It is an act of intelligence and love for us to accept our own.

One will say, “What is our own?” No. 1, our own people–our own earth, God and His religion, Islam (the religion of peace) and our own place in the sun. This Divine call to us to accept our own makes sense. Everything of life will accept its kind as its own.

Why the so-called Negroes (members of the Great Asiatic Nation of the Tribe of Shabazz) refuses to accept his own is because of being made blind, deaf and dumb to the knowledge of self and kind by the devils when they were babies under slavery.


Today, they cling to this same enemy of their fathers and the enemies of all Black people upon the face of the earth because they cannot see any hope for a future for themselves in their own kind and self, due to the lack of knowledge of self.

They beg the enemy even for friendship, which is like the frog pleading to the snake not to swallow him after the snake has gotten him in his mouth.

The Black people of America have been swallowed by the slave-masters, who are a race of devils, says all-wise God, Allah, and now refuse to let us go free without hindrance and hold us a prey against the will of Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, who now seeks our deliverance, since our people love the enemy more than God.

For God to fulfill His promises to deliver us from our enemies, He must go to war against the enemy and break the enemy’s power of resistance to free us. War is inevitable. The so-called Negroes must come to the knowledge of Truth, that they have no future in their enemies who are the enemies of Almighty God, Allah. God must come to put an end to war and, that is to say, destroy those who love to make war and delight in making mischief.

The American White people delight in mistreating us, their former slaves.

There is no justice for us among such people, the devils in person. They hate us if we try being good; they have turned upon us, who have turned to Allah and have accepted His true religion, Islam, and are persecuting and killing some of us just because we are Muslims and they fear the teachings of Islam and the history and knowledge of the devils and that All of our people will believe in Allah and His true religion, Islam.

They hate unity among the so-called Negroes. A continued war is made upon us by the White devils of America.

Why shouldn’t we accept our own and return to our own? There is no future in this people for us. They have hundreds and thousands of my followers in jails and state and government penitentiaries and are falsely accusing many more and putting them under unjust heavy penalties and long terms of imprisonment just because they want to be Muslims.

The refusal of the Supreme Court to hear the unjust judges’ decisions against my followers (the Muslims) in Louisiana and the killing and the wicked unjust plan that the Los Angeles Court seeks to place against the poor innocent Muslims that Allah saved from the police guns last April 27, 1962, is enough for the unintelligent animal world to shudder and weep.

Shouldn’t Allah destroy such an unjust people as our slave- masters’ children? The day of visitation has come. She shall reap what she has sown.

(Reprinted from “Message To The Blackman In America,” 1965.)