The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, from the study of the scriptures and the words of Master Fard Muhammad, came to see clearly what his son, Imam W. D. Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, would do.   He came to see clearly what was written of them in the plan of God, written of in advance.   He prepared what was necessary.

His son became the head of the Nation of Islam in February, 1975.   Minister Farrakhan came under the power of this son. It takes a certain type of diamond to grind and polish a diamond of great value. The grinding, etc., of Minister Farrakhan was to go on for exactly 30 months.   And it did.

Once the Honorable Elijah Muhammad told me (in October, 1969) that he was not perfect, but he was perfect enough for us.   He then went into something of the fact that he was being perfected and just about when the process would be complete. This bears on what we are getting into about Minister Farrakhan.   He is not perfect.   However, he has been made–and is yet being made–a perfect vessel for God’s will in raising our people.


Minister Farrakhan went through just that for 30 months.   No one comes out of a trial the same as he goes into it.   Minister Farrakhan, like Aaron and Peter, came out of his divinely ordained trial a more fit man for what he was yet to do.   And he is doing that which was written of him.

The president needs a divine advisor. There are several instances in the Bible where the king, or ruler, of a land was in deep trouble.   He called on his advisors.   Among the most influential were the spiritual, or religious, advisors. The ad-vice that they gave did not solve the problems of the king nor his kingdom.

In every instance, in the Bible, where injustice, and wicked-ness in general, reached a certain level, God determined that destruction was their due.   However, in every such situation God provided a warner before He brought down His wrath.

The religious system of the lands over which these kings ruled, did not and could not produce the answers the king needed.   It oftentimes gave him what he wanted. However, God gives what is needed first.   If that is gratefully accepted, the quality of your wants improve, or even change for the better. God then grants what is best.

The religious system of the lands where the kings were in trouble, was at the root of the troubles in the land. This is why the religious advisors were inadequate.   So it is today in America. And the President needs to turn away from the inadequate advice of those who represent the religious system that is the main factor in the problem that he and the citizens of this land face.   But will he?

Pharaoh did not want to, until after the 10th plague, even though there were times before number 10 when he thought about heeding the call of Moses and Aaron.   Did Pharaoh act wisely or did another one act wiser after him?

The religious system of America contains good.   It also contains much evil. Its roots cannot be found in the universal order of things.   In the Name of Allah and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad I humbly state that the man, over and above the religious scientist (and all others who advise the President), who is in the best position to advise the President and America, is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.   God and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad put him in this position, at this time, as a mercy and the way out of the predicament that you are in.

America is in one hell of a position. It is not Russia, or anyone else, it is God Who has allowed America to be in this situation. You need to do as the ruler did by Joseph. Read Genesis.   The king could not find a way out of his problems until he sent for Joseph, who was in jail. You need to read the book of Daniel.   Look at the problems of that king.   All of his advisors failed him. Daniel did not. The book of Acts closes with Paul in jail. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said, “Everything written in the Bible was written to give us a picture of today.”

The United States Government, over which the President presides, has all of the resources necessary to carefully study and weigh the history, mission, teachings, works and effects of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan against the contents of the Bible and the Holy Qur’an.   You have the brains of many learned men and women.   Use them.   Be not proud.   There is still time … but it is quickly running out.   The Pope does not want Armageddon.   But, remember it is a war, which involves God Himself.   And the Pope is not in tune with the God Who is 100 percent destined to win that war.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad once said to us, “Pray not for that day, for it will catch many of our loved ones lagging behind.”


Several have claimed the place with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for which the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was made and destined.   Their teachings do not produce life in the hearts of Black people.   Minister Farrakhan does.

If I had the power to press a button to help Black folks in America see who they are and what a glorious future we have, I would do it. Of course I don’t and I can’t. (Smile.) The God, with all of the power, does not work that way.   He respects the natural processes of our minds.   And He is very patient and full of grace (undeserved kindness).

I once did not see, as clearly as I do now, the relevance be-tween the Bible and Holy Qur’an and every day events: that we are really living in the days of the “resurrection of the dead” and the “judgment of this world” simultaneously.   Everyone that I know of throughout this land, whose eyes are open, came to see–step by step.   One day soon–and very soon at that–you will see with total clarity.

However, we do not have much time left before the “big boom” takes place.  

 Nothing of the above should be taken as though I am reducing the wonderful efforts of our Reverends. I am merely pointing out something about the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan that you will come to see at some point in the near future.

More next issue, Allah willing.