By Richard B. Muhammad – Editor

Differences of opinion are the natural result of intellectual and spiritual development and, as Muslims, we are taught to make our arguments in the best manner. But when so-called differences are used to attack and malign an innocent man, that is out of bounds within Islam–which demands we speak from positions of truth.

Muslims are also warned in the Holy Qur’an, the Islamic book of scripture, to look carefully when news is brought to us from those who are unrighteous, lest we harm an innocent and later be sorry for what we did.Whenever Zionists and the Synagogue of Satan, which includes all who try to hide and justify dirty misdeeds in the name of religion, attack Minister Louis Farrakhan, they always trot out or unasked, so-called Muslim critics of the Minister emerge. Such persons are never called upon to discuss spiritual issues and problems in this society. They are never asked to comment on and explain international affairs and issues affecting the Muslim World and U.S. foreign policy. They are hardly ever called upon when Muslims are maligned and assaulted as the White, mainstream media sidesteps them in favor of their foreign-born, “true Muslim” brethren.

Their media value appears to be their ability to add a Muslim dagger to the ugly and dangerous attacks aimed at the heart of the Minister and the community he serves. They are legitimate so long as they bear witness that the Minister is illegitimate, and they parrot the views of Zionist and Caucasian enemies of Islam.


It is a shame.

Certainly Allah (God) knows the heart and we do not. However, we can point of patterns of behavior and lies uttered from the mouths of such persons. Omer M. Mozaffar, the Muslim chaplain at Loyola University Chicago, stepped into that space through a commentary published late last month in the Chicago Sun-Times.

As he so-called attempted to help make sense of Min. Farrakhan, he called the Minister’s words during a speech in February, which has drawn widespread attacks from Whites and Zionists, “nauseating” and laced with “tired conspiracy theories asserting the Jews hold all the power in the world.” False. The Minister never made such a claim. He did point to the inordinate power Jews have exercised over the Black community, Black leaders and entertainers and the powerful position Jews hold in American society and inside the American government.

Given that Israel gets more American tax dollars than sub-Saharan Africa, that Jewish figures have fashioned popular culture and exerted influence in movies and media, given that Zionists hold great political power and sway over the U.S. Congress and have driven those deemed to be their enemies from Congress and often out of public life, it would be disingenuous to act as though or to say Jewish organizations and leaders are powerless in America.

Despite their small numbers, they hold major positions in the society and impact public perceptions and public policy in this country. Let’s be honest.

The chaplain, in slander unworthy of one who provides religious instruction or direction, then offers false and unattributed lies that Min. Farrakhan is accused of acting as an agent of the U.S. government, missioned with splintering the Black community. In 60 years of leadership, and in particular over the past 40 years, no one has worked harder for Black unity and suffered more insults than Min. Farrakhan. He has defended political and religious leaders found in compromising and even wrong circumstances. He has promoted Muslim and Christian, and Muslim-Muslim unity. He has brokered peace pacts between feuding members of the Hip Hop Community. He has supported peace efforts between those derided as thugs, gangbangers and criminals working to help curb fratricidal violence and increase the peace in urban neighborhoods. He has offered words of guidance and spiritual wisdom aimed at elevating the Black community and all who would listen and abandon the ugly and decadent ways of Western society. He has taught respect for women; he has condemned the abuse of children. He was served as a witness to the healing and saving power of Allah (God) and constantly stressed the need to bow to nothing and no one by the Sovereign of the Universe. The U.S. government is the worst enemy of Min. Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and Black America.  

The Minister has warned America, a wicked nation, of God’s judgment as past nations have been destroyed for exceeding the limit and unrepentant wrongdoing. Speaking harsh truths are necessary though Whites and American leaders would rather sweet nothings be whispered. Scripture says to the servant of God, deliver the message and warn the wicked so that they might be saved and that the warner would save his own soul. But the Holy Qur’an is fulfilled when the Minister’s warnings are disavowed and rejected by those “who love not good advisors.”

The chaplain then tries to credit the Minister’s rise and his importance to speaking what others are afraid to say, which is in part true, and make him a creation of the U.S. media. False. The American media, often under the control and pressure of Jewish interests, have done everything possible to destroy Minister Farrakhan. No Black man has been more reviled in the press and no Black person would ask to be subjected to blistering attacks that have continued for over 30 years. With the backing of Allah, the Minister stands, not only because of his reform efforts but because he is a great spiritual teacher. Such teaching lies at the root of his reform and the widespread love and respect enjoyed among Muslims across the Islamic world and inside of America.

Min. Farrakhan is a “complex” figure, as Mr. Mozaffar rightly observed, not because of any hate teaching but because of the scope of his intellectual, moral and spiritual gifts and an immense heart that feels the pain of all who suffer–regardless of race.

Unlike others, however, Min. Farrakhan has refused to abandon his lost and degraded people for the sake of token acceptance and favor from the powerful. He has stayed the course as a teacher, a warner and a guide by Allah’s permission. He is on a right course. Those who bow to the dictates of this society are off-course, off-base and out of step with the time. This is the time of the rise of truth and the rise of Black and oppressed people, despite the difficulty factor attached to those realities. However, it is better to suffer for the truth and the ultimate triumph of Allah (God) than be subsumed by a nation and a world on its way out.

–Richard B. Muhammad, editor, The Final Call newspaper