I’m writing this article as I’m in Chicago for our annual Saviours’ Day convention to be held at the United Center. My mind is heavy on something that I wrote in 1972 that has a bearing on why I’m putting certain aspects of it in my article. It also bears on the name of the book that I hope, Allah willing, this book can come out real soon. It’s titled, “Farrakhan: God’s Man On The Straight Path.” What was my reason in 1992 for this title?

I started writing this that I’m inserting as my article for this issue of The Final Call on July 7, 1992–17 years, and a few months, since the Honorable Elijah Muhammad escaped a death plot and departed to Allah–as He blessed me to see, tell a few others and to write in this book–which I hope, Allah willing can get this book out very soon. The book’s title is “Farrakhan: God’s Man On The Straight Path.”

Originally, this section of the book was intended as an introduction to this book. Then after a thorough reading of the book, I didn’t think that I would ever publish it. The problem I had with this, however, which I here state very briefly. I was/am concerned with the evil effect, talk of others about wicked motives which they would attribute to me for putting this out.


So, then, one might ask, if they get to read this, why even write this introduction to a book hardly anyone may ever read? That is what this introduction is about.

So, for whatever it is worth, I’ll date each section of this introduction, even if I am only able to write a few lines at a time.

I have in mind to put down, here, what led to this the writing of this book–which covers a period of years–under what circumstances it was written; how I introduced it to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and why; and what has happened to it since. In short, I suppose, this is the history of a book, that has been in existence for a little over 47 years–that I doubt will ever be put before the public. Perhaps as we look into all of this that I have just stated, my reasons will become clear.

I will here say, in brief, that I want to show that even in this little known smidgen (minute trace) of history from one insignificant person we can find God’s hands at work and prophecy fulfilled. I hope this will cause others to look into their own lives a bit deeper that they may see Him at work in their lives too and ultimately see the justification in looking forward with faith to the return of “Jesus” and all that this implies, whether they be those he comes for in the dark, or in secret,   or those who meet him when he comes in the open–two different comings for, broadly speaking, two different reasons.

Now, here, exactly, were the words from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to me, over the phone, on Wednesday, November 1, 1972, that gave birth to this book, “You better put that book out yourself, Brother. I run into myself too much in that history,” 7-7-92.

What were the events in my life that led to those words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad on that day? Smile. As you can see it took me a year and a few days to get back to this and to write this paragraph. And why so open, so to speak? Chapter seventeen was written in March, 1978, when I came off from a 32-city “run”. That was a sum up of my views, which bridged the gap from how I saw things from the time this book was completed, in October 1973 up to the time I wrote it. I later expanded on it.

“As there were two phases of Moses’ work, there are two phases of the work of the man like Moses”–the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

At the moment of this writing, we are at the end of the first phase of the mission of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.   This fact is directly related to the death of this world and the birth of the next.   As we are in the world that is dying, our situation is dangerous.   Having the right understanding of what is what and who is who is essential to survival; for we are, as the Holy Qur’an teaches, on the brink of a pit of fire.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has worked very hard to help Black people gain that understanding and save his people.   He has worked night and day for over 42 years and has accomplished much.   And, he has succeeded, for Allah has blessed his efforts.   Even this old world bears witness to the fact that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has raised to life the mentally dead Black man and woman in America.   However, the Messenger’s work is not complete. We now were given to us the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to carry on that work.

You may remember that the Bible teaches that the word of God was not enough to fully raise the “dry bones” to life.   The word given to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was effective up to a point, but it had to be combined with something else.   In brief, that something else was a divine chastisement.   That did it.   The “bones” became a living people.   We–the American Black man and woman–are those “bones” (Ezekiel chapter 37).

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has done all that he can to delay the divine whipping, Allah intends for His children (the hard- headed Black man and woman of America).   But what must be, must be.   Since the children will not listen to the words of the parents, out of love, they must spank the child so that the child may reap the benefits of the wisdom and love of the parents.

The most important aspect of the Black man’s mistaken attitude towards the Honorable Elijah Muhammad has to do with the Source of his mission, teaching wisdom, authority and status.   This Source is God Himself, the Supreme Being, Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.

Most Black people, at this moment, have not accepted the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for exactly who he is.   Most Black people, at this moment have not accepted the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan for who he is. Therefore, they do not listen to him as they should.  The result is that they do not see or follow him as they must.

The root of this mistaken attitude hindering Black people from accepting the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as they ought to, is their misunderstanding of what they have been taught about Jesus.   The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught the right understanding of Jesus.   Therefore, he has written that if our people knew the truth of Jesus, they would awaken at once.   However, as the Holy Qur’an and Bible teaches, most of our people refuse to use the organ of hearing–both physically and mentally–to grasp the word of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad now through the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.   This refusal will bring on the chastisement that will make our people realize and accept the truth.

There are many, many books about Jesus. This one, Allah willing, if it comes out, however, would be quite different from any you have read. This is because it contains the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about Jesus. His teachings settle the issues and facts of the birth, life, mission and death of Jesus and what he means to us today.

More next issue, Allah willing.