It is now February 22, 2018. I’m here in Chicago, Illinois, at the Marriott Marquis for our annual Saviours’ Day convention. My wife over coffee this morning told me that I must read Sister Sharon Ali’s book titled, Our Journey in the Nation of Islam Cooking and serving for the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Messenger of Allah, which my wife read the night before. Sister Sharon gave my wife two autographed copies of her book early last year and we never opened the book until right now. I thank her for that.

So over coffee we delved into it. It was deep; we couldn’t put the book down; we read the book cover to cover twice; we looked over the magnificent photos contained in her book. Before we noticed, four hours had passed; the reading of her book had a profound effect on me. I knew that it had an effect on her because she emphasized that we must read this book now over coffee.


A few minutes after finishing her book for the second reading we get a call about attending the Laborers meeting, in which the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was requesting our presence. After learning of the Laborers meeting we quickly got dressed and the brothers were at our door to pick us up.

Now, I’m at the Laborers meeting and again I’m profoundly impacted by what I see Almighty God Allah is taking my brother–the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan through the words that he spoke to the Laborers of the Nation of Islam. It was pure guidance and instructions clearly from The Two that back him.

We have heard the saying: The darkest hour always comes before dawn. Well, each of us are moving to the darkest hour of our lives. The most frightening series of events the mind can imagine are about to befall the world. That terrible period of time, however, won’t last forever. After the turbulent times just ahead comes a new rule–the rule of “Jesus.” All of this has been well explained by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. But who has believed his report? Not many.

It is too bad that so many people are skeptical of the truth God taught His Messenger, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad now coming from the man who sits in the seat of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad–the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. So many people are inclined to doubt that which originates in the mind of Allah, the Author of truth and reality. On the other hand they are quick to accept that which comes from the White race and their imps. This is due to the fact that God’s enemies have been ruling God’s people according to their evil will.

The doubters among our people are rejecters without real knowledge, as the Holy Qur’an says. They doubt that of which they don’t take (the little time to) understand. It is a crime against one’s own brain’s functions, against one’s own total self, to reject what someone else tells you they say before your very eyes, especially when your life and future is at stake.

Suppose we could be transported back in time to 50 or 1,000 years ago. Suppose we disguised ourselves and to a certain extent adopted the ways of the people among who we were transported, so that we would not seem very different from them. Further, suppose we retained our current knowledge of things. If we tried to convey our current knowledge to those people, we would be rejected by most everyone. Regardless to how carefully we approached them with just the possibilities of what could be, most of the people would reject us, and our information. They would probably call us crazy. Some might even try to kill us. Just look into the past and see how many were treated who tried to advance the people with some spiritual or scientific insight.

Their rejection of our knowledge would be based on their ignorance. It would involve, on the part of many, the arrogant assumption that no one could know what they knew not. So you would be faced with arrogant skepticism. It would be hard to overcome.

Come now to the present. Even though we live in the “modern” world, and have the opportunity to learn infinitely more than the people of the past, many of us are just like many of those of the past and arrogantly reject what they don’t really understand, or simply reject, due to being evil. Most of us have proven to be just as arrogant and evil as those of the past would be respecting your current knowledge; or as hard against divine wisdom just as people have historically acted towards Allah’s prophets who brought to them His truth for their benefit.

We are quick to scornfully ask, “How do you know?” to those in the know. One’s tendency is to avoid further discussion with a person like that. However, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has continued to teach the Black man and woman, despite their rebellious attitude.

This is due to his special love for us, and his knowledge of what his teacher taught him that will one day produce in and for us.

Think of some area of knowledge of which you not only know well, but your knowledge in that area of learning is so deep that you are able to prove conclusively the truth of what you know. Then think over some person rejecting that which you know, on the basis of their ignorance. In addition, think over this person both scornfully questioning your knowledge while refusing to give you a fair hearing. To go further, this person even denies the truth of the experiences by which you come to know what you know and have demonstrated to others.

Here, this person dismisses your knowledge, experience and the good effect your proofs has had on others. Such person even denies the experience of those who have benefited from the truth you shared with them. Add to this the fact that there is a deadly enemy opposing your every step to get this hard headed person wise to what you know. Furthermore, add the fact that you have been given a limited amount of time to work on Mr. “hard head” because He Who equipped you with what you know is going to burn the enemy.

Part of your problem is that the hard headed person (whose life you are trying to save) is trying to be friends with the enemy for whom the fire is intended. The enemy knows you are right in your motive, aims, and knowledge, but try all he can to keep your hard headed brother blind to what is what and who is who.

Now multiply that one stiff necked person by around 30,000,000 and the number of enemies by an even greater number and you get some idea of the hard job of the Messenger of Allah. He has a limited time in which to get the message of God to all of our people of America. In fact the time is mentioned, in a symbolic way, in one of the lessons his followers receive named THE PROBLEM BOOK. It is also mentioned in such books as Daniel, the Revelation and elsewhere. Likewise, it is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in a wisely worded manner.

More next issue, Allah willing.