Once again tension between the United States, Saudi Arabia and Iran has heated up. An ambivalent president and hawkish secretary of state are out front in the latest crisis and as one analyst observed, the U.S. is at this point because of failed policies toward Iran, but deeper than that is America’s desire to destroy the Islamic Republic.

The hatred of Iran runs deep and has been part of America’s psyche for the last 40 years since the over-throw of the brutal dictator and American client Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, commonly known as the shah of Iran. Iranians rose up under the inspiration and voice of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and other groups opposed to the murderous American-sponsored monarchy.

It’s difficult to gauge where this conflict is going given the president’s Twitter-driven bravado on one hand and his declared aversion to war and foreign intervention on the other. Then there are the players on the “B Team,” as Iranian officials note, who want war with Iran and are eager to press any button that will lead to confrontation. “It’s not Iran that wishes to fight to the last American; rather, it is his B_Team hosts who seem to wish to fight Iran to the last American. Iran has no desire for war, but we will, and always have, defend our people and our nation,” declared Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Twitter. Included on the “B Team” is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo , who has been vociferous in his claim that Iran bombed Saudi oil facilities in mid-September. That event ignited the latest crisis in U.S.-Iranian relations, cut Saudi oil production in half, and impacted five percent of the global oil supply.


While the U.S. definitively declared Iran launched the attacks, Saudi Arabia declared the weapons used were Iranian and declared Iran was “responsible” for the attacks, but as of press time did not say the attacks were initiated from Iranian soil. Tension, however, remains high as Saudi Arabia may want to avoid war but in these confrontations, it doesn’t always take much to start a conflagration.

As the UN General Assembly was beginning Sept. 23, France, Germany and the UK joined the U.S. in blaming Iran for the attack.

The U.S. is also sending troops and weapons into Saudi Arabia. President Trump has backed away from the threat of war, but not everyone in his administration feels the same way. And while John Bolton, a notorious hawk, is out as national security advisor, the “bomb Iran” mindset still persists.

And, with tougher economic sanctions pushed by the president, who walked away from a joint international deal that governed Iran’s development of its nuclear capacity, there is America’s desire for regime change and belief that applying enough economic pressure will bring down the Islamic Republic’s government.

The Bible describes a time like this, a time when things are at such a pivotal point that the slightest misstep could set things off. But there has been a man warning the Islamic World, the U.S. government and the American people that war with Iran and continued meddling in the Middle East can only bring the greatest nation on earth to her knees. It is not just a matter of foreign policy but also prophesy as America is a preserved area that will only be destroyed by God Himself. But, America’s actions in the world, and in particular the Middle East, can help usher in her final judgment and doom. During a major address from the Nation of Islam’s flagship Mosque Maryam in July, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan warned America is ready to go to war with Iran and wants to use Black bodies “to achieve their wicked aims.”

“America is provoking Iran, but the world is not afraid of America,” the Minister warned, “but our president wants the world to fear him.”

The day of widespread fear of America is almost over as more nations are fed up with U.S. meddling in their affairs. Those in whose breasts beat an anti-American, anti-oppression, anti-colonialism fervor are getting to the point where they will pay almost any price to be rid of the biggest bully on the planet. The nations of the earth, the darker nations, have suffered such humiliation and deprivation that many simply don’t care if the price they must pay is high. They simply want to see America’s power broken.

“When you are guilty of evil and you see that (Iran) has the technology to get a bomb, your fear of them having it makes you do things. Mr. President, it would not be a wise move for you,” warned Minister Farrakhan in this major address over the summer.

Just as he has warned America, the Minister has warned and be-seeched Islamic nations to find a path to reconciliation and a path to peace. With the Shia Muslims under the influence of Iran and the Sunni Muslims under the influence of Saudi Arabia, Min. Farrakhan has called upon Muslims to not allow their sects, parties and politics to divide and lead the Muslim World into hell. The region is already devastated by war. How much more will it take for Muslims to reject pain, suffering and death? It already stalks those who call on Allah (God) five times a day in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Palestine, with millions displaced inside their home countries and millions more fleeing as refugees.

As the world seems hell-bent on walking the path to Armageddon, the final conflict described in the Bible, can we, Muslims, find another way? Or will the Muslim World lose because it failed to heed a good advisor?