[Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from Volume 29, No. 28, and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our dear and late Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“O you who believe, what (excuse) have you that when it is said to you, Go forth in Allah’s way, you should incline heavily to earth? Are you contented with this world’s life instead of the Hereafter? The provision of this world’s life is but little as compared with the Hereafter. If you go not forth, He will chastise you with a painful chastisement, and bring in your place a people other than you, and you can do Him no harm. And Allah is Possessor of power over all things.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 9, verses 38-39

The Supreme Wisdom that we are taught in our book of lessons represents a magnificent code of scientific information encoding the Universal Order of things from the beginning of time. The Supreme Wisdom represents our Gateway or entrance into worlds of infinity. With these keys introduced to us in our lessons given for us to study by Master Fard Muhammad and his Servant, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, lies all the potential Knowledge leading us to the New World Order and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth. In Lesson No. 1, Question and Answer 9, we are taught that the Universe is everything–Sun, Moon and Stars (which is represented in our Flag of Islam), “they are planets or something grown or made from the beginning, and holy is something that has not been diluted, mixed or tampered with in any form.”

Photo showing Mr. Hunbatz Men, Mother Tynnetta Muhammad, Sister Callie Muhammad, and Dr. Darnita Muhammad standing at the front entrance of his school near Merida, the capitol of Yucatan named Lolbe.

While visiting the Yucatan Peninsula with a few companions, we observed the ceremony of the Spring Equinox in which we witnessed a thin sliver of sunlight careening down the north side of the Pyramid of Chichen Itza which is also known as the Castillo or Fortress. Observing the square temple or cubicle house at the top summit of this pyramid structure, my mind reflected on the great cubicle House in the Holy City of Mecca in Arabia, which is described in the Holy Qur’an as the first house erected for the worship of the One God whose Proper Name is Allah. I wondered what might be the connection between this temple and that great house of the Ka’bah in the Holy City of Mecca. I concentrated on the four sides of this pyramid which contains nine sets of steps on each side leading to the top square building or temple at the summit.

In the Mayan Sacred Ceremony one turns to the four directions on the compass and includes the direction of the heaven or sky and earth while calling upon the One Supreme God, they identify with the name Kukulcan or Hunab-Ku, the Bringer of Time and Measurement from the beginning of time. I remembered that on the previous day we met with Solar Teacher and Shaman, Hunbatz Men, at his sacred school during another equinox ceremony that he was conducting. He introduced me and my two traveling companions, Dr. Darnita Muhammad and Sister Callie Muhammad, to a small group of students who had traveled from the Far East (Japan), Europe, Canada and the United States. He immediately wanted them to know that we represented the people who call upon the ancient name of God in the Arabic language pronounced “Allah.” He taught them how to call on the name Allah which is also in the ancient Mayan tongue, as we turned in all directions calling his name, Allah. This is the exact manner in which the muezzin called the faithful to prayer from the Sacred Minaret throughout the entire world.

An Equinox Ceremony conducted by Hunbatz Men at his Sacred Ceremonial grounds shaped in the Sacred T Symbol facing all four directions. This is where he instructed all the participants to call upon the name Allah.

Mr. Hunbatz Men was profoundly touched by our presence and announced to us that during a recent meeting and conference that was held in Frankfurt, Germany, there were representatives from around the world to a Council of Elders. He was appointed as the Guardian or Chief Elder at this International Council of Elders as the one to preside over Mexico. As our recent study has been on the Sirius Dog Star located in the Constellation of Canis Major and have noted its shape compared to the map of Mexico, we discover that the Yucatan Peninsula formed the head of the dog facing eastward, crossing the Gulf of Mexico into the Caribbean Sea and beyond into the Mediterranean Sea annexing Europe and Africa.

In ancient times when the continents were joined as one, this part of Mexico along its eastern shoreline, fits perfectly into the West Coast of Africa. This would explain why the civilizations of Africa and the building of the pyramids occur on both of these continents. The Star System Sirius is the most prominent history in Africa today and coincides with that of Mexico. Both civilizations exhibit a high knowledge of mathematics and astronomy and higher technology than we know today. We know from the Divine Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad that some of our original people were separated from the high culture in Egypt by their father Shabazz, 50,000 years ago. He conferred with the other 11 council members on his idea to produce a new man and people that would be strong and capable of living in the jungle and master and conquer the beasts living in that environment. He was advised to take his family and leave Egypt to carry out his experiment in the Eastern part of the continent then known as Asia (East Africa).

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that this was the beginning of tribal life in what we know as Africa today. We, members of the ancient tribe of Shabazz, are on our way back to be raised to the top of civilization as we were in the beginning when we were the makers of the vast universe, Sun, Moon, Stars and planets grown from the beginning being made pure and not tampered with in any form.

“Go forth, light and heavy, and strive hard in Allah’s way with your wealth and your lives. This is better for you, if you know. Had it been a near gain and a short journey, they would certainly have followed thee, but the hard journey was too long for them. And they will swear by Allah: If we had been able, we would have gone forth with you. They cause their own souls to perish; and Allah knows that they are liars.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 9, verses 41-42

To be continued.