White folks have taught us in school that Sir Isaac Newton saw something of the law or the energy in the fall of an apple one day. He discovered what he did–for White folks. And most non-Whites (that are on the planet) rediscovered it indirectly through him. The point here is that he was astute enough to see something of what was going on in what was happening. This is the type of insight we need to acquire–and quick.

We are in the unique situation of living at the end of this world and the birth of God’s external rule, otherwise called the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. This world is falling so fast and the next is coming in such a way that it is very easy for us to become confused … unless we have special insight that enables us to see into what is going on (or happening). What we see and how well we see depends, in part, on the extent, quality, and direction of our development. Think this over.

Solomon, who prefigures at least three people, was given knowledge and insight by God that enables him to glorify Him (and to serve His purpose). That special mental acumen included the grasp of the language of birds. Remember, this is a divine gift that was granted to him as it was granted to his father (David) due to his submission to God’s will.


I cannot go into the significance of speaking the language of the birds due to space considerations. Just consider this: Aside from the literal fact that one can learn the language of the birds–and all other things– the Arabic word upon which the English word “bird” is based, includes in its meaning “those who soar high into the understanding of spiritual realities, or truths.”

David and Solomon knew the language that the elect of God spoke. They had that special knowledge and grasp of that which only the spiritually developed had. Those of whom they were types (or signs) are here. Therefore, we have access to the understanding of what is going on in what is happening. And God knows, we all need divine understanding.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is sharp and quick in the divine sense. This touches another aspect of the meaning of the Arabic word, which is loosely translated “bird.” Minister Farrakhan’s messages around the country, and the skill and compassion out of which he has done what he has done testifies to his identity and worth.

We are living through, witnessing and are actually involved in the fulfillment of the final great set of prophecies that are recorded in the awesome destructive war– Armageddon. These events that are fulfilling prophecies are now taking place at such speed that it is difficult to keep up, let alone to reflect on them.

At the center stage of all of this, on the world scene, is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. Allah willing, on May 27th he will deliver a divine message to the world. It would behoove you to really study everything that he is saying in this hour. Go back and study deeper everything he said since his Saviours’ Day address.

What is the significance of all of this?

Is it connected to or in part to what was stated at least as early as 1956, when the Honorable Elijah Muhammad publicly stated that even though the Black pastors opposed him, they would one day become his good helpers.

Ask yourself: What kind of insight does the Honorable Elijah Muhammad have? What kind of mind could have seen just this one development? And, remember, Minister Farrakhan’s messages are going all over the globe and many Black pastors are tuning in to him.

The Bible raises the question, “Can a nation be born at once?” And, again, we read in the 5th chapter of the book of John that all that are in the grave shall hear his voice, and in so many words, come to life. What you are witnessing is the final stages leading to the birth of the Black Nation in America.

I hope that this fact does not offend you. It is written in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an that Pharaoh had, in general, the leadership of those who were enslaved on his side. The word “magician” is used. These men opposed Moses and Aaron. They did not realize that they were opposing the God of their own people’s salvation. Moses and Aaron struggled with the magicians. Then, on a certain day, these men woke up. Then they fell in step with Moses and Aaron, and in so doing got themselves on the side of God. This upset Pharaoh and his people. But it was too late. Pharaoh even threatened these men. But they had become bold in the spirit of the living God and they rejected Pharaoh and his threat.

This is being fulfilled in your eyes today. The Black preacher is becoming a powerful man. You have–and he has–yet to realize how powerful he actually is. What you have seen of him in the past is nothing in contrast to what he has become and is yet coming to be. The Black pastor is well acquainted with the contents of the Bible. And as Minister Farrakhan’s voice is heard all over the world via the advances in technology; over the web;  Youtube.com and the like, the words of the Bible are jumping up and taking form right in their faces.

Brothers and Sisters, you’d better get ready! It’s our time! It’s the time of our rise! It’s Nation time!

More next issue, Allah willing.