The coming of the White man to the Western Hemisphere was for the purpose of expansion away from his brethren in Europe. Europe was divinely given to the White race as a home when they were driven out of Arabia six thousand years ago to abide there on that continent until their day of reckoning comes to them.

These are the days of reckoning for the White race as their religious scholars and scientists agree. But because of their nature (evil) they cannot help doing evil things against the righteous. They make war against the righteous (the Black man) to prevent him from accepting righteousness and the doings of righteousness.

Today the Black man in America is a prey into the strong, powerful hands of his enemies (the children of their slavemasters).


For four hundred years the slavemasters have mistreated their slaves and now in the day of their redemption they are doing everything possible to deceive them from accepting their salvation that Allah now offers to the Black man of America.

So strong is Allah’s love for us that He now desires nothing but a total destruction of America.

They hate me with a bloody hatred, and they try to kill me for teaching the truth to my people. They do not want the Black man of America to enjoy freedom, justice, and equality.

Look what they did to Martin Luther King, a man who was trying to be their brother, a man who publicly taught that he did not want to draw the White man’s blood. He said if there was any blood to be spilled, let it be the Black man’s blood. His word came true. Poor Man.

He was without the knowledge of self, his God and religion and so filled with fear of his four hundred year old enemies, that he could never get salvation for his people from their enemies.

America has been blessed ever since her fathers came across the Atlantic out of the confines of Europe until this day. Now for her evil done to her slaves, God threatens her with total destruction.

America and Germany are the most evil of the White race. These two governments have been blessed, but they have not shown any worthwhile respect to Allah for His blessings.

Allah caused people out of all nations of the earth to come to America (They came seeking a heaven in her but those who came were evil too), as the Revelation in symbolic language teaches (Revelation 18:2) “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying Babylon (America) the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hole of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” There is no people nor country on the earth who will fill this prophecy better than America and her people.

She has become a house filled with evil practices with every member of the nations taking part.

Yet she has been blessed with her great harvest of food which is enough to feed the nations of the earth; with her great advancement into the heights of mechanical knowledge and with her great wealth in silver and gold that enabled her once upon a time to command the value of silver and gold of the world.

But, as it is written, in all of this growing up of wealth and power, the ax of justice was laid at the root of this great tree of prosperity and authority of the nations of the earth to be used by the Holy One to put a stop to their evil practices and injustices to the righteous.

America has prospered from the labor of her Black slaves. She pays the Black man high wages and salaries and then takes them back from him through the high cost of living. This high cost of living or trying to live according to the way the White man lives, keeps the Black man down. And when he has acquired the education of the White man but is unable to compete with the White man, he becomes dissatisfied to the degree of creating trouble to find a way to self prosperity against the will of the White man which is to keep the Black man in a condition of poverty, want and disregard as an equal human being. Yet, while the White man teaches that all human beings are created accordingly, at the same time he robs the Black man of a chance to be the equal of other human beings?

Can America exist with all of her wicked doings against the Black man in America in a state of inequality with other human beings?

The continued existence of America in the way of government and power over people other than her own depends on the way she will continue to treat her once slaves (the Black people of America) due to the prophecy of the Bible from Moses to Jesus and Muhammad.

The Prophetic sayings of these prophets teach us that a coming showdown between Allah (God) and the slave holders of His people (Blacks of America) must come to pass.

The time has arrived of this prophecy of a Defender, coming to defend the prey (so-called Negro) who is held in bondage by the White slave holders who have and are still mistreating the prey to the extent that the world is in sympathy with the prey for justice.

Now it is prophesied that a just Ruler will come–and He has come–to set up a rule or kingdom under the law of justice for a people who have lived under the law of injustice by unjust rulers. This must be fulfilled if the next government for the people universally is going to be under such a glorious rule of Freedom, Justice, and Equality.

It is natural that the old ruler will oppose a new ruler coming to remove him and his authority to rule the people. He will fight to keep his place and authority over the people. This is why Allah threatens His opponents with the final declaration of war that will end the opponents’ opposition to His law of righteousness.

I have been writing for many years of the coming doom of the world of Christianity and mainly America who is the root and the cause of this present judgment of America.

The judgment of America is due to the way that she has treated the so-called Negroes (Black people of America) for four hundred years. The very hour in which I am writing, America is still mistreating her once slaves with the worst kind of treatment ever accorded human beings.

America practices the way of her fathers’ treatment of the American so-called Negroes, under what she calls a law of freedom but this “freedom” is only in word–not in practice.

The slavemasters children’s blood, heart, and way of thinking toward the once slave is the same as their fathers’.

They find it so free to beat and kill the once slaves (so-called Negroes) at will that they will continue this practice of mistreating and murdering the slaves day and night because there is no law of justice for the Black man of America who was the property of the fathers of America’s White citizens.

America never thinks in terms of being equally punished for the wrong done to a so-called Negro.

The Bible’s parable of Baal riding the donkey must be remembered. When the angel went to settle the unjust mistreatment of the donkey by Baal, the angel found Baal still beating and forcing the donkey to carry him, right in the presence of the visiting angel, who was carrying a sword to bring about justice between the two.

It is almost impossible to say that America can exist. If America is to exist (America’s ruling power) it would make prophets of the Bible and even the Holy Qur’an prophesy other than the truth. It is impossible to make them out liars who wrote the doom of the race, that it would come at a certain time and that certain time is now known.

The time can be prolonged if the Great Mahdi, the Messiah, that the world had been looking for to come for two thousand years, desires; for He does what He pleases.

This does not mean that He would change the idea of the doom and destruction of America. But if He pleased He could extend her time if she did almost a miraculous thing like submitting to the righteousness taught and delivered to the mentally dead slave (the so-called Negro). This is the only way America could exist; by bowing in submission to the will of God, taught by His Messenger.

The time that we are now in is a time of the anger of God against the evil-doers. It is a time that the God of righteous rejoices to repay the evil-doers for their doings, and to reward the righteous for their righteousness. Therefore, to curb this set day of doom, demands for the doing (righteousness) which, by nature, was not put in the White race. But they may yet be smart enough to bow to put a stay to their execution for a few days longer; not by intermixing with her slave to enjoy as long as they are blind, deaf, and dumb, and do not understand. This act only hastens their doom, while the foolish blind, deaf and dumb so-called Negro does not even know that he is being blind, deaf and dumb to his slaughter.

There is no such thing that their evil will rule peace. Also the wicked, according to the prophets Jeremiah and Isaiah, are the ones who have destroyed the peace from among men.

My advice to the White man is to make haste. Get in a hurry, if you want to live. Bow and submit to that great truth and righteousness, the will of Allah.

(Text from “The Fall Of America,” 1973.)