[Editor’s Note: This article is reprinted from Volume 32, No. 43 and The Final Call will continue to reprint articles written by our late and dear Mother Tynnetta Muhammad.]

“And those who disbelieve say:   Listen not to this Qur’an but make noise therein, perhaps you may overcome. So We shall certainly make those who disbelieve taste a severe chastisement, and We shall certainly requite them for the worst of what they did.   That is the reward of Allah’s enemies–the Fire. For them therein is the home to abide. A requital for their denying Our messages. And those who disbelieve will say:   Our Lord, show us those who led us astray from among the jinn and the men that we may trample them under our feet, so that they may be of the lowest.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 41, verses 26-28

What is there beyond religion, but perfect peace and harmony;
What is there beyond the grave, perfect peace and harmony;
The extension of the physical being is thought,
The thought that remains in the realm of the living.
We inherit the soul, the mind and the spirit of those who have gone before us,  
There is no ending or beginning in the cycles of time.


The circuitry of the brain’s electrical impulses are regulated by crystalline matter that vibrates with every thought that comes into being. The stronger these electrical impulses become, the greater force we generate towards the completion of our visionary faculties within the Divine Plan and Ordinances of Almighty God, Allah.   The Western world and its systems has strayed away from the positively charged frequencies of the brain and its force field and is inclined in the opposite direction of complete harmony and good.  

Western civilization has created a world in opposition to the Divine Will of Allah and has been allowed by Divine to bring into existence their world. Our struggle and challenge living in America, in the Belly of the Beast, is to increase the frequency of our mental and spiritual awareness and consciousness of higher thought to resist the devil (evil), so that evil is no longer affective and able to influence our speech and behavior of ill will against another.   But rather we become inclined and attuned to the frequencies of good actions and deeds leading to the attainment of ultimate good.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that Master W. Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, God in Person, is performing an operation on a nation to remove the material of evil influence that may rise up in our thoughts that is deleterious to our success.     The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad further stated that our New Education and Training into the New World of Thought and Reality will erase even the thought or idea of this present world order and how it came into being.   Within 20 years of that New Education, this will come to pass.  

This New Education will take us into advanced technological mechanics of the Universal Order of things; and we will attain Cosmic Universal consciousness directing positively the pure essence of our being.   This explains, in part, what we read in the Supreme Wisdom Lessons, paragraph 3 of Instructions to the early Laborers in Detroit, Michigan, given to us by Master Fard Muhammad in the early 1930s.   … “How that ALLAH would Separate us from the Devils and, then, Destroy them; and Change us into a New and Perfect People; and Fill the Earth with FREEDOM, JUSTICE and EQUALITY as it was filled with wickedness; and Making we, the Poor Lost-Founds, the Perfect RULERS.   Therefore if we had not this Understanding, we are Yet Blind to HIM that has come to SAVE Us.   For this is OUR SAVIOUR’S Desire–that we should Know HIM as OUR GOD and SAVIOUR and that Besides HIM there is NO SAVIOUR for Us.

When I first arrived in Chicago in 1959 and came in the presence of my Teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, one of the first subjects I asked him to teach me was how to tune in, to receive and to send out telepathic messages.   He began by telling me that I would first have to find a quiet place where I could concentrate and focus my mind on the person I wished to contact.

He explained to me that it was far easier to send out a thought than it was to receive the answer.   This reminds me of the prophet or wise man in the history of Jesus who did all he could to get Jesus’ attention in order to teach him how to use his telepathic powers to escape the Jews’ plan to kill him.   I remember going to the hallway on the second floor of his first home at 4847 S. Woodlawn Avenue where I would not be disturbed in practicing what he taught me.

Wooden Trojan Horse located in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: Instanbul Museum of Archeaeology/Deror Avi

It was in this time period that I shared with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad my experience which occurred in my 12th year, or senior year of high school.     During that time I met an unusual person who represented himself as a student that was really on another assignment and mission looking for certain people.   He began teaching me many things about the potential capacity of the human body and mind to withstand pain and environmental conditions, as well as the ability to tune into the frequency of thought.

He told me where he came from and his knowledge about spacecrafts and how they operate.   He had literature for me to read, but it had been taken from him under unusual circumstances.     Nevertheless, he extended an invitation to me to go on board one of these spacecrafts to which I readily agreed.   He told me about portraits of many famous people from the past that were archived on board some of these spacecrafts.   One of these portraits was Helen of Troy.   Many of us may remember reading about Helen of Troy in connection to the story of the Trojan Horse and the fatal destruction of the city of Troy located in Asia Minor.  

Amphitheatre in the city of Troy discovered in the archeological digs of Henrich Schliemann. Photo: Flickr/Brian Harrington Spier

The discovery of Troy was made by German archeologist, Henrich Schleimann, in Anatolia, modern day Turkey.   The great wooden Trojan Horse was offered by the people of Troy after a long ten-year battle.   .Inside the horse was hidden soldiers from the Greek Army who were prepared to attack in the night while the Trojans were celebrating what they thought was a victory over the Greeks.   In their drunken celebration, they fell asleep and the Greek soldiers came out of the belly of the horse, opened the gates of Troy and let in the other Greek soldiers to enter the city and slaughter the people and set fire to the city of Troy.

All this time I have wondered why this young man would tell me specifically about the portrait of Helen of Troy   I wondered if this could be symbolic of America and how we, as a people, have been swallowed up in the Belly of the Beast being rescued upon the Coming of Almighty God, Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad.   He came on July 4th, in the time of America’s rejoicing and celebrating her Independence Day.     So we, too, also celebrate that day, July 4th, as the beginning of our delivery.

Portion of the legendary walls of Troy (VII), identified as the site of the Trojan War (c. 1200 BC). Photo: Wikipedia

He also described portraits of some of the great Prophets and Patriarchs such as Abraham   and others being aboard these crafts.   He mentioned to me that they had a portrait or photo of me which startled and greatly surprised me.   He appeared to be in his youth, but claimed he was much older and that he had companions who were from 400 to 500 years of age.

“Those who say, Our Lord is Allah, then continue in the right way, the angels descend upon them saying:   Fear not, nor be grieved, and receive good news of the Garden which you were promised.   We are your friends in this world’s life and in the Hereafter, and you have therein what your souls desire and you have therein what you ask for. A welcome gift from the Forgiving, the Merciful.” —Holy Qur’an, Surah 41, verses 30-32

To be continued.