[Editor’s note: This is a reprint and was published online January, 20, 2004.]

The New Testament writers teach that Jesus is to be fully revealed at the end of time. Generally, it’s the end of the time of the wicked and their evil rule over the people of the Earth. It’s when God Himself takes full control of everything and establishes His own perfect infinite rule.

The 66th Book of the Protestant Bible is entitled, “Revelation.” Theologians teach that this Book is about the times, people and the events involved in the full revelation of a man, who is of such great importance that the world of Christendom divides time–from time’s beginning, and then throughout eternity–by him.


Jews, Christians and Muslims have differences in their respective beliefs. Jews, Christians or Muslims have their sects, parties or schools of thought, which contain varying degrees of conflicts with each other.

Nevertheless, the theologians, scholars or the wise men of the Jews, Christians and Muslims all teach of the physical appearance of this man–the Messiah, Christ Jesus–at the time of the end of this world. They base their expectations of his coming on their understanding of the books they hold as sacred or divine. These Books are called the Torah, the New Testament and the Holy Qur’an.

The wise men of these religions have spoken and written much about Jesus. Their expectations of his arrival, person and what he is to do, are contained in many volumes, most all of which are publicly available.

This man–under God’s guidance–is to establish the kingdom of God on earth, permanently, and bring into existence a holy nation, through which humanity is to be summoned to dwell under Allah’s sovereignty forever. Catholics see this man as God, or as God incarnate, or God in the flesh, or God in the person of Jesus.

It might take you quite a while to read through the sacred books of the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims and the many volumes of the writings of the learned of each group as they gave their understanding of God’s word. This includes not just what each group of theologians has spoken and written of their own beliefs on the Messiah, but also the differences among themselves, as well as their respective differences with the other religious groups.

Suppose you knew all of their learning. Would your learning of their view of him match the reality of the Messiah’s self-concept? No. If you put the wisdom of the most learned of these three religious groups together, the totality of their wisdom would not prove to be as true as the Messiah’s self-concept, which comes from God Himself. The Messiah’s arrival ends all disputes about himself, as he is the truth of himself. When the wise know he has arrived, they improve their knowledge and understanding of him from him.

The sacred books of each body of believers declares that the Messiah’s arrival marks the time when God Himself ends all disputes on every matter. The process of the ending of all disputes and false arguments is proceeding now, as this is the Day of God’s Judgment of everyone and everything.

It’s through God’s own self-disclosure and His revelation of the identity of the Messiah, that everyone (and all values, etc.) is revealed. This paves the way for the new world to come into being.

The world was in spiritual darkness until the Messiah’s recent arrival. Total darkness? Mostly, yes, and especially for the masses, and even those who rule this dying world have really been in the darkness by which they have ruled.

Does the fact that the world was in darkness until this day affect the understanding of the theologians, whether Jew, Christian or Muslim? Of course it does. Now, they either grow into greater understanding or they oppose God and become fuel for the fire. Either way they become witnesses to His presence.

By now, the theologians should publicly bear witness that the Messiah has arrived.

The Holy Qur’an teaches of the controversies surrounding Jesus’ name. Why was Muhammad, through whom the Qur’an was revealed, not able to thoroughly dissolve all of the confusion around Jesus’ name? This work involves the resurrection of the dead and that was not to occur until the end of Satan’s time–NOW. His people were not those who are described as the dead to be raised at the end of the world.

(Have you noticed that when you type (with word processing software) you are “told” to spell the word “Satan” with a capital “S” rather than a small “s”? Why did the programmers also make the software so that when you type a small “d,” in front of “devil,” the software indicates that you have spelled the word correctly? Hear Minister Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day speech next month for the answer.)

What difference does knowing or not knowing the truth of Jesus really make to you, your loved ones, to America, to the whole of humanity? If you knew the answers to these and every other worthwhile question concerning Jesus, how would you teach or share it with others? Why would you teach this? Again, how careful must you be with this subject? How powerful is the truth of Jesus?

What is the “difficulty factor” (to use a scientific term of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan) in convincing the world, in general, and Black people in America, in particular, of the real and full truth of Jesus? Can it be done by only presenting this truth, in plain language, taking into consideration the mindsets/beliefs of everyone?

The scribes of America’s press and her media resemble the scribes who participated in and urged the assassination of Jesus. Why do I state this at this juncture of this article and of this series? What is the difference between a murder and an assassination? Was Jesus murdered or assassinated? Why was Jesus, according to The New Testament, crucified between two thieves?

Why do the members of the press refer to an aspect of its own behavior, such as the way they are handling Minister Farrakhan and Brother Michael Jackson, as “a feeding frenzy?”

Webster’s defines “feeding frenzy” as: “An intense violent period of eating that occurs when a large number of animals of the same or related species, for example, sharks or piranhas, converge on food source.

“An instance of frantic activity centered on a person or organization that occurs when other people, especially journalists, sense an opportunity they can exploit.”

What are we being told by Allah as we observe these scribes? What are we to learn from them as we battle them, with wisdom, following Minister Farrakhan’s lead? Are they fulfilling the prophetic picture of the mindset of the scribes who did the bidding of their high-ups and who intensified the atmosphere, to crucify Minister Farrakhan between thieves? Read of the scribes and their bosses in the Bible and compare them to these modern scribes.

The Bible teaches that they crucified Jesus out of ENVY. We’ll look into envy, as it’s directed against Jesus, next article, Allah willing. I’ll close with this: What would happen to the state of mind of America’s press if Allah orders the Blacks on Mars to show themselves? Yes, Blacks!