hour day, but it represents a period of grace and mercy from God for a sin-sick nation to acknowledge their shortcomings and seek forgiveness, he said.

“They were expecting a riot or uprising, but the very opposite occurred. It was heaven that day,” he said.

Before God punishes a people for their rebellion, He always extends mercy, Min. Ishmael continued as he introduced Min. Farrakhan. A watchman is placed among the people and when he sees the hand of God coming against the people, the watchman alerts the people that God’s wrath is at the door.

“Our beloved Minister has been a faithful warner. If America fulfills the modern Babylon, the modern Egypt, then there has to be a modern man of God. The Minister has given his all to us. He has kept the faith; he has fought the good fight. He has not compromised the message and warning of God given to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” he said.