To continue the quote from chapter 40 of the Holy Qur’an, the believer from among Pharaoh’s people said: “If he [Moses] be a liar, on him will be his lie, and if he be truthful, there will befall you some of that which he threatens you with.”

Before we continue, I should mention that different translators sometimes use different English words to convey what is being expressed in Arabic.

This person of Pharaoh’s people must have had some authority, or standing, to speak to Pharaoh. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad used the word “senator” with reference to this person.


I cannot quote all of what is written in Holy Qur’an 40, Section 4, even though it is extremely important for our people to understand. In essence, he warned Pharaoh that Allah would not guide Moses if he were an impostor, a liar or mentally off. This implies that he had seen enough of the great work of Moses to see that God was with him. Pharaoh’s answer was an expression of vanity and pride.

Then this believer turned to his people and he warned them. Pharaoh responded with an attempt to reach the God of Moses in the heavens. What made him think that the God of Moses was in the heavens? Moses met God on a mountain. How did he later get into the sky? You need to read the writings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad about that huge half-mile-by-half-mile wheel-like plane that is in the sky today.

Remember, as the believer from among Pharaoh’s people said: “Today you are the masters, my people, illustrious throughout the earth. But who will save us from Allah’s wrath when it falls upon us?”

Pharaoh’s plot ended in ruin, for him and his people. This is a warning to arrogant, rich, and powerful White people. This man was a warner from among those in power. Aaron was a warner especially during the absence of Moses– from among the oppressed.

Let those among Black folks who plot against the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Muslims in general beware. The Jews of Acts, who fought against Paul, etc., are signs of certain Black folks who are envious against Minister Farrakhan. You are traveling on a course that leads to the wrath of God.

Do not make the mistake that the prophecies recorded in the Bible and the Holy Qur’an are of no effect. They are more than simply statements about the future. Let us remember, we all want to be taken seriously, especially in matters of great concern. For one thing, our integrity is involved. Then let us be careful of how we take the words of the Living God, His Most Honored Servant (the Honorable Elijah Muhammad), and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who is backed by Them Both!

Read John, the 13th chapter. Notice what we read in Luke 22 where Jesus is telling a few of his followers that Satan desires to have them that he may sift them as wheat; that is, to try them. Jesus tells Peter that he is the main one who this Satan wants to get in his evil grip.

When you go into the Greek language out of which the English comes, you get a much clearer view of the richness of the sayings of Jesus. You can see how clear Jesus saw into both men and his power with God to govern the situation.

Jesus tells Peter that he has already prayed for him. This is the cure even before Peter knows he needs it. Then Jesus gives him a great task, a great work, for him to do after his (Peter’s) fall–before his fall. This is very heavy.

In the fall and rise of Aaron and Peter, and in their work that followed, we have a good picture of the fall, rise and work of Minister Farrakhan.

We know that one of the worst effects of slavery on Black people is the self-damaging, self-destructive effects of our self-image. It goes almost without saying that if one thinks little of oneself that one won’t ever do much for self and others. In every way conceivable, we were taught that we were nothing, never were anything and would never be anything except the White man’s slave.

Although we are coming out of this condition, we are still the victims of the worst self-view, or image, that any people were ever deceived into taking of themselves.

Just think over our beautiful people. Think over what we have come through from the time we were brought to this part of the earth until today. Some may disagree, but a balanced study of the history of man reveals that no people ever experienced so many heart breaking experiences as we; suffered as much brutality as we; made so blind, deaf, and dumb as we; and in short, have been made the most disunited people in the history of human beings.

Yet, we are the most forgiving, forbearing, soulful people to be found who ever lived. Certainly this forgiving spirit is not altogether sound when you consider the extent to which we have been taught by our open enemies to love our enemies. On the other hand, this spirit also demonstrates how close by nature the Black people of America are to God.

Let us consider, do we really believe there is such One as the Supreme Being? If such One exists, does He love us? Is it really sound thinking for us to claim we believe in the Bible, that represents God as one Who frees the oppressed and fights slave-masters and then think that He has totally overlooked us, here, in this country?

Look, beloved, Moses is one of the dominant figures of the Bible. God visited, instructed, and guided him to lead the enslaved people to freedom in a land of their own. In plain language, in several places in the scriptures prophecies are produced by God about a future people who would be in a condition similar to the condition God found Moses’ people– only worse. To Abraham God revealed that this enslaved people would be strangers in a strange land among strange people for four hundred years. Extra time would be granted to complete the process of freeing the people and to serve as mercy to the slave makers.

God visited Moses. There were no third parties present. How, then, did Moses convince the people that he had met God Himself? What exactly are we to understand by the God making Moses a god to Aaron and to Pharaoh. What does all of this have to do with the visit of Master Fard Muhammad with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the power that he grew to have in America, and the rise and work of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan both before and up to the departure of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and again since 1977? I hope to make this all 100 percent clear and show its relevance to every Black man, woman, and child–and others.

More next issue, Allah willing.