I ended my last article with these words: “This is really a document that requires careful study and un-derstanding. At this point, I will raise but one question and re-spond to it in future articles. What justifies Minister Farrakhan in speaking for the Indians?”

Anyone who is familiar with the six written lessons that registered Muslims received through the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and now through the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, is aware that the Indians are mentioned in a significant way in that lesson by which we are enrolled into the FOI and MGT classes.

How many followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad have really thought deep enough into this reference to the Indians? How many Indians lived in what is called America when the white man came here and began killing them off? How many millions; ten? twenty? thirty? or more? Are the Indians due justice beyond what the white man calls justice? If God has visited America and raised the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and produced for him a Special Spokesman–and I mean that in the fullest extent of those two words–as God did when He produced Aaron for Moses, did God give and leave guidance that would uplift the Indians? I’ll answer this last question with a quick YES!


In a book that seems to have been written by two Jewish scholars (their names being Michael Cohn and Michael K. H. Platzer), enti-tled Black Men of the Sea, they brought out interesting con-nections between Blacks and Indians in the past. Here, I quote–out of context, smile–two paragraphs from this book that appeared on page 5.

“At approximately the same time, American Indian legends recount that a man in white robes with a black face and beard arrived from across the sea. West African cults and depictions of camels and African birds in America confirm the transatlantic crossing of highly developed African civilization before the arrival of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. Forty-six names of American Indian tribes appear to come directly from Africa.

“The desert nomads of the Sahel and North Africa certainly had the knowledge and experience to navigate across vast ex-panses by means of the stars.   The Koran states:   ‘It is Allah who has appointed for you the stars, that ye guide yourselves thereby in the darkness of land and sea.’ The Arab-African seamen also had a primitive instrument known as a damal to take readings of latitude. Moreover, ancient Arab maps in-di-cate a western continent and therefore contact with America long before Columbus arrived.”

Isn’t this interesting? This is part of a vast amount of in-formation that Black youth are not taught in the public school systems of America, not to think over an accurate rendering of what has gone on in this country as it pertains to Black people even for the last 70 or so years. But that’s another subject that we will come to later when we discuss a series of lectures Minister Farrakhan made about the value of knowledge.

Did you know that such words as “tomahawk”, “medicine man”, “papoose”, “Sioux”, and “squaw”, are among the words, which are originally alien to Indians? I was talking to an Indian sister a few months ago who told me that originally “Sioux”, was a French word used by Frenchmen to mean “knife in the back.” This was one of their derogatory terms for Indians with whom they came in contact a few centuries ago. She told me that “squaw” was the white man’s word for a wild, easy woman. Black people in America should follow the lead of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and get ac-quainted with our Indian Brothers and Sisters firsthand.

Now I am not saying that the two white writers are correct in what they wrote above, but I do say, for example, that Indians scholars in such places as Mexico trace the roots of their culture to the Black man.

I’ll conclude this article with reference to a conversation the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had some years ago about a vision his Brother Charlie had of his heart many years ago. In a very pro-found and subtle way the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was telling Minister Farrakhan about his great fu-ture–the heights of which he has yet to attain. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had several blood Brothers, among whom there was a special closeness be-tween he and Charlie.

One day Charlie told his brother of a vision he had of his heart. In the vision he saw a little black spot on his heart and a beam of light coming out of his heart. At the end of this light were people of every nation and color. They all were engulfed by this light.

In that same conversation with Minister Farrakhan, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was hinting to his Minister that spiritually the God and he were going to remove a spiritual spot from Minister Farrakhan’s heart that would enable him to do a stupendous work that would shake the world, and then some. He told his Minister that if you can stand the praise of thousands you will teach millions.

Allah willing, I will continue this next week. Meanwhile, be sure to tell everyone to get and listen to the last four addresses starting with the press conference. He will not be blowing the trumpet of truth, much longer. Soon he has to go and get the next lesson.

More next issue, Allah willing.