[Editor’s note: This article is a reprint and was published online December 3, 2002.]

One day in 1955, in what was then called Temple No. 7 Luncheonette (where I worked), I asked the manager–Captain Joseph (later known as Captain Yusef Shah)–a question about an event described in the Bible called “the falling away.”

It taught that “the falling away” would precede the revelation of the man of sin. How were we to understand this, since Allah, through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, had already revealed this enemy?


I had much to learn about my question as well as the fuller answer my Captain gave me in 1955. It was in that same year and place where I was blessed to meet a man destined for true greatness–the Honorable Minister Farrakhan.


In my last article I touched on how a major aspect of the scripture’s teaching of the “falling away” was explained and confirmed by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

When (in April 1971) I knelt down beside the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I pointed to two paragraphs in his article on page 18 of MUHAMMAD SPEAKS, titled: “HYPOCRITES.” I asked, “Dear Holy Apostle, are you saying, right here that the falling away is taking place now?” He answered, “Yup.”

The two paragraphs read: “The HYPOCRITE is a great deceiver of himself. In trying to deceive others, he deceives himself. Today, at this writing, many of my followers are going back, showing what they really were in the beginning–HYPOCRITES.

“So, now Allah (God) is making them manifest, before the rising of true-believers and true followers. ‘Clearing the deck’ (as the saying goes) for others who are better than the first ones.”

Let’s not be blind today to the relevance of his wisdom written 31 years ago, to today. Read the article by Minister Farrakhan, in The Final Call, (Vol. 13 No. 26). He concluded it with:

“Stop displaying public hatred or dislike for one another. Do not give our open enemies the ammunition that they seek to use in furthering division and confusion, causing brothers to fight and kill one another. Respect yourself and do good to yourself. Never be the aggressor. We are only permitted to fight with those who fight with us. If we do these things we will overcome all opposition and we will be with Allah’s Apostle in Victory. In fact, whenever your enemy writes or speaks evil against the Nation, rise up. Fight harder with the truth. Double your sales and distribution of the newspaper. Double your charity to the cause of Islam. Double your efforts to bring the Lost-Found brothers and sisters to the Light of Truth. Remember, all opposition to Truth is doomed to failure and complete destruction. Get on the side of Truth and Justice and stay there!

“Please read this article a minimum of three times. If you carry it into practice it will save your life.

“Thank you for reading these few words.”

Have we forgotten his words? More from that article next issue, Allah willing.

Please re-read the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on the subject of the six women and the one man at the foot of the cross of Jesus–(Vol. 22: Nos. 3 and 5) and Farrakhan The Traveler, Vol. 21; Nos. 5 and 6, on the wheat and the tare–even the science of why one bad apple spoils the rest.

Now we are involved in a purging of the ranks of the Believers. There is a relevant medical term called “a healing crises,” the understanding of which provides insight into what we are experiencing. (See bottom of page 247 and top of page 248 in This Is The One).

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Disbelieving agents and hypocrites are mixed with Believers–both strong and weak. But both the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan teach that Allah promises to rid his people of all of the agents of Satan. The scriptures bear witness to this through prophecies which are being fulfilled before our eyes.

In Fall of America, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote: “The disbeliever believes that which he sees present and not that which is prophesied to come. That is why he is the loser and takes the course to hell, because he disbelieves in that which is prophesied to come about at a particular day.”

Why did Allah allow this? How does this fact yet bear witness to His truth that He revealed through the two Messiahs?

In what was then called his Saviour’s Day speech (February 1962) the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated something relevant to today’s circumstances in which Minister Farrakhan and we who are with him, work. At one point he summed up Allah’s purposes. He stated that Allah’s purpose was to free us from the wicked rule of this world. He spoke of Satan’s work against his work. Part of what he said was, “This is why some of the scholars say that the devil is a necessity, because he is a good separator himself.”

He went on to say that “our people who are weak and will follow him … are not worthy of the God of truth.”

Although hypocrites are on Satan’s team, they both are aiding God’s plans–RIGHT NOW–in the process of separation.


Around two-and-a-half to three billion people–Jews, Christians and Muslims–await the Messiah. Of course, many suspect (while others know) he has arrived. An examination of the ideas of the masses, including many of the scholars, shows that each group has ideas about the Messiah that contradict the others, even as they contradict themselves. This makes for confusion.

Here is one major aspect of this.

In the tenth chapter of This Is The One I used the studies of Mr. Phipps to raise a relevant question, which is also the name of his book: Was Jesus Married? What’s the relevance of this question to us, especially at this time? Why have certain movies and writings state that he was married–even to more than one wife–upset so many people? What was Jesus’ relation to women? What’s the root answer? And what’s the root objection of Satan to that answer?

The traditional ideas of the masses of people on Jesus were formed under the evil and dark reign of Satan. “Jesus” is the truth of himself. So his arrival and reality clashes with the preconceived ideas (composed of truth mixed with falsehoods) of himself.

Satan is the Anti-Christ. “Anti,” in this context, means one who assumes the place of the one he opposes and even tries to murder.

A major part of Satan’s strategy is always to go ahead of the true ones, spreading lies and half-truths. The latter are always harder to disprove than outright lies. Therefore, when the true ones appear they will be seen, by those who are ignorant of the truth, in the false light of Satan’s lies. Hypocrites do the same.

But after the wicked have served Allah’s purposes they are conducted to the fire.

If we cannot defend both the truthfulness and the righteousness of God’s man–Minister Farrakhan–with the words of Allah, then we don’t understand what we thought we did.

More next issue, Allah willing.