[Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint and ran on finalcall. com Dec. 6, 2008]

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan publicly stated several times that everything he has done of importance since September 17, 1985 came from the words that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad gave him on the Wheel.

The Million Man March was important; very important. It was among the significant things (or events) that came through Minister Farrakhan, from his teacher when he was on the Wheel. The latest of these highly significant events Minister Farrakhan has done since his powerful experience on the Wheel is Closing The Gap.


Let’s remember that all of the answers Minister Farrakhan gave us in these interviews were done after he met with his teacher on that blessed night of September 17, 1985.

Minister Farrakhan’s answers in the interviews that appear from page 314 onwards appear only in Closing The Gap, except for one, which was published in The Final Call.

Among the interviews is the one in which Minister Farrakhan answers this question: “Brother Minister, I would appreciate it, for myself and everybody who reads this book, that you take us sequentially through your trials. What are trials?”

His answer to this question would help each of us in our personal lives RIGHT NOW!

Another interview I conducted with Minister Farrakhan this past July contains the following excerpts that help me make the vitally important point I’m making in this series of articles.

At one point, Minister Farrakhan said: “I believe that when I was taken up on the Wheel and I saw this scroll roll down (as if inside my head) with cursive writing on it and as I slightly leaned forward to look at it, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoke and the cursive writing disappeared. But the writing that was on the outside was indicative of that which was inside of me.

“You remember when we were going to New York to inaugurate Saviours’ Day on October 7–the birthday of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–at Madison Square Garden, you asked me to repeat the vision again. [As he began to rub his thigh, he said:] It felt like when an area of your body is being prepared for a shot, with a needle. I don’t know what it was, but I know something was put into me.

“When circumstances come up, answers come out of me that fit the circumstances. I can’t say I know where it comes from. But then, yes I do. It comes from Allah and the Christ. They have already put it in me. There is in me the foreword to a book that is sitting up inside me. It’s the beginning of the book that I am to receive, if it pleases Allah.”

“When I had that experience on the Wheel, evidently I had satisfied the requirement of trial to make me worthy to be taught exclusively by him directly.”

“Now, when I go up in this experience on the Wheel, I see the cursive writing again. The scroll rolls down and I’m looking, but I can’t read. I know it’s in English. I’m going forward to read it. Then, he speaks and it disappears. What was that all about? He was writing on my heart. He was writing on my soul. It is written in the Holy Qur’an that Allah is He Who takes the soul of men by night.

“What does He do with it? Well, He does what He pleases with it. If He writes on it and returns it to you, He puts something in you that will come out from you under circumstances that bring it out. That’s why with the Prophet (peace be upon him), there’s confusion as to whether it was 23 years or in one night.

“Was it 23 years or was it in one night? Because the Qur’an says, ‘The book was revealed on [the Minister says this in Arabic–Lailat al-Qadr] the Night of Power.’ Not a verse or two or three, but the book was revealed on the Night of Power.

“What is the Night of Power? Is it a 12-hour night? Why was the fez of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad black with a star and a crescent and stars? Was the Night of Power over his 44 years? Or was it one night that a man was carried to the Wheel? And something was done to him and in him and will be done through him that would literally cause the world to wonder, where does this come from? Was the Minister experiencing a Night of Power? How can I answer questions that I never thought of before? But while you ask the question, the answer is forming.

“Even when the enemy asks me questions, the answer forms, not only for the question, but I’m given insight into the reason why they asked the question before the question is finished coming out of their mouths. Where does this insight come from, except that it comes from Allah.”


This is “heavy” and “deep.” It gets more “heavy” and “deeper” when you read the complete interview.

I’ve tried over the last three articles to help the reader focus clearly on what is the most important fact for us to know of Minister Farrakhan. It’s likewise that which is most dangerous for us to be ignorant of, ignore, misunderstand or mock.

Let’s go back over the words of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad spoken in 1972 in one of his Theology of Time lectures: that he wanted us to “continue to hear my Minister Farrakhan.”


The word “continue” means, “keep on, go on, go on with, and persist.” He wanted us to listen to Minister Farrakhan “beyond the present period of time,” which was then 1972.

The word “continue” has other meanings that are also applicable in different ways to the above meanings. The word “continue” also means, “to keep up an activity or state already begun.”

On that day in 1972, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad also stated that Minister Farrakhan’s teaching was a “bearing of witness ” of him. He implied that this word was very special to him.

What do those words: “a bearing of witness” or “to bear witness” mean? They can mean, in response to a speaker’s words, “That’s right.” They can mean, “to be present as an observer at an event or an occurrence, etc.”

They can further mean, “to give confirmation” of it or something or some fact. But deeper yet, these words can mean, “to be or the evidence of some event, or some fact.”

In this case, he was referring to Minister Farrakhan’s teaching and work as “evidence” of the truth of his Teachings and work in a special way.

Minister Farrakhan is evidence and proof of the integrity, truth and truthfulness of his teacher.

Three other words are very important in what I am trying to get across concerning Minister Farrakhan. One is the word “represent.” The other is “share.” The third is “task.” Then, we’ll go over the quotes of the Messiah in full for their bearing on Minister Farrakhan today.

More, next issue, Allah willing.