Holy Qur’an, Chapter 78:2 “Of the tremendous announcement.”

“The Day of Decision.” We are now living in the time in which we must decide on what we should do. It is very important that we arrive at a solution; come to a definitive agreement.

You, Black Man of America, are holding back your decision. You are waiting because of the people who have brought this The Day of Decision to us by their way of rule. Their rule is the way of injustice.


Now the God of Justice is before us and we must decide upon whether or not we accept a change of rulers or remain under the present rule that is passing from the scene.

We must decide rightly, in order to relieve the people of the pressure of injustice. Let our decision be for the benefit of our present and our future generations.

We have no objection to that person who makes up his mind to remain in what he is already in. However, this Announcement of Great Importance is laid before you and me so that we may come to some kind of decision: agreement on what we shall do about the truth of this Announcement.

The Announcement is the truth. It is asking us to decide on whether or not we are going to accept the truth or remain in falsehood. It is called “The Day of Decision.” Decide this day which God you shall serve — The God of Freedom, Justice and Equality or the same old wicked god whose rule Allah (God) is here to bring an end to.

The wicked rulers veil the eyes of the people with falsehood so that the people may take falsehood for truth and truth for falsehood. This is what the Bible and Holy Qur’an teaches us.

All of the Important Announcements made by the prophets from Moses to the present day — the enemy of truth has deceived the people and make the people think that they are listening to falsehood. They made the people think that the prophet and His God were too weak to prevail over falsehood with truth.

What is said here in this writing is directed to the Black Man in America. He is the real one who must decide on whether or not to remain in what he is in, or accept a better world that is ruled by the God of Freedom, Justice and Equality.

My Black Brother, I want you to know that you are in a pitiful condition here in this day in which the Announcement is being made to you to make up your mind about what you are going to do. In plain words, I wish to write here and tell you that you do not have a long time in which to decide on what you want to do.

Thinking that you have a long time to decide is the mistake that people made in the past. Noah’s people and Lot’s people were the losers for ignoring the Announcement from these worthy prophets. They waited for they thought that what they had was going to continue to be.

We here in America do not have to wait and see, for America is folding up under Divine Chastisement and destruction is taking place before your and my eyes. Also, the Bible and Holy Qur’an prophesied of these Days and what is going on. These days are the Days of Judgment of Allah (God) against the wicked.

To see  “more” may mean the end of your life as it was with the people of Noah and Lot who waited to see “more”. They could not come to a decisive point of agreement. They waited and maybe you too will wait.

To wait for the truth to be fulfilled means that we will suffer the consequences of the truth — for not accepting the truth. “The Day of Decision.”  

(Excerpts  from “Fall of America“, 1973.)