[This is a reprint and was published online October 27, 2015.]

On 10-10-15 I was in Washington, D.C. waiting to hear from the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Others spoke before him. Context is a big word. I cannot respond to what I saw and heard while he was speaking. And how other people responded. After he spoke I wanted to be able to respond in this newspaper–The Final Call.

As you know writing a book is different from writing an article. This was a big, big event. There’s no way to write what I saw and felt in The Final Call newspaper that would require writing a book. I’m finishing this article with these few words from Sister Starla, Muhammad who is a writer from The Final Call.



“The time is up for selfish, tyrannical, corrupt leaders who oppress those whom they actually need to make them rich,” said Min. Farrakhan.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

“All corruption ‘is an enemy of the progress of man,’” he said.

“There will have to be new leaders of good character, unafraid to lay down their lives for those they are working to liberate because the lives of the many are greater than the one,” the Minister said.

“There can be no freedom, no justice, no equity without the willingness of some to sacrifice for the rest,” Minister Farrakhan continued. “The demand for justice demands integrity; the demand for justice demands selflessness; the demand for justice is bigger than all of our lives.”

“You’re yearning for something that the government can’t give you,” said Min. Farrakhan, referring to a universal cry for justice.

“America cannot give you justice, you must build your own nation–we are not integrationists as Moses called the children of Israel out of Egypt,” he said.

“They can’t give you what is not in their nature to give you,” he said. The gathering was to show the world America’s hypocrisy and express outrage over injustice, not as a false expectation that the United States would change, the Minister said.

“Min. Farrakhan chided those who are constantly talking about forgiving their enemies, even in cases where those who have done harm have not shown remorse, as in the case of Dylann Roof, who is accused of killing nine Black people in a historic Charleston, South Carolina church.

“Find me a Jew that forgives Hitler, and you say they are the people of God and they don’t have any forgiveness in them!” he said.

“The hypocrisy of America Minister Farrakhan said many wonder why he’s so bold and challenges those others fear. Freedom from fear allows for truth to be spoken to those who seem powerful,” he said.

“Our problem is that there is too much fear among us! A fearful people can’t be free!”

Thomas Jefferson, one of America’s Founding Fathers, feared divine retribution for slavery and its heinous acts. The Minister noted Black suffering and racial animus has increased.

“This thing has reached the point of explosion. Even those in high places are saying ‘we can’t take this much longer.’ ”

“You’ve played with the lives of poor people, indigenous people, Black people and women. You’ve played with the lives of soldiers who have given their lives on a foreign battlefield only to come home and be rejected and die while they are waiting for treatment and service,” he said. “I want to show the world the hypocritical America that is telling everybody that they are violating human rights while in America there’s all this dissatisfaction,” he said as the crowd cheered.

“We’re trying to show the world that there are problems here and these problems demand resolution!” continued Min. Farrakhan. “Justice for Pharaoh is not the same as justice for the children of Israel! Justice for the oppressed is not the same as justice for the oppressor! Mercy is for the oppressed!”

“Min. Farrakhan also called for the FBI to open up all the files related to the killing of Minister Malcolm X in the face of slander trying to connect him with the death.

“Don’t redact a damn thing and let the people see what really happened to Brother Malcolm!” he demanded. The Minister pointed out that Malcolm X’s bodyguard, and the man over him after he was shot, was an undercover police officer. Min. Farrakhan again declared his innocence, noting there is no statute of limitations on murder. The enemy would not hesitate to jail me if they had evidence, he added.

“The murder of Blacks by police officers must end and fratricidal violence must cease, he said.

“If the United States repents there is a small window she could survive as a nation but if she fails, America is finished, he declared boldly. God has come for Black people and will destroy America to save Black people, the Minister added. The divine hand is striking America through unusual, destructive and deadly weather like storms that devastated South Carolina, he said. More is to come if America does not stop her evil, added Min. Farrakhan.

“Blacks must also respect and cease slaughtering one another, he said. Women must guard the fruit of their wombs lest a great one who could fulfill the needs of a suffering people be aborted, the Minister said. He stressed the value of women in society and the need for women to be fully respected.

“Women in the Nation of Islam then walked up and formed a line across the stage dressed in beautiful pastel garments. No man is worthy of you except he is your husband, the Minister said.

“Min. Farrakhan again called for a holiday spending boycott to punish a nation steeped in oppression and Christmas holiday activity rooted in pagan beliefs and commercialism. Let’s devote this Christmas to Jesus and celebrate it by showing the love of Jesus to one another, he said. The crowd roared its approval.

“At another point in the program when the Minister said he was closing his address, a vocal wave swept that Mall and Capitol with a resounding, “No!” coming from his listeners.

“Put the Muslim Program Before Congress? Nation of Islam patriarch Elijah Muhammad’s desire was written of in his book titled “Message to the Blackman in America” in a chapter titled “Put The Muslim Program Before Congress.”

“The Muslim Program, which appeared in The Muhammad Speaks newspaper and appears inside The Final Call, it is not just for Muslims. It calls for justice regardless of creed, class or color.

“The Minister said his teacher could not think of one that he would trust to do it so, “I came to bring it myself, as his student.”


This article is part of my response to his words. We can see this situation in the Bible and The Holy Qur-an, Allah willing, I will explain myself.

More next issue, Allah willing.