The Black man and woman’s condition is related to Armageddon and requires the presence and work of   “a Black Messiah” or “a redeemer” with the natural and/or divine capacity to love and to fight in the service of that love.

 How is the position and condition of America’s millions of Black people related to this most frightful of wars? Was and is the injustice done to Black people of such nature that only the Supreme Being can solve it; as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated time and time again? And if this is so–and it is–will white people, led by their spiritually blind leaders, initiate, enter into, or take on God Himself in war over their ex-slaves:   the Black men, women and children whose lives they want to continue to govern? Again, if there is another world war (World War III), will it be fought between God and the Caucasian rulers of America and the world, with the prize being the Black nation in America and universal control of planet earth?

 How does this question connect to the thought processes of the past presidents of the United States in their reference to a third world war as Armageddon? And, since the Messiah is, according to the scriptures, involved in this war, and since God’s integrity is also tied to its process and outcome, what has all of this to do with the continuous attack by Jews on the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, as well as the effort on the part of the late J. Edgar Hoover, and others, to prevent the rise of a Black Messiah who could electrify and mobilize the masses for freedom, justice and equality?


 Let us accept as a fact that God cannot cleanse the earth of the stench of wickedness without a final all out war. God has to be involved in war on His coming, just as God presented Himself symbolically in the burning bush to Moses. God must be at war, when He comes at the end of the time given the wicked to rule this earth. God must declare and make war on His enemies before He can fully establish His will on earth through the people of the earth. Why? Because the wicked will oppose Him when He arrives. They won’t submit to His righteous aims and purposes, which would even benefit them. This is clearly written in the very Bible that the Popes and America’s presidents swear by and claim to believe in. Again, why will they oppose God’s righteous intentions?

 For one thing, those He finds in power won’t give up power easily. Why?   They are rich, wise in their own eyes and, therefore, puffed up with false pride. They have become so insane in their vain, bloated view of themselves. So they refuse to recognize and bow to God when He comes.  

 The stage is fully set for the last acts, so to speak, of the prime characters on scene today–especially in America–to fulfill what was written of us all. Minister Louis Farrakhan (indeed, he is a Muhammad) is one of the main characters of whom the prophets wrote of thousands of years ago. And this current, explosive situation, written of so much in Bible and Qur’an, is now laid bare and clear to those who have eyes, even as we walk, talk, eat and breathe.

 As we conclude let us remember, any reading of the scriptures, casual or serious, shows that although God’s wrath is a prime feature, or aspect, of the final days of the world of the wicked, so is His love and mercy, which predominates in His dealings with humanity.

 America, white America in particular, has and is making terrible errors in her rejection of Minister Farrakhan. Those whites that recognize his truthfulness, honesty, integrity, wisdom and divine backing will be blessed. And this word “blessed” is not just being used loosely.


Whenever anyone uses less than what ought to be the best argument, tool, or instrument to make their case, this should alert everyone that there is something seriously defective in the position of such people. There always is.    

 The Jews are upset over the powerful and solid truths made by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan based the penetrating insights of his teacher concerning the place of Black people in the prophecies of the very book Jews say they accept as the word of God. The Jews have no answer to these truths. So they resort falsehoods and other devises unworthy of a people claiming to be God’s representatives and His specially chosen people.

 In the 25th chapter of the prophetic book of Jeremiah we learn that he was told by God to make a powerful and frightening statement to both his people and to those in power over the nations, in that part of the world, in that day. In the strongest terms, God makes Jeremiah to announce God’s judgment against Babylon, other nations and even promised to whip the people of the prophet. The text states that God would become involved in a public controversy with the nations. Some translations use such words as: “case” and “indictment” rather than the word: “controversy.”

 At the root of this case or indictment against the nations–especially Babylon–was their treatment of Israel. A great many scholars have pointed out that this is among those passages that were directed to those people of those days, but also directed to the people living in the last days of this world. It should be pointed out that there is great doubt among many scholars as to whether or not there ever was a time when Jews were captives in Babylon. Some claim to have overwhelming evidence that the Jews invented this history as part of their forged past to pass themselves off as being what they are not.

 In any case that which we read in Jeremiah and in like passages elsewhere in the prophets we are reading that which points to these days. The general picture given in the scriptures, of those referred to as God’s people, who came out of Babylon, before she was utterly destroyed, are Black people in America, who are coming out of America–the modern Babylon.

 There is a dramatic increase in the number of scholars and pastors of churches, who are proclaiming that Babylon was a sign of the United States of America. However, let us ask, who other than Minister Farrakhan, and those with him, are found telling the truth of the Black man’s position in this reality? In painstaking details, over a four-decade period of time, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad made abundantly clear America’s position on the pages of the scriptures. He proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that Babylon is one of the signs of the United States of America. She cannot truthfully deny this. She does not even try. The details of his clear presentation of this case are available in his books.   Moreover, his Minister, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has stated this case and the indictment in terms which cannot–and have not–been intelligently denied.

 More next issue, Allah willing.