The prophecy of the coming of the Son of Man and the days of the Son of Man is almost the whole of the Bible, scriptures, histories and prophecies. The people who read the Bible should understand these things. You should want to read and understand.

Let us see what and who is the Son of Man who is mentioned here. We are all sons of some man, but this specifies the Son of Man coming in the Last Days to Judge man.

True understanding and the answers to these questions destroy any mistaken ideas or misunderstandings and prophecies of the Bible and Holy Qur’an concerning the coming of the Son of Man.


The true knowledge of Who is the Son of Man and Why He is Called the Son of Man destroys the teachings of the Christians concerning the prophecies of the Son of Man and the coming of the Son of Man. This forces understanding upon the world that is blind to the knowledge of Who and Why He is Called the Son of Man … especially the once slave of the White slave-masters.

The White Christians have never taught the true theology of scriptures to their Black slave; therefore they do not know Who to look for. They look for something other than a man to usher in the Judgment and Judge the world according to its sins.

The Son of Man is the Son of a Man. He is not a spirit as the ignorant are prone to believe. He is the Son of Original Man, the Black Man.

The Bible does not each you that He is the son of mankind. Mankind is the made-man, the White man. The Great Mahdi is the Son of the Original Man, the Black Man.

The Son of mankind is the made man, the White man whom the Original Man, the Black Man, drove out of the Garden of Eden.

The Son of Man, Spoken of as Coming in the Last Days, is the Son of Original Man. Therefore they have it right when they say He is the Son of Man … that is the Original Man, the Black man.

The Great Mahdi, the God and Judge Who is now Present in the World, Master Fard Muhammad, To Whom Praises are Due forever, taught me that His Father was a real Black Man. His Father went up into the mountains (governments of the Caucasians) picking out a White woman to marry so that she would give birth to a son looking White but yet the Father is Black.

This makes the preachings of the Christians that He is a Made Man to take the burden of seeking the Lost-Found people from out of the midst of their captors who are White. He would do this work in a Day that they least expected. Therefore the Bible says he Came without observation as a thief in the night (night of Spiritual darkness) (Bible) 1 Th. 5.2.

As to the days of the Son of Man, I would rather say they refer to years rather than days consisting of twenty-four (24) hours.

The Holy Qur’an also refers to it as the ‘Days’ of Allah. This means ‘years’ as it takes years to remove a whole world and bring in a new one. There is so much that has to be done. People have to be convinced that He is Justified to remove the world of sin, for the world of sin has ruled the people for 6,000 years. There are so many people who are sold to the idea of wicked world rulers.

The Days of the Son of Man represent the Days (Years) that He Will Be Judging the world and punishing the world for her evil. The Son of Man is gathering, teaching, and training His People right in the midst of this wicked world. His People have gotten experience of the wicked world and He Teaches them how now to avoid the wicked world and its teachings and yet live in the midst of it. Their living in the midst of the evil world and yet avoiding it proves their worthiness since they have gotten experience living in the evil world and now they turn to righteousness while they are still in the midst of the evil world. These people have an experience of both evil and good. Then if these are brought out of the evil world, these people are the people that he said he Saved out of the Fire. The Holy Qur’an says that we were on a Brink of Fire.

The Son of Man … the Bible is specific in its prophecy concerning this man. It tells us that we should make no mistake for there is no other prophecy of anything other than a Man coming and judging us. We all have been preaching of the day of the Son of Man. The mistaken idea that God is a spook or spirit is due to that which was added by you and your enemy while all the time He is telling you that He is The Son of Man.

The Great Mahdi, the Saviour of His People … Bible Mt. 1:21 prophesied that He Was Born to Save His People from sin. They were guilty of the same sin as that of their evil teacher, for they practiced the same sin.

Upon the coming of God, the Son of Man, He being the Just Judge of Man and man-kind, He forgave us our sins because we are not guilty of that which we did not know.

The mankind (White man) taught us from the cradle to follow after them. They separated us from our Original People of Asia and Africa in order to do a thorough job of making us other than ourselves, the Original Black Man.

The White man went in and out of our grandparents until our blood became part of theirs … so we are today. This ties us up in his blood so that it will be easy for us to practice his way of life. In order to take us out of the life and doing of the mankind people, we had to have a knowledge of them.

It is the Great Mahdi, the Great Messiah, who is so prophesied of by the Christians. Yet the Pope of Rome and his priests are trying their utmost to deceive us concerning this Great Visit of God in Person. They try to deceive us into believing that this is not yet the Day of the Son of Man. They want you to believe that they still hold the reigns on the guidance for the Black People.

This defi ant act is against the manifestation of the truth of them. By the Son of Man is the reason He is punishing them. He is putting priest against priest, church against church, and Christians against the Pope of Rome as we see it today Gen. 3:15. The Bible prophesies that the serpent will bruise the heel (followers) of the woman (Messenger). This means they would deceive the followers of the Messenger. But the Messenger will bruise the head of the serpent meaning the foundation of the chief of Christianity’s way of teaching.

In the Days of the Son of Man there will be much trouble and confusion of Nations. Bible Is. 2.24:1 says the whole earth will be turned upside down and nations scattered abroad. The Bible says (Mt. 25:32) “Before Him shall be gathered all nations.” The Holy Qur’an says, “you shall see all nations kneeling before Him and they shall be judged out of their own books.” The government keeps a record of their governmental accounts. They have books in the library and in the courts which tell how they have ruled the people. They have a record of how they have judged the people.

The Holy Qur’an says that God will Judge them out of their own books which have the condemnation of their own evil and unjust judgment which they did give out to the people, especially the poor Black slave.

Boom, that is the end when this is accomplished. When the Son of Man proves that He is Justified in destroying the wicked, then they will be destroyed in the twinkling of an eye.

(Reprinted from “Our Saviour has Arrived,” 1974.)