Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking deeply over where we’re at in the divine scheme of things. Also, I’ve been thinking deeply over what we’re about to enter real soon as it pertains to the end of one world and the beginning of another world.

I’m repeating an article I wrote a few years ago with some additions. Please study it carefully. Allah willing I’ll get back to where I left in a few weeks.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said of and to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that he “…would rise to the pinnacle of success in this world’s life.” This world’s life has existed for six thousand years. Now we are at its end. This world rejected both God and His Anointed One, as it was expected. So did our nation (Black people of America), as a whole.


This world was doomed before it was born. Not so with our nation. Nevertheless, as we move towards the final judgment, we’ve rejected the opportunity of receiving an “A” or a “B” grade. However, we have a chance for a “C” grade through our Brother, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The “C” grade will save us from the “D” (doom of this world) grade–which will do us out of God’s greatest rewards and do us in. This is a most serious matter.

The Authors (Wise original Scientist) of the Holy Qur’an chapter 3:85, raised this question as they pondered our condition, 15,000 plus years ago: “How shall Allah guide a people who disbelieved after their believing, and after they had borne witness that the Messenger was true, and clear arguments had come to them? And Allah guides not the unjust people.”

Only 144,000 were prophesied to escape the doom of this world, by some of the Wise Scientists. One “slim” last chance, or way, was outlined in the scriptures, however, to save the millions of our people; even to providing others of this world a way out. It’s there in the scriptures. It involved the production of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan–by the Lord of the worlds, and special preparation by and the prayers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for him, before his departure in 1975.

Special means: “of a distinct or particular kind or character; being a particular one; particular, individual, or certain; pertaining or peculiar to a particular person, thing, instance, etc.; distinctive; unique; having a specific or particular function, purpose, etc; distinguished or different from what is ordinary or usual: extraordinary; exceptional, as in amount or degree; especial; being such in an exceptional degree; particularly valued.”

All of this–and more–ultimately depended upon the exquisite execution of the Divine plan by Master Fard Muhammad, which is recorded in the scriptures. He brought the Honorable Elijah Muhammad into the understanding and into power of working with Him to bring aspects of it into reality.

The position the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is growing into “…in this world’s life …” reflects the position of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the “heavens”. Furthermore, it is only from the exalted position–the pinnacle of this world’s life–that Minister Louis Farrakhan can meet with and receive from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad the new teachings that will eventually bring our nation to infinitely higher grades. He must go up and be up to meet again with his teacher.

Finally, as we consider Holy Qur’an 3:85, remember Allah resolved the apparent contradiction involved in the question of how shall we be guided after having rejected the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, after bearing witness that he was true, in the presence of clear arguments. We’ve been greatly unjust to God and ourselves. However, as it is written of Allah, His mercy encompasses all things. From His grace He has made special provisions.

Muhammad of Arabia reportedly said that Allah had given to the world one part of His mercy and had reserved the other ninety-nine, in effect, for His people in the Day of Judgment. This is that “the day of the day of judgment.”

So, this act of divine grace does not come from a contradiction in the character in the Divine Supreme Being. No! It comes from His infinite understanding and immeasurable love for us.

So, let us show gratitude; and help our Brother, Minister Farrakhan, our people, each other and ourselves. Let’s do it from unselfish motives. Let our acceptance of our Brother– the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan–be whole and not partial.