Allah (God) has come to unite us. We, the Black people in America, must unite. But Unity only comes on the acceptance of Islam. Without Black unity, we have no power, regardless of how great in numbers we may be.

Divine Wisdom of God is what puts us on the path to ascend to the heights that He has vouched for as being safe for us. Allah (God) has given to us Islam, that we may be successful in the knowledge of self, and the doing for self with His Guidance.

For the first time, Islam, the True Religion of Allah (God), is being offered to us, the Black people in America, by Allah (God) Himself, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are due forever. We came from righteousness by nature, but we were deceived by the enemy of righteousness (devil).


As mortar cements and ties brick and stone together into one wall or building, so has Islam come with the love of Black Brother for Black Brother, in order to unite us so that we will become one–one in the power of good and unity.

In Islam, Allah (God) offers to take off the yoke of bondage to satan, the devil, and the chains of slavery and give to us the key that will always be available to us–a key that can keep us out of the prison cells of satan, the devil.

Islam is only entire submission to the Will of God. There are other precepts of Islam that have been made into volumes of books, but the main principle of Islam is for you and me to bow to the Will of God and do His Will.

We have been faithful in bowing to the devil’s evil will. But now we must bow to the Will of the God of Truth, Righteousness and Justice, or be removed from the planet Earth.

The light of Truth has come to us in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, God in Person, to Whom Praises are due forever. It is prophesied in the Bible, Is. 60:1, 2: “Arise and shine, for the light has come.” This is the first time that the Light of truth, the knowledge of self, and the knowledge of the enemy of self and God has been made manifest. This is also the first manifestation of the cause of the spiritual darkness that we have lived in for the past six thousand (6,000) years.

The whole world of the Black man which has slept for the past six thousand (6,000) years, under the rule of our enemies (White race), needs external washing as well as internal spiritual cleansing. We can find the Black man living in slum-like conditions throughout the world. To be deprived of the knowledge of self for four hundred (400) years is a long time, but six thousand (6,000) years is even longer.

God referred to this internal and external cleansing in these words (Mal. 3:3: “He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver. He shall purge the priesthood of the people that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.” Islam comes to reform the so-called Negro and to save him from God’s destruction of the enemy devil.

Islam, if carried into practice by you and me, will eradicate all such things as slums, because it is people who create slums. When we ask other people to clean up our own filthy houses, we are disgracing our own intelligence and decency.

But the sense of dignity that Islam puts into us forces us to qualify ourselves in intelligence and dignity and to remain qualified. This is the qualification that we need.

Islam qualifies us to return to the Nation of Islam, to which we belong by nature, but from which we were deceived and brought out of by the devils.

Allah (God) has chosen us to guide us to Himself and to make of us a nation superior over the present nations–to make us the head, and no longer the tail.

Islam is the Great Wisdom that Allah (God) promised us through His prophets. Islam is the religion of Allah (God) and of the Black man. Islam is the religion of Jesus and of the prophets before Jesus, and the prophets after Jesus, according to the Bible and the Holy Qur’an.

Allah (God) could not change His religion, Islam, because one would want to know why He changed it. Allah (God) created Himself and He chose, from Himself, Islam. Therefore, by nature, He created Himself, The God of Islam. Islam has not changed since the Creation. Islam always was. It is our religion and He will not accept another religion.

(Excerpts from Our Saviour Has Arrived, 1974.)