America knows that under her flag we have received nothing but hell, beatings and killings without due process of the law, day and night, not only in the past but in the present.

She wants to make some so-called Negroes believe that the religion of Islam can be thrown out the window if they turn hypocrites themselves in trying to make democracy work. This is done only to deceive the so-called American Negroes.

But I say to every one who reads this book that Islam is here among these Black people of America to stay as long as their life is in their bodies. The God of Islam (Allah) is with me and will back me and others who are working hard to deliver people from such an evil and merciless race of devils.


What glory and honor does a so-called Negro get under the Stars and Stripes? No honor, no glory–only hell. We have proof of this by their so-called courts of justice. There is no justice for you–and this America knows. She would like to hurt every one of you and make you like it. It pleases her to do you evil.

But not us Muslims. We will declare the truth and die for it. Thanks to Allah for removing fear from us, and I pray He puts it in them and they may fear and tremble every day until they are taken out of the way.

The Monroe, Louisiana, Southern Courts with their southern judges of hatred are thirsty to take their own law of justice, twist it up and throw it back upon the shelf. And when they look they see a poor, innocent so-called Negro begging for justice, as his grandparents and their grandparents before as far back as 400 years ago, who receive nothing but the spitting of anger and threats of murder from the judges throughout the Courts of America. Just to mention “justice” for a so-called Negro in the South is an insult to the judge, who is supposed to be the judge of right and wrong between the state and opposing attorneys.

He becomes a more vicious enemy against the poor so-called Negro than the prosecuting attorney when he sees a so-called Negro before him.

The so-called Negroes do not have justice under the law, not only in the South, but anywhere in America. As I plainly stated in Washington, D.C., in 1959, in the Uline Arena before 10,000 people, everything has failed us as far as justice is concerned–The Justice Department in Washington, the churches, the priests and the preachers have all failed the so-called Negroes.

We, the Muslims, were and are still being persecuted in Monroe, Louisiana, and throughout North America for what we teach of these two flags (Islamic and American) and especially because of the following words that you will find on a blackboard in most of our regular meetings: “Which Flag will survive the War of Armageddon?” (Armageddon is the final war of Judgment and separation of the righteous from the wicked, of which I am sent to teach.)

This is a question that is asked the mentally dead of my people in America, the so-called Negroes. This question is to show the answerer that he fully agrees that the Sun, Moon and Stars will survive the Cross, or the flag of America known as the Stars and Stripes. Everyone who is asked this question answers that the Crescent will survive America’s flag and the emblem of Christianity, which is the Cross. A fool knows that the sun, moon and stars will survive any nation.

Then comes the next question. Since you believe that the Crescent will survive, why not accept Islam and the flag and Crescent emblem which represents the Sun, Moon and the Stars?

We are doing work that is well known among all the learned Whites and Blacks–the resurrecting of the mentally dead so-called Negroes to give them Divine knowledge of self, of Allah (God) and of the devil. In the past, we have been taught that God and the devil were something other than human, while the truth from Almighty God, Allah, who is now among us in Person, makes it clear that these two characters are human beings. I am not referring to the wise, who already know these things, but to the ignorant and foolish. If you read your Bible for understanding of the reality of God and the devil, you also will agree that they are human beings and not spirits or nonexisting beings–they exist! I have not the time or space to go into details.

That it is a crime, or that these words (which one–meaning the American flag or the Islamic flag–will survive the War of Armageddon, or Holy War, or the war to end wars) are considered a crime or a teaching to incite insurrection or revolution to take America by force, cannot be proven to be truth by anyone who may read this or may have attended one of our meetings.

If Troy X. Cade is guilty of teaching insurrection against the government, then I am guilty, because I am Troy’s teacher. I would rather go to prison in place of Troy if this is the justice for the truth Allah gave me.

By the help of Allah, and by the blood of the original man, whose father is the originator, I, Elijah Muhammad, will fight for this cause to get our people justice in America–and by the help and power of Allah, the power that is in the Universe, the power that is in the Nation of Islam, and the power of every atom that is bound in the Planet Earth and that is bound in other planets.

What angers America is just the idea of her 400-year-old slave now wanting to go over to the paradise of freedom, justice and equality under the Crescent of the Divine religion of Islam, where they will have sincere brotherhood and friends throughout the civilized world.

(Excerpt from “Message to the Blackman,” 1965.)