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Slides from plenary session devoted to Defending Farrakhan during Saviours’ Day 2019 in Chicago.

CHICAGO–As the Zionist-Jewish onslaught continued against the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, members of the Nation of Islam and others vowed to increase their support of the outspoken and beloved Muslim leader.

“The Hon. Elijah Muhammad said that the ultimate aim of this world and its rulers is to destroy the Messenger of God, the preachers of truth and all of those who follow him,” said Ilia Rashad Muhammad of NOI Research Group. “This lets us know that the Nation of Islam and its leadership are under attack from an enemy who represents an existential threat.

“Those who believe in truth, righteousness; freedom, justice and equality are duty bound to defend the truth and the bearer of that truth which is indeed the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and those who follow him.

Scripture was used to expose Jewish motivations for opposing Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam

“Any attack on the Nation of Islam is an attack on Black people because the Nation of Islam has been the vanguard at the front lines of defending our people against the most virulent enemy.”

A continued flood of anti-Farrakhan propaganda flowed in mainstream and Jewish media following the Minister’s message to thousands at the United Center sports arena in Chicago. His message closed Saviours’ Day weekend, the Nation of Islam’s annual convention.

The attacks that followed the Feb. 17 address at the United Center are literally part of a daily attack on him and the Nation since the February 2018 Saviours’ Day address and are part of an unrelenting and unsuccessful campaign by Jewish detractors to destroy him since 1984.

Min. Farrakhan spoke for four and a half hours, devoting his time to a spiritual subject about the reality and fulfilment of the prophecy of Jesus, while pointing out how the enemies of Jesus in the Bible yesterday are his enemies today.

Tactics used by the enemy were discussed during a two-part plenary session.

Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, Simon Wiesenthal Center, fulfill a part of that narrative as do the Southern Poverty Law Center and the U.S. government, representing the power of Roman authorities and society allayed against Jesus in scripture.These entities and mainstream and Jewish media ramped up their attacks, upset that the Minister urged newly-elected Somali-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota to stand strong in her condemnation of AIPAC’s inordinate influence over American lawmakers, and his support of Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) for shaking up the political establishment. Comedienne and actress Rosanne Barr went on a Feb. 21 videotaped rant blasting the upstart New York political leader as a “Green New Deal … Farrakhan-loving b—h.” She called the progressive political leader a “bug-eyed lying’ b—h. Farrakhan fan. Israel hater. Lefty. Dumbass, dumb as they get.”

Rep. Omar, in a tweet, had criticized AIPAC’s lobbying power. Under pressure and condemned as an anti-Semite by Israel supporters and blasted by many fellow Democrats, she apologized.

Ilia Rashad Muhammad, Photo: Lens of Ansar
Daleel Muhammad applauds during session Photo: Erick Muhammad (r) Muslims listened intently during SD2019 session. Photo: Haroo Rajaee

“An enemy is someone who is hostile to and antagonistic towards; and has hostile designs against you to do you harm,” Nation of Islam General Counsel Abdul Arif Muhammad told The Final Call. “The scripture comes to mind that our people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge and we have been given by God the Supreme Wisdom. So what we must do is to empower the Believers with the knowledge that gives them the confidence and how to defend their Minister which is in their hearts to do–and to defend him with the best arguments, and to defend him in the best of manners.”

Much of the Saviours’ Day convention, Feb. 15-17, focused on lessons in how to #DefendFarrakhan.

“What was presented and what the audience saw and heard and what that the world will hear is that we have accepted the challenge to defend our Minister,” commented Ishmael Muhammad, national assistant to Min. Farrakhan. “He has defended himself against the false charges of antisemitism and bigotry and hatred and all of these evil things that have been said about him. In that last hour of Jesus, where he was brought before the Jewish courts and then into the courts of the Roman authorities, he was silent because it’s not his trial.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

“The trial now is on those who followed him who claimed to be his disciples and who said they were with him and believed in him. So, this defense of Farrakhan is our defense of him and to put before the world effective arguments in the best manner to beat back the false charge of antisemitism and to continue in exposing, unmasking and unveiling Satan,” he said.

“There are so many people that need to get out there, that need to get vocal and need to get the issues out there and raise awareness to what we are facing today,” commented Nichol Eagle-Eye Dennis-Banks, a Native American leader. “I think that what the Minister says touches the heart as far as us all coming together and standing together in solidarity and supporting one another … that’s the key to overcoming these challenges,” she said.

“The Honorable Brother Minister Farrakhan engenders such a deep love in us, his followers, because he has a truly exceptional humanity,” commented Dr. Wesley Muhammad, a Muslim student minister and Islamic scholar. “He loves us the way God loves us, because his heart is after God’s heart. This fight, this defense is outside the mosque, so the first thing we need to do to spread the fight is to utilize every public platform available to us to beat back the false charges. Social media, the college campuses; local and national media. We (the Nation of Islam) are the biggest platform of Black America. So there is no American platform that is not available to us. We have to take the fight to the streets,” he said.

“Prepare soundly for this fight. We don’t shoot from the hip. This fight can’t be won through gift of gab. This fight is won, this defense is successful with the proper preparation, execution and deployment of the proper facts proofs and evidences,” Wesley Muhammad added.

Cristopher Blanks, founder and president of the Black Abolition Movement for the Mind, was inspired by a man who was willing to lead without fear. “One of the things I’ve learned to respect about (Min. Farrakhan) is his courage and his tenacity to give the truth in spite of the opposition,” said Mr. Blanks, who was in the audience at the United Center when the Minister delivered his keynote address.

The “Jewish Controversy” started with Min. Farrakhan’s Defense of Rev. Jesse Jackson during his 1984 presidential run and call for balanced U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Photo: Erick Muhamma

Christopher Muhammad, Nation of Islam student minister in San Francisco, agreed that it’s time for a showdown. “The Minister threw down the spiritual gauntlet,” he said. “The Minister brought the fight directly to them.”San Francisco Bay area leaders have united in recent months in support Minister Farrakhan to rebuke Jewish groups and leaders’ falsely charging him as a hater and anti-Semite, Christopher Muhammad told The Final Call. They have held public meetings defending the Minister and Black leaders. They have also met with politicians about their concerns about how political leaders deal with pressure to condemn the Minister.

Safaa Emam, a young woman from Iran, attended her first Saviours’ Day this year. She first heard the Minister speak during his visit to Iran in November 2018.

“We listened to the interviews and everything and we were so interested in it,” she said. “So we learned that in two days, he was going to have a speech here in Chicago,” she said. “We have a relationship with Nation of Islam members and we were told more than a month ago about the Saviours’ Day, so we booked our flight and we attended.”

Listening to the Minister’s interviews and hearing his words during Saviours’ Day, she was struck by his defense of women.

“You need to actually listen to them, not just Minister Farrakhan but everyone, and measure it and examine what you think about them. I think [the media] is either lying or they don’t know what they’re talking about,” Ms. Emam said.

“The brother, Farrakhan, really had cleared up a lot of things as relates to Jesus and then of course the termites and the situation between the Jews and how they kind of just want to speak against him because he’s speaking facts,” observed Dewaun Robinson, a multi-media and event planner from Michigan.

“That’s just how things go when you’re really speaking truth to power, man, people really, in this world, it messes up the paradigm. So when you’ve got leaders who really aren’t afraid to go out there and speak, and speak life into the people, that’s big and a lot of people that’s on the opposite side, they don’t want to see that,” he said. “For young people like myself, man, it’s life-altering and really kind of gives us a charged action, so I really appreciate him,” stated the 29-year-old.

(Brian Muhammad, Janiah Adams and Charlene Muhammad contributed to this report.)