Let the foolish educators and teachers think not that we have a future in White America’s promises. For they themselves do not have a future, unless they are willing to divide this country between our people (the so-called Negroes) and the Indians, whom they robbed nearly 500 years ago. However, we must have some of this earth that we can call our own and soon! We, also the Indians, deserve justice in this matter! We can no longer think in the slavery-time terms as we used to think.

The preachers need and must be taught the true religion of God and stop enslaving our people into that lying and slavery teaching of the devils (White race).

Believe it or not, we have been serving and worshiping the REAL DEVILS! STOP preaching that old lie that God loves all human beings. He most certainly DOES NOT love the devils (the White race). He set a day for their doom the day they were grafted and given 6,000 years to rule us-–rule of lying and murdering us day and night and deceiving nearly the entire nation of Black, Brown, Yellow and Red people. I possess a letter that is suppose to be authentic on how the devils boast that they have murdered (killed) 100 million Black Africans since they have contacted them with their lying Christianity. Do we not love our Black brother’s blood regardless of where spilled?


In 1898, a devil by the name of Lacroex, representing Belgium’s “big business,” admitted he had murdered 160 million so-called Negro men, women and children. He also admitted he had tortured some and crucified women and children. THE CONGO: In 1880, Belgium estimated a population of 30 million. By 1911 the population was reduced 8.5 million. In 1894, an English traveler, E. J. Glave, reported: “Twenty-one heads of Black men were brought to Stanley Falls and used as decoration around a flower bed in one of the homes of a high-ranking army officer.” Missionaries reported that White Christians forced the so-called Negroes into slavery producing rubber. And if the rubber was bad quality, the poor Black slaves were made to eat it. And you are fools enough to preach their deadly poisoned religion, Christianity, to the suffering of self and kind. Are you in love with your open enemies and murderers of all Black people, God and His prophets? Then stick around and see where you will end up!

(Text from “Message To The Blackman“, 1965.)