[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint and was published online November 25, 2002]

“And thy Lord comes with the angels, ranks on ranks; And hell is made to appear that day. On that day man will be mindful, and of what use will being mindful be then?  
He will say: O would that I had sent before for (this) my life! But none can punish as He will punish on that day. And none can bind as He will bind on that day.
“O soul that art at rest, Return to thy Lord, well-pleased, well-pleasing, So enter among My servants, And enter My Garden!”   –(Holy Qur’an 89:22-30)


Not a one of us can get around the fact–whether we like it or not–that each of us right now is in one of those categories of which the parable of The Sower teaches, as written in the 13th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew. Our reaction to The Sower of Truth depends on the state of condition of our hearts–”the soil” into which the word was/is sown. Our reaction shows our worth.

Surah 69:1-3 of the Holy Quran reads: “The sure Truth! What is the sure Truth? And what would make thee realize what the sure Truth is?”

Surah 69:51 states: “And surely it is the certain Truth.”

Surah 86:13-17 teaches: “Surely it is a decisive word, And it is not a joke. Surely they plan a plan, And I plan a plan. So grant the disbelievers a respite–let them alone for a while.”

Surah 101:6-11 teaches: “Then as for him whose measure (of good deeds) is heavy, He will live a pleasant life. And as for him whose measure (of good deeds) is light, The abyss is a mother to him. And what will make thee know what that is? A burning fire.”

What’s in store for each of us–pleasant or otherwise–is bluntly stated in Message to the Blackman, page 190: “… on that day Allah will give every man a book so that he can read his own account in the resurrection of the dead. …

“They will receive these accounts literally because they are a people who must be separated, and these books will verify their actual worth.”


Two articles ago, I formerly began my defense of my observation of the fact that the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in Volume 22, Number 3 constitutes “the explanation of all things” on a seemingly negative note.

Here’s why. The time mentioned in the scriptures for us to bear witness to the light of truth coming through Minister Farrakhan is all but up.

Consider this. When we were little our parents told us, “Don’t touch the hot stove.” Most of us probably touched the hot stove. We experienced burning and pain. That taught us that our parents told us the truth. We learned the lesson faster than from the truthful words of our parents about not touching hot stoves.

But if we had accepted what our parents told us, we would not have been burned. But we didn’t realize the truth of their words. If we did we would have drawn the correct inference from their words. So the sting of fire brought us to the truth faster than their words did. We could have submitted to the truth by being obedient. Instead we learned the truth through the fire. Either way teaches us the truth.

So it is today in the judgment of this world.

“And to Him submits whoever is in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwillingly … .” (–Holy Qur’an 3:82)

The scriptures teach that the plain truth from Almighty God through the modern Moses and Aaron (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan) would be rejected (in varying degrees) by the vast majority of the population. Therefore, the majority would suffer divine chastisement as a direct consequence of their rejection of God’s truth. The worst of the people are to suffer the greatest chastisement. They are thoroughly described in the scriptures and in the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

Of course, all believers suffer the loving chastening of God. This is part of how He makes us fit for His service.

It’s unfortunate, however, that most of us may suffer the firery chastisement of Allah rather than to reason with and accept and submit to God’s truth, which has been clearly delivered by the two men, of whom the Dead Sea Scrolls referred to as the two Messiahs.

There are places in the Bible where you can read in the plainest language that Moses, the anointed of God, later anointed Aaron with God’s own anointing, as God had already prepared for Moses. It’s clearly taught in both scriptures that Moses and Aaron were the personal choice of God to fulfill a sacred mission that served both the slave and the slave master. They were rejected and God sent plagues down on Egypt. The tenth plague was death.

This prophetic picture is being fulfilled right here in our faces. As the world is watching the persecution of these two men (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan) and we who follow them; and as the world is witnessing the wicked acts of betrayal of hypocrites among the Believers–in concert with Satan–the world will also witness the complete victory of the two Messiahs and their true followers, with the utter disgraceful fall of the wicked.

This disgraceful fall into the abyss is totally justified because grace beyond grace was extended to everyone. More than enough will have been done by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan and those Believers who will have truly sacrificed their all for the cause for which God came, to prove that God is justified by bringing down what is called symbolically in the Bible the tenth plague.

No one overcame the truth taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, even though many rejected it. Now Minister Farrakhan has presented that same message, in the most agreeable manner possible that has made it easily acceptable to everyone. It was written of him, that he would be superbly articulate, for it is written of him (as it also was written of his teacher) that God would be with his mouth.


This article is being written on October 31st and I know it will be a while before it appears in The Final Call newspaper, be it the will of Allah. Nevertheless, I recommend reading an article that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad wrote, which appeared in the April 30th 1971 issue of Muhammad Speaks, titled: “HYPOCRITES.”

I was blessed to have dinner with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad late one afternoon, here in Phoenix, when the caretaker, Brother Albert came in and gave him a large brown envelope, which, a few moments later, I saw contained copies of Muhammad Speaks.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad smiled at me as he gave me one of the newspapers and said; “Brother, there’s an article in the paper that you ought to read.” He then went into his backyard telling me he was going to get some sun. I hurried through each page trying to see what that article could be. Then I saw it!

After reading it I hurried out to the yard where he was. I knelt down beside him and I pointed to two paragraphs and I asked him, “Are you saying right here that the falling away is in progress now?” He answered: “Yup.”

I did my best that night to inform the Believers of the importance of that article. That was then. This is now. Then the nation fell. Now it won’t. The work against it served its rise. Your work against Minister Farrakhan and those truly with him, is part of the guarantee that it will never fall again. You’ll see.

More next issue, Allah willing.