By Richard B. Muhammad, editor-in-chief

In 1984, Jewish leaders upset by Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan’s spirited and bold defense of the Rev. Jesse Jackson decided to launch an assault. The civil rights leader, who was running for president, had called for a balanced U.S. policy in the Middle East. Zionists condemned him and Jews ran ads declaring: “Ruin Jesse Ruin!” It was an insulting and demeaning play on the chant “Run Jesse Run!” proclaimed by proud and hopeful Black people.

When Rev. Jackson made an unfortunate remark about Jewish political power in New York and used the word “Hymietown,” Jewish anger exploded. Threats against the Black presidential hopeful increased and violent incidents had already occurred. The Hymietown remark was an excuse for those opposed to less U.S. support for Israel to unleash all of their hatred and intimidation.

Min. Farrakhan, fearful for his brother’s life, spoke directly to Jewish groups and leaders. He declared that there should be a dialogue with Rev. Jackson and Blacks could afford to lose an election but could not afford to lose Rev. Jackson to violence. He used powerful and direct language as a free man should. The next day, Min. Farrakhan was declared “the New Black Hitler.”


For the past 35 years, Jewish leaders and groups, in particular the Anti-Defamation League, have tried to link Min. Farrakhan to this White murderer from Europe, who killed Black and mixed race people in Germany, and whose shock troops nearly exterminated the Herero people and the Nama people in South West Africa, which is modern-day Namibia.

Linking the Minister, a man who at nearly 86-years-old, has never been arrested to mass murder is an atrocity in itself. It is the height of slander and shows a lack of respect for truth that would be shocking if it were not so constant. When you don’t have the truth on your side, you have nothing to rely on but slander, lies, innuendo and your ability to shape public opinion and force others to follow your lead.

Now there is a new attempt to link the Minister with a violent man, whose followers have committed mass murder and who called for the extermination of the Palestinian people. In an absurd but highly disturbing way, Zionists now want to tie Min. Farrakhan to one of their own brethren, whose extremism is fruit of the same poisonous tree that led to the birth of the modern state of Israel. That tree is not a tree of life, but a tree where Jewish lives were put before Palestinian lives as land was taken and as Palestinians suffered under what has been condemned as Jewish Apartheid.

For a group that hates to be labeled, these evil doers have no problem painting others with an ugly paintbrush of hatred.

Israelis are coming face to face with their demons as embattled prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu tries to hold onto power. The problem is two parties he has courted and invited into his potential new government. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set off a political earthquake … when he successfully brokered a merger between the far-right Jewish Home party and the extremist neo-Kahane Otzma Yehudit (‘Jewish Power’) party,” recently wrote David Schraub in Haraatz, an Israeli publication.

Otzma Yehudit’s roots are such that even some Israelis wish it would go away, but apparently some Jews support it as does the prime minister who has linked up with it politically.

What does all of this ugly racism in Jewish politics have to do with Min. Farrakhan? Absolutely nothing. Except that these malicious and shameless Zionists and Israelis are trying to connect him to evil ones in Israel. Their argument is if Jews condemned Farrakhan and Tamika Mallory, a Black woman and leader of the Women’s March, they must now condemn those at the so-called extremes of Jewish politics.

Confused? You should be.

How can the Minister be dragged into this nasty Jewish family squabble?

It’s even more appalling because Otzma Yehudit is the spiritual child of the late Jewish radical and terrorist Rabbi Meir Kahane. On a Jewish holiday on February 25, 1994 and wearing his Israeli Defense Force uniform while armed, Barauch Goldstein, a Kahane disciple, walked into a Muslim prayer hall at the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. He opened fire on the crowd with an assault rifle. He killed 29 people and injured 125 others, until bloodied survivors beat him to death.

Where is Farrakhan in this equation? Nowhere.

If Israelis are concerned about the far right and politics in their country, why don’t they appeal to the best that is within the Jewish people? Why don’t they appeal for respect for life inherent in the law of Moses? Why don’t they say Jewish people must learn the lessons for their past and not repeat those heinous acts?

Why must they inject Farrakhan?

It is again to position the Minister as a negative mirror image and the personification of evil in the world. To link an innocent man to mass murderers is one of the worst things that can be done. If they had a sense of right and wrong, or if other lives mattered, these Jewish groups and writers would feel deep shame. They feel no shame because they are intent on their objective, which is to destroy a man Black America loves and maintain their power.

The essential divide between the Minister and Jews should be a spiritual one based on interpretation of scripture. We believe that Blacks are the chosen people of God today and fit the prophetic picture of the seed of Abraham enslaved and afflicted for 400 years. We have a right to our view and interpretation of scripture. If it is a false understanding, Jewish scholars and leaders should come out and show it as false.

Late last year, Min. Farrakhan called for a “Showdown” and challenged these liars to step into a public arena and prove their ugly charges. They have not done that. Instead, they lie, slander and pressure others to condemn Farrakhan.

Their actions, however, are predictable as this is their pattern. We don’t expect them to change.

What about you Black America? You know Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. We are your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. We tend to your loved ones in prison. We seek to stop your sons from killing one another. We teach your daughters to respect themselves. We take your mothers and daughters off of drugs. We reform criminals made in and by America.

We know what the enemy will do. But what will you do? Will you be silent, will you allow weak politicians to bow to lies and misinterpretations of the Minister’s words?

Jewish people and groups are committed to doing what is seen as in their interest–regardless of whom or what. What about you, Black America? Are you willing to stand for a man and movement that has stood and still stands for you?