[Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from The Final Call, Volume 33, No. 26, and The Final Call will continue to publish articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“The sure Truth!   What is the sure Truth? And what would make thee realize what the sure Truth is?   Thamud and Ad called the calamity a lie. Then as for Thamud, they were destroyed by the severe punishment.   And as for Ad, they were destroyed by a roaring, violent wind. Which He made to prevail against them for seven nights and eight days continuously, so that thou mightiest have seen the people therein prostrate as if they were trunks of hollow palm-trees.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 69, verses 1-7

Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

A few months ago, one of our sisters from Chicago, Illinois, shared with me a dream in which she saw Master Fard Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad standing on either side of me calmly examining my cerebral or brain, looking deep inside my head.     She said that they were both extremely focused and wore white jackets or smocks.   The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad appeared youthful in appearance.   Simultaneously, while they were examining the top part of my head, she was directed to the wall directly behind us and these words appeared–“I want your mind.”   These words appeared at intervals throughout the dream.   I was seated in a type of raised chair, and she could only see the upper part of my face around the forehead and eye area.   This happened during the time we were preparing for this year’s Saviours’ Day event in Detroit, Michigan.  

Lueaantun Maya Temple Site in Belize, Honduras, Central America

While a few of us were gathered in the conference room of Mosque Maryam organizing for this event, I asked her to share this dream with those of us who had gathered to give their respective insights.   Nearly everyone interpreted her experience as a sign showing that Almighty God, Allah, and His Christ, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, are with us on either side as we pass through these difficult and trying days and years that are upon us as we complete our final examination before Almighty God, Allah. Through the example of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, we are being guided to focus our minds and hearts on Allah and His Christ as we are being guided from one world of chaos and confusion into a new world of peace and happiness.   We must work cheerfully and fear not!   These are the words given to us to study by our Saviour, Allah, Master Fard Muhammad–“Big fields are awaiting for the wide Awake man to work out.   Arise the Dead by the thousands!   The dead Nation must arise–for the Time is at hand. … You are the righteous, the Best and the Powerful.”

Bermuda Triangle off the coast of Bimini Island.

Keeping this in mind, we may remember that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to the Honorable Minister Farrakhan, “Brother, I want your mind.”   This means he wanted him to align his thoughts and thinking to be focused directly on him.   So, we too, as the family of Believers must learn to do the same.   If I align my mind and thinking to do the Will of Almighty God, Allah, and synchronize our thoughts to the mind and thinking of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Christ, then we are initiating the process of tuning in within the totality of our mind, body and soul.     In this process, we hear differently, we see differently, and we begin to perceive the reality of multidimensional worlds.   We begin to gain god-like qualities and natural god-given powers.  

We must not be afraid.   We must work cheerfully and harmoniously to reach the goal.   If we hold this imagery in our minds at a constant rate of speed, then healing can come about and a repair of our entire physical and spiritual system.   This is tuning into the frequency of thought that travels with electromagnetic energy creating a force field of protection around each individual soul.   This is why I have taken up the subject of crystals and the crystal skull because crystals have the unique ability to expand and amplify our thoughts and our consciousness increases enabling us to transmit, to send and receive messages instantaneously in this electromagnetic frequency of thought.   Whoever we are trying to contact, with the right intention and attitude, will be achieved with magnificent results.   This is what is meant by the “radio in the head.”

While the military arm and branch of government is exploiting the use of crystal technology, which includes remote viewing and telepathy, mostly for destructive purposes, by Allah’s Divine Guidance, we are learning to use this technology for peaceful means and purposes.   We may be aware that many military operations setup by the Navy, the Air Force, and NASA scientists working with some university laboratories, use identification codes and names derived from ancient periods of history.   Particular emphasis has been placed on Greek mythology and legends, such as Atlantis, Poseidon, Atlas, and with Norse or Celtic codes, among others.   This is used to confuse the masses of the people so that they remain ignorant to the highly classified military installations that are governing the world.   All the nations of the world stand in battle array focusing on the manufacturing and selling of weapons and armaments to destroy each other.   This category of warfare includes the use of nano technology which is microscopic in nature when out of control would bring about mass destruction.  

The story of Atlantis is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to military engagements being planned in high places.   Such technocrats wish to carry their dominance into regions of outer space.   The Atlantis Shuttle launched by NASA scientists was experimenting on the making of artificial crystals in a space lab.   The question arises, for what purpose?   It was the Atlantean’s mishandling of crystals with laser-like accuracy that they desired to use to destroy their opponents.   This brought about their own self-destruction and ultimately sunk the island continent beneath the waters of the sea.   When one seeks to oppose God and his natural way of love, peace and harmony, the ultimate end is death and destruction.   Through the efforts of NASA scientists and other scientists around our planet, they are seeking to harvest minerals and other materials from meteorites and asteroids to promulgate their plan of dominion over all life in our universe.   At the same time while billions of dollars are being spent on this race to dominate the world, millions and even billions of people are suffering from starvation, famine, and moral exploitation in worldly affairs.

“So when the trumpet is blown with a single blast, And the earth and the mountains are borne away and crushed with one crash–On that day will the Event come to pass, And the heavens will be cleft asunder; so that day it will be frail, And the angels will be on its sides.   And above them eight will bear that day thy Lord’s Throne of Power.”–Holy Qur’an, Surah 69, verses 13-17

To be continued.