[Editor’s Note: This is a reprint and was published online October 3, 2003.]

“Aaron was given a hard time by the people after Moses left.”

(The Honorable Elijah Muhammad speaking of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in 1971.)


Why do we celebrate, or at least observe, anniversaries? As the month of August was ending, I thought, in a somewhat deeper way, of a very significant event, that occurred 26 years ago and its implications for the future. It was the rise and the stand of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. This occurred during the first or second week of September 1977.

Minister Farrakhan’s rise was the fulfillment of what was written of him, according to the scriptures. So, if you see his person, rise, teaching and work in the light of the proper interpretation of the scriptures, you see him properly–or as he is.

I’ve witnessed, in this column for years, that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad knew–from the early 1930s onward–that one day he would meet a man who would fully be to him, as Aaron was to Moses; as Paul was by Jesus; as Ali and certain other of Muhammad’s followers were by him–and at a certain point, grow to become even closer to him than those chief disciples were to those worthy servants of Allah.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was taught the proper interpretation of the scriptures by his Teacher, Master Fard Muhammad. These books contain the description of Minister Farrakhan and the work he was to do, as his chief helper after God Himself.

As the Honorable Elijah Muhammad became wiser to the truth of himself, he became wiser in the knowledge of the man who would be this special helper to him. The truth of this helper came to him in more than one way–all divine. For example, realizing that he was the man like Moses, it was not hard for him to read the characteristics of the man who would be to him as Aaron was to Moses, in the scriptures.

He prayed for this particular helper, as it was written he would do. Then, in his Saviour’s Day speech of 1954, he said that, “we have been so greatly misunderstood that I desire that Allah send to me a little helper. For 22 years I have worked hard wherever I was or may be to try to get into your ears and into your hearts the truth that Allah has revealed to me.”

One year later, in celebration of Saviour’s Day 1955, that “helper” was in the audience. By a prior arrangement that would allow him to recognize this man, whom he knew, by the word of Allah, was the one he was expecting, he recognized this “helper” on first sight, just as he recognized his Teacher on first sight in September of 1931. Remember, he was much wiser in 1955 than in 1931.

He verbally gave him the essence of his assignment, while looking directly at him, in the presence of the audience, who was not to understand the significance back then. That would come many years later. From that year on, Minister Farrakhan has been doing his assignment, which he was born to do.

We cannot learn what we’re born to do trying to be someone else. Jealousy and envy stunts our growth. None can really develop, divinely, while filled with these spiritual diseases,  because today,  to learn who you are means to learn your divinity.

Minister Farrakhan is leading us all into a period of fasting and praying, symbolized in the scriptures as the putting on of “sack cloth and ashes.”

He is urging us to heed the warnings of the Holy Qur’an (Bible, too) of a time when “no excuse … will avail …”; “nor will they be invited (then) to seek grace (by repentance).” It’s a day when “they will not be allowed to make amends.” On that day “their excuse shall not profit” them “nor shall they be regarded with goodwill.” No “apology, on that day will” be accepted “nor will they be excused.” [30:56, 57, depending on translation.]

To avert this for ourselves, we must heed  The Final Call,  issued by Minister Farrakhan on God’s authority.

The Holy Qur’an often says that Allah says, without reservation, that at the end He will judge between us to resolve all disputes, differences and the like. We’ve been living in that day, since the early ’30s. All have that chance to understand His truths and get on His right side. Then He comes again to finally judge how we took the wisdom of His judgment. We’re all but there.

“We today, 6,000 years from the beginning of this world, are disputing with one another on who is who and what is what. But the wisest step taken to put an end to this disputing was taken by God, Himself, in the words: ‘Accept your own and be yourself.’ ” (Message to the Blackman)

This wisdom serves as a major key to ending every kind of dispute and would make it easier for us to learn our talents, grow and, at the same time, help each other in this regard–which is our divine duty. This wisdom also enables us to learn from the example–divinely given in Minister Farrakhan–how to discover our talents, use and develop them.

Bluntly, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has said that if we couldn’t understand him, we would not understand, even if God spoke to us. As a people, we blew it!

Before he left, he prepared Minister Farrakhan to sit in his seat. One day, he told him that only Allah could have made him to put the teachings together, in the way that he did and that Allah made him (the Minister) for him. He was made for us, too. Only the ungrateful deny this.

Now, after 40 years of his teacher’s work, and 26 years of Minister Farrakhan’s work, none can say we don’t understand God’s truth and will for us today.

Minister Farrakhan was guided to institute Saviour’s Day, honoring his teacher and his teacher’s Teacher. He calls both these days: Saviours’ Day. Through this, he is also teaching us who we are and is calling us to our calling.

We are to use our talents as saviours; build a nation under divine guidance and to help others earth-wide into God’s supreme wisdom and righteousness, to build a new heaven and a new earth, which will last forever. This process has already begun and is being guided by Him, Who cannot be overcome.

You are not the bad things that happened to you. You are what you are in terms of your nature, which you cannot change. You cannot become who you are without divine guidance, especially now that God is present, any more than you can walk in the day and ignore the sun.

Minister Farrakhan’s STUDY GUIDES can help us really benefit from the LESSONS and the overall revelation of the Messiah–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad– who is very much physically alive, well and in power!

The Holy Qur’an tells us: “they killed him not … but he was made to appear to them as such.” Allah lifted him up into His presence and “there is none of the people of the book but will believe this before his death.” Whose death?

For a fuller explanation of “his death” see page 43 of  Is It Possible That The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Is Still Physically Alive???  and/or the next issue, Allah willing.