By Richard B. Muhammad -Editor-

It was a beautiful October day. The spirit was high despite a sometimes brisk wind, but those assembled and many others tuned in via the internet were uplifted and inspired by words spoken by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan at the Aretha Franklin Amphitheater in Detroit.

But the enemies followed behind a good man, a great message and what many saw as a new beginning for Detroit with their falsehoods, slander, anti-Black pathology and accused Min. Farrakhan of anti-Semitism after the Oct. 14 victory in the Motor City and birthplace of the Nation of Islam.

They drew their sharp media knives, spouted lies and engaged diatribes over a gathering that touched Black Detroiters: “My city is in a state of just depression, sadness, and so his words were profound. He has touched my city, and I see our city just moving forward from here, so I just want to thank him for taking out time for the city of Detroit and speaking a word,” said one grateful Black woman.


Yet Chelsea Clinton, former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, the ADL and others howled, yelped and demanded that Twitter remove a clip from Min. Farrakhan speaking in Detroit. Once again, Min. Farrakhan was targeted as he has been targeted for over 30 years now and been a continuous focus of a Jewish onslaught since a speech delivered in February. Twitter had not removed the video at Final Call press time, but did.

The main lie repeated by the younger Clinton, Trump apologist Dershowitz and the modern slavemaster ADL was a remark made by the Minister about White and Jewish opposition to his work, Jewish misbehavior, attacks on him and exploitation of Blacks.

“Now White folk don’t like Farrakhan, some of them respect me. But those who have been our Deceivers, they can’t stand me. I’m not mad with you. In fact, you members of the Jewish Community that don’t like me: Thank you very much for putting my name all over the planet. Because of your fear of what we represent, I can go anywhere in the world and they’ve heard of Farrakhan. Thank you very much,” said Minister Farrakhan in an edited transcript published in last week’s edition of The Final Call, Volume 38, No. 3, and available at

“I’m not mad at you. My teacher Elijah Muhammad taught me one day: There once was a donkey that fell in a ditch and everybody came along picked up a stone and threw it at the donkey. They threw so many stones that the ditch got filled up and the donkey walked up. So my teacher said, ‘brother, remember every knock is a boost.’ When they talk about Farrakhan, call me a hater, call me an anti-Semite; stop it.   I’m anti-termite.”

“I don’t know anything about hating anyone because of their religious preference. But just like they called our ancestors in the 1930s ‘voodoo people,’ they figure ‘anti-Semite’ would be a good thing to put on us. Farrakhan hates Jews. Stop it,” said the Minister.

“You cannot find one Jew that one who follows me has plucked one hair from his head. You haven’t found us defiling a synagogue. Our Qur’an teaches us if we see something like that stop it. They call me anti-Semitic.   No, you are anti-Black.   Now I’m talking to the anti-Black White folk. Why do you lay around Black people like the 10 Percent in our Lessons? You know we’re a talented people so you lay right around us, ‘I’ll be your manager.’ … How did they get to own everything that we have created? It’s because they’re Master Deceivers and they hate the fact that we are strong enough to say it. Now when a liar has gotten ahold of you, the liar is afraid of anybody who knows the truth and will tell it.   So, they don’t want you near Farrakhan.”

We must confront these anti-Black forces and expose their falsehoods. We cannot allow our destiny to be determined by our oppressors and we cannot allow a man who is devoted to our cause to be publically crucified. He is deeply hated because he deeply and unapologetically loves Black people and will challenge our enemies.

Who are these people who oppose him and what do they do for us?

Like the evil ones described in the Holy Qur’an, the book of scripture of the Muslims, they come from the left as an enemy and from the right posing as a friend. They go before our Minister sowing ugly seeds, slander and threats and they come behind him, trying to discredit and uproot his work.

We should expect no less from those who have been our slavemasters and oppressors in times past and who object to God’s Choice of Black people as His people today. We fit the prophetic picture of Abraham’s Seed enslaved and afflicted by a strange people in a strange land for 400 years–until God Himself comes to choose, free and raise this suffering people from their degraded state. We are that people and that work of resurrection started in 1930 in Detroit.

And, from the beginning when Muslims sought to take their children out of inferior Detroit public schools and enrolled in the nascent Muhammad University of Islam, those who didn’t want us in any school and who did not want us near them objected. The White power structure in the city, enraged by this act of self-determination, took the students out of the school and arrested teachers. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad submitted himself for arrest as the leader of the budding Nation and our school. Eventually there was a clash and a fight when the authorities aggressed the Muslims, who fought to protect their women, children and their dignity. This was a different kind of Negro, actually it was no Negro at all. It was a new, self-independent Black man with knowledge of himself in his head and love for self in his heart.

It was hated yesterday. It is hated today.

We should not be mistaken nor surprised. The lines are being drawn and have been drawn. The question is where will we stand? Rep. Al Green, a Texas Democrat, unfortunately sided with our enemies by repeating falsehoods and issuing a Twitter rebuke to the Minister. We tried to reach the Black Democrat to see what he had to say. We are still waiting. This is the same Black congressman who has been lambasted for harsh criticism of President Trump and calling for the president’s impeachment.

“There is no excuse for this type of pandering to political pressure or in this case, an outright lie! We stood for Representative Green when his life was threatened. It’s wasn’t the ADL, NAACP, Baptist Ministers, or Harris County Democrats, but us, the grassroots! We have no friends except Allah, His Messenger and the believers. War has been declared on us and our so-called friends have abandoned us. #Getwoke #StayWoke #GetOrganized 2 #GetFree,” wrote Abdul Haleem Muhammad, the Nation of Islam regional student minister based in Houston, and one of   Mr. Green’s constituents, on social media.

We agree. It’s not a time to fold or time to buckle. It’s time to hurl truth against falsehood.   It’s time to resurrect our people. It’s time to fight.   And, it is time that we boldly Defend Farrakhan!

–Richard B. Muhammad, editor, The Final Call Newspaper