Here, in America, we were sacrificed to help make Allah truly known after 66 trillion years of the secret knowledge of the full reality of Allah. The untold misery our parents have undergone, in this land, at the hands of our enemies, is directly related to the fact that we–through our descendants–will live and rule forever. In other words, humanity will live forever in love, peace and happiness, harmony, righteousness, freedom, justice and equality, partly because of our sacrifices in America, both before and after our enslavement.

It’s been 66 trillion years since Allah allowed that explosion which has resulted in the approximately 75 to 25 percent ratio of water to land. Does this relate to the proportion of water in the make up of our bodies?

Look at the word “life.” He revealed that it takes about 75 years to learn how to live the life He wants for us.


Look at the title of Surah 75, “The Resurrection.” There are many other “75s” that we can easily mention.

Let’s go directly to what these “75s” lead to–the magnificent and sanity of the Black woman; the Second Self of God. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that God revealed to him that seventy-five percent of the mission or work was with the woman. Why? How do these numbers or facts relate to life and new life at that? How is this fact relevant to the serious problems which confronts the Black woman?

Muhammad and his work was to give us a picture of what Islam looked like. He, his work, followers, etc., was a sign or better types of now. Who determined this, since Muhammad was not his own sender nor his own teacher? The answer is the 24 scientists.

What happened then, in the days of Muhammad of Arabia, that was a sign of what was intended by Allah to take place, or be set up, here in this country among our people to solve the solution to the Black male/female problem, which satan made and which only Master Fard Muhammad would be able to solve–and that He must solve, in order to resolve our many other entanglements, quandaries, labyrinth-like situations.

I think that if one thinks on this carefully, they may agree that satan has made for us (in terms of Black male/female relationships) the most difficult sets of snarls, quandaries, entanglements, predicaments, labyrinth-like situations or circumstance imaginable.

The problems between Black men and women are part of the problems in the overall position and condition of Black people in America. Master Fard Muhammad had already brought the solution to all of our problems, before He met the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He gave to His servant the solution to everyone of our problems, which are so complex, so confusing, so hard to understand and solve, that He had to learn and exercise wisdom greater than that gained and exercised by the First God in His self-creation and in His work of creation.

As there was nothing about the Black woman that the First God did not know, as He created Her–She was His second self–there is nothing about the Black woman today that Master Fard Muhammad does not know, thoroughly understand and has the absolute answer to and cure for.

Certainly, there are many who have not and will not accept Master Fard Muhammad’s limitless wisdom. To say, however, that you don’t like or in any way or to any degree refuse His wisdom is to say that you think you are wiser than He.

This kind of thinking, whether by male or female, is at the root of why God has been a secret from the people for 66 trillion years. However, He wants to be known today and He has declared that He will not be overcome!

This kind of thinking was at the root of the fall of the Nation of Islam. There are many who now think, whether openly or not, that Allah is a distant and vague reality and that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are not really from Him. Such people don’t have a real strong grip on their own divinity much less the divinity of others. In fact, their own weak grip on their own identity, in terms of their own divinity–which, of course, is of Allah, because or as they are from  Him–mal-affects their ability to see their divinity.

These malcontents are those whom the Honorable Elijah Muhammad calls “the dissatisfied.” Allah will reject those who are dissatisfied with Him and whatever He sets up. However, He loves us so much He gives us time to adjust to Him; His reality. But, as I heard the Honorable Elijah Muhammad say, He won’t wait on us forever.  

I won’t and can’t get deeper into this here. This is outside of this article, for The Final Call. I’ll return to this, however, in my personal notes. But, meanwhile, it is all in the Lessons even that which ought to enable us all to understand–which took me years to see–what the Honorable Elijah Muhammad meant that after Allah raised him up and after a time, he was to endure living in the mud with us and at the right time Allah would raise us up out of the mud and what all he meant that we cannot get our people up out of the mud without getting some of it on ourselves, too.

The Holy Qur’an states that Allah knows what is best for every living thing–each one of us, too. The Holy Qur’an, written by Scientists far wiser, at this time than we are, stated that which Allah has ordained is best and there are some things that you may not like that are good for you and there are some things that you do not like while Allah knows what you do not.

Again, Allah did not make the “madness” which has characterized our relationships–all of them–as we’ve lived by Yakub’s people’s deceptive and ruinous tricks of knowledge against ourselves, which is what they were made for.

The current condition in the general relationship between the Black man and woman is the legacy of slavery. What the Supreme Being is in the process of establishing is the manifestation of His own supreme wisdom and will solve the immediate problems.

More next issue, Allah willing.